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Indonesian province separates lesbians after fake marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Oh Who Cares 25 Aug 2011, 8:45pm

    The Islamic police thought they should have their heads chopped off and burnt? WTF. Oh Islam, the beacon of civility, humanity and compassion.

  2. Citizens should respect the laws of their country. Criminal behaviour has been encouraged on this very site in the comment section here

    1. Oh Who Cares 26 Aug 2011, 12:37am

      Then that should mean you should shut the fukc up and respect the laws of your land. Which are, the homosexuality is legal. Shut up and respect the laws of your country. You are a disgrace to christianity.

      1. The article is about Indonesia you numpty, not the laws of the UK. Homosexuality is a criminal offence in many lands. Where have I said I was a Christian or atttached to any religion?

        1. Jock S. Trap 26 Aug 2011, 9:09am

          This coming from the pervert who comes here to hijack PinkNews stories with his own homophobic, bigotted agenda.

          FVCK OFF KEITH!

          1. Mr Trap, It has been difficult to escape your numerous comments on virtually every single article that appears on this site. On behalf of the readers, I would like to ask you to shut the f*uck up. Your inane comments reveal that you are a sactimonious humbug who is obviously still recovering from some childhood trauma. Please stop treating this site as your own blog, because it really isn’t.

          2. Jock is a well-liked poster – who exactly are you REALLY speaking on behalf of? Keith?

          3. Jock S. Trap 27 Aug 2011, 8:46am

            Thank you, Iris.

            I am following your advise comment before about Keith and like Keith am ignoring it.
            (though it’s not easy and don’t know how long for!)

          4. It will reap its rewards, Jock. Trolls hate to be ignored ;)

    2. Jock S. Trap 26 Aug 2011, 9:06am

      People should respect humanity, regardless of where they are.

  3. Another Hannah 25 Aug 2011, 9:27pm

    About time they were regarded as the dross they are, Indonesia isn’t it? Are they getting money from us?

    1. Aceh is very different to the rest of Indonesia, the province has a lot of political autonomy, unfortunately it has a lot of Islamic fundamentalists. You can’t apply this to the whole of Indonesia, where in most of the country people have moderate views. Bali is relatively gay-friendly, and there are gay bars and clubs.

    2. It has a pretty poor Government, legal system, police force, and all that. But don’t imply that Indonesians in and off themselves are bad people.

  4. Jock S. Trap 26 Aug 2011, 9:07am

    This is cruel and inhumane. People have the right to be with the partner they love. Only religion deems love as bad but then only Religion should come with a health warning.

  5. Whilst consenting couples should be allowed to be with the one they love. Morality dictates certain boundaries.
    1) those persons should be legally married before engaging in sex.
    2) Thsoe persons must be male and female.
    3) Those persons must not be closely related, ie father and son.
    In short, just because there is consent amongst loving adult partners, it does not follow that they have the right to copulate.
    Different cultures impose different rules. Citizens must learn the rules and abide by them… or move!

    1. 1) those persons should be legally married before engaging in sex.
      2) Thsoe persons must be male and female.

      1. Monogamous male female marriage is a divinely instituted arrangement which promotes security and stability in the family unit. It also provides complete protection from STD’s , some of which cause death.
        Also, it is the law in Indonesia. Morality is closely linked with the law, otherwise, there would be no moral boundaries. To illustrate…
        A father and son may decide to have consensual incest (as is common amongst incestuous homosexuals). They may believe it moral and declare “it is our human right as consensual adults, to engage in any sexual act). They may even believe this to be true. Obviously however, tgis act is immoral so the law seeks to ban such and act on those grounds. It is similar with soliciting (prostitution) which is consenting adults harming nobody but engaging in immorality. Some may argue that incest laws protect from congenital defects but it is interesting that while an exception could be made in the law for homosexual pairings (which pose no risk), it has not.

        1. Male-female monogamy is ‘divinely instituted’? By whom? Where? Most certainly not in the Old Testament.
          And surely not even you could seriously believe that Indonesia, an Islamic nation, enforces male monogamy? (Then again, you do appear to believe the book of Genesis is a historical record, so anything’s possible I suppose.)
          Incidentally, your febrile obsession with father-son incest is really quite disturbing. As has been recommended elsewhere, you really should speak to someone about it.

