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Doors closing for only gay Republican candidate in US presidential race

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Reader comments

  1. I always find it a contradiction to have a gay person as a right-wing politican anyway.

  2. A gay Republican????

    Clearly he is a very, very stupid man.

    His party hates him.

    The only good this idiot is achieving is advertising the bigotry of his chosen political party.

  3. Gay Republican is like a black KKK member. He needs to wake up, realise that the GOP of decades ago that was interested in fiscal conservatism and small government has been stolen be corporate bagmen and christofascists. The GOP knows that if ordinary US citizens understood what they were doing economically, they would never be voted for, so they pander to “wedge” issues – Guns, Gays and Abortions. Well, guess what Mr Karger, they make buck and generate votes by discriminating against people like you. Of COURSE they don’t want you. Idiot.

    1. Yes but he’s rich.

      He’s willing to throw the rest of this community under the bus to protect his cash.

      These people truly are sick individuals,.

      I have zero sympathy for him. If you purposefully align yourself with homophobic bigots then you cannot complain when they discrminate against you.

      1. You know what – you’re spot on.

  4. Gay politician screwed over by the GOP.
    Hold the front page!

  5. To me, gay republican = oxymoron. Why would any sane gay man or woman vote for and support a party that persistently votes against their rights. None of the republican candidates has authored or sponsored or plans on introducing one equality-related bill. To a gay republican, equality is NOT first and foremost on their agends, but preservation and accumulation of personal wealth is apparently. GOPround’s leader, Chris Barron, opposed repeal of the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) as well as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT). These are sick, sociopathic people clamouring to be accepted and they’ll betray their own kind to get there knowing that their party will NEVER accept them by denying them any semblance of equality, like some of them in the Tory Party who remain silent about marriage equality and NEVER speak up.

  6. ….agenda…was the word I meant to have written in my previous post.

  7. Johnny33308 24 Aug 2011, 6:02pm

    GOProud does NOT support gay rights-in fact they support bigotry against gay people, and love Michelle Bachmann and have appointed evil homophobic Ann Coulter to their board. They are filled with self-loathing and despise other gays who only wish equality. They fight AGAINST equality and gay marriage. They are despicable and horribly sad.

  8. Gay Republicans often say that they do not see why their voting intentions should be determined by their sexuality. This is their answer.

    Fred Karger (an outspoken supporter of equality who has made an important LGBT activist contribution) wants fiscally conservative gay voters to believe that there is a home for them in the Republican Party. Mr Karger’s candidacy, during which his party has treated him as a shameful embarrassment, has proved there is no room at all in the Republican Party for those who believe in LGBT equality.

    Increasingly Republicans do not even want fiscally conservative LGBT support unless they keep absolutely quiet on LGBT issues. GOProud is no longer conservative enough for CPAC because GOProