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Inter-American Court of Human Rights hears landmark lesbian custody case

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  1. The internationa amnesty and humans rights organiazations and lgbt internations human rights, had better let those people know in that country like in our, the problem is the biggots and the racist, you do not run and hide from them you fight them because they are evil and what they do in harrassment of othetrs, this group had better acess what side of the law their own are step down from that bench and court, or be reprimanded, you go after those like here in the states that assault and harraasss gay people or women or minoritess for spite, there are widked people who are going around calling minorites names but you dont tell a mother not to marry a woman of another color becauese there are racist out there that will talk about the color of the mixed child or because dont adopt a fat baby because the fat baby will be made fun of in sschool , you idiots, you get off of that bench if you cannot delegate and implement proper delegations, against the perpertrator of insults, and harrassme

  2. Another Hannah 25 Aug 2011, 9:23pm

    What about the kids rights? I hope the kids grow up to hate their country, the way I hate mine (Britain) for what they did to me and my brother when we were kids and my parents divorced. Looking forward to history seeing the people who do these nasty things for the immoral scum they are.

    1. I disagree. The cycles of hate must end with someone, or else the bigots win.

  3. And the most awful thing is that even if she wins her case, because of Chile’s unbelievable discrimination she’s already lost her role in her children’s lives for 8 years! They won’t get their full relationship back. Amazing that she can bear to continue to work as a judge in a country where the justice is so skewed.

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