          1. Genesis 2:24 (Gods words)
            “This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.”
            Matthew 19:6 (Jesus words)…
            So they are no longer two, but one. “Therefore what GOD has joined together, let man not separate.”

            Got any harder ones?This is !st grade stuff.
            Since I have answeed your (admittedly easy) questions and corrected your misunderstandings and ignorance. Please answer me this…
            Is there any sexual act you deem immoral between consenting adults? If so on who’s authority do you consider it immoral

          2. Yeah, not so fast. first-grader: and where exactly does male monogamy come into the equation?

    2. Whose morality, Keith?

  6. So, Keith, are you in favour of the death penalty for these two women?

    1. i am in favour of whatever punishment is in harmony with the published laws of the country. In this case it is not the death sentence. I make no moral distinction between homosexuals, fornicators adulterers , the incestuous and those that practice bestiality.
      All are dangerous to society both morally and physically by spreading communicable diseases that cause death.

      1. So you would accept the laws of a country that put followers of Jesus Christ to death then, would you Keith?
        *googles prices of tickets to Mecca*

        1. Yes I would, escept where they contradict Giod’s own law. Are you saying that homosexuals should flout the laws of the country in which they live .? If you are encouraging homosexuals to become criminals, then I hope you will not be raising your voice too loudly when Guest house owner commits a mere civil infraction and decides not to allow homosexuals to share a bedroom.

          1. “Yes I would, escept where they contradict Giod’s own law”
            Oh, there’s an ‘except’, is there? Very telling. Well, if you can, why can’t I?

        2. Jesus was put to death under Roman law, by the Romans at the behest of the Jews. Yes, if I visit Italy I obey their laws. I suppose you only obey the laws that you like!

      2. lady tanya 31 Aug 2011, 2:07am


  7. @Rehan.
    Oh, there’s an ‘except’, is there? Very telling. Well, if you can, why can’t I?

    But you CAN!!
    You have already made it clear thatyou condone criminal behaviour!

    1. Thank you Keith, your permission should mean a great deal to me.
      However, I suppose you may have half a point: I have more than once indulged in homosexual practices (as you would put it) in a country where, at the time, it was strictly speaking illegal, and in the UK when it was illegal for men under 21. There! Now you have all the ammunition you need. (It’s a good thing for you fatuous arguments aren’t against the law, eh?)

      1. Which fatuous argument. I have successfully exposed ythe hypocrisy of homosexuals that on one hand proclaim that guest house owners are not above the law of the land (civil law) whilst they are willling to resort to criminality and break the law (criminal law) where the law does not suit them or encourage the hacking of websites of legitimate businesses, again, a criminal offfence and not a mere civil infraction as in the case of the ‘evil’ guest house owners!

        1. Which one? All.

          Incidentally, which homosexual’s (or homosexuals’) argument have you ‘exposed’ as hypocrisy? Surely you don’t imagine that any individual posting here represents all gay men, any more than your opinions all non-gay men (God help them)? Not even someone new to a school debating club would be so silly.

          1. I think the lack of condemnation of the encouragement of criminality is a general exposure of those that have failed to comment (except for one poster). I recall not a single voice from the ‘gay brigade’ (community) condemned sisde with the guest house owners that refused the gay ‘couple’ a room together on religious grounds but when it comes to disobeying laws on homosexuality in other countries, the knives are out for those governments and the hypocrisy is rife.
            The homosexual community seek to enforce those laws which suit their purposes but disobey those that do not, even going so far as encouraging criminality

          2. To repeat: surely you don’t imagine that any individual posting here represents all gay men, any more than your opinions all non-gay men (God help them)? Not even someone new to a school debating club would be so silly. (Sorry to state the bleedin’ obvious twice, but apparently it’s necessary.)

  8. Yes I do believe that there is a singular morality on here by which one may speak for all.. For instance, you are all of the opinion that any sex act consenting adults do within the law of a country is moral. This is obviously flawed since it deems incest (legal in many lands) moral, not to mention abortion, recreational drug use , hunting for pleasure etc etc. If I am incorrect , let the person come forward that does not believe that does not hold the view that whatever consenting adults sexually is moral, and I will examine him as to which process or moral guide he uses to determine the morality or immorality of consensual sexual acts.

    1. god is just a story book, the world is round and our world is not the centre of the universe
      get a life please

    2. So you are so silly, then? Thanks for the confirmation. (I think most people here are more grown-up than to imagine you speak for all non-gay persons.)

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