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Devon landlady sentenced for homophobic insult

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 25 Aug 2011, 1:02pm

    “Mr Danderidge’s complaints were damaging for business at the Waverley Pub. The defence said: “Every time a complaint is made the police turn up at the Waverley Pub which has resulted in a considerable loss of business for my client.” Serves her right. But a conditional discharge should mean she is back in court next time she repeats her offence.

    1. Let’s wait and see if she a) is stupid enough to do it again or b) if she even ends up in court if she does (C.D or no C.D). I mean, she only used homophobic vitriol, but she’s “not homophobic”, so perhaps that will make ALL the difference to her defence…. AGAIN.

  2. Dan Filson 25 Aug 2011, 1:06pm

    “I am not making an order for costs as your means form shows you have been unemployed since 2007 and have no money.” Inexplicable – how can you be both unemployed since 2007 and also a Devon pub landlady? Why should not she, not the taxpayer or the complainant, bear the costs of this trial?

    1. Yes, I thought that seemed more than a little odd too.

      1. Maybe her husband is the licensee? That was the only explanation I could think of because it did seem strange.

      2. Ditto!

        1. I foolishly thought she was a person in her own right but forgot that a pub landlady can be an appendage to a husband!

    2. Spanner1960 25 Aug 2011, 2:54pm

      One can still have a profession without having a job.

      1. Pub landlady is a profession? But she was recorded as being unemployed. You can be an unemployed actor, but that does not stop you being an actor, but to be a pub landlady you can hardly be unemployed at the same time even if you would rather be captain of an ocean liner

  3. I wonder if Americans would get a shock if this happened to them for saying the sane thing. They seem to use the word or shorter version of it all the time.

    1. Sorry – that should say “same” thing.

  4. Jim, Americans are allowed to use derogatory words against LGBT people, it’s protected speech. The only time it isn’t allowed is if someone incites violence through hate speech aimed at anyone, not just gays.

  5. Jock S. Trap 25 Aug 2011, 2:57pm

    Another disgusting person the world would do better without.

    Take note Keith – another example of Homophobia being a crime.

    1. Jock, exactly
      Apt timing for this story, do you not think?

      1. cat’s got ‘is tongue…

        1. Lets hope the cat ran off with it . . .

          1. Jock S. Trap 26 Aug 2011, 9:13am

            Indeed. My wanting to be here is fast slipping. Don’t appreciate a News Site that allows such homophobia and bigotry on it’s sites and my days here could be numbered unless PinkNews finally act. They are ruining this site by allowing homophobes over debate.

            My loyalty here is in doubt…

      2. Homophobia is NOT a crime you muppets. The offences were harassment, threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour. She could have used any words and would have still been prosecuted for her behaviour.
        There is no such offence as homophobia and I wonder you pair of clowns actually believe there is or are just being annoying!
        The cat has not got my tongue as you say. I made it clear that you pair are on ignore and I really have no further wish to dignify your ignorance of the law nor your childish name calling.

  6. Oh Who Cares 25 Aug 2011, 8:49pm

    If you go to Devon or Cornwall on holiday it’s like being transported into that film called the Wicker Man. Me and my fella nearly got killed there by the locals. Seriously.

    1. Another Hannah 25 Aug 2011, 9:18pm

      Yeah, same in Lancashire. I worked out a formula that goes somethingn like every 100 miles form London, back 10 years in time.

      1. Oh Who Cares 26 Aug 2011, 12:43am

        LOL. You’re not far wrong there. Except liverpool is only 176 miles from london. So your equation needs some rethinking as liverpool is at least 50 years back in time from london.

  7. Another Hannah 25 Aug 2011, 9:25pm

    Why didn’t they ask for costs the way they do for most people. Yet another example of how inferior and dishonest the British justice system is.

  8. Tom Stoppard 26 Aug 2011, 8:38am

    A couple of years ago, a 20 year old lad shouted “faggots” at me and my friends while we were out in the street. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realise that when it comes to being a nasty big bully, I can beat them all. So I chased him and screamed abuse at him in public for a good 5 minutes. He apologised. Probably not recommended – but it felt good!

    1. Jock S. Trap 26 Aug 2011, 9:14am

      Good for you Tom, applause all round I reckon!!

  9. Hmm – seems to me like the endgame in a longstanding battle with him finally seizing a chance to screw over his business rival through hate speech legislation. I find both of the people in this story obnoxious, frankly.

  10. Gay Daily Mail Reader 26 Aug 2011, 4:33pm

    So will Mr. Brain’s Faggots be removed from supermarket fridges after this? And what about Sugar Puffs and fairy cakes? And did you know that it is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day in England? Maybe we should ban them on the other 364 days a year!

    1. Mr Danderidge posted gay party notices at their home in london through gaydar. he and his couple became really famous for making calls to gays to join them at sex parties at home.
      not a faithfull couple really.

      i wonder if they will do the same in ilfabromb and make this the gay capital of their region

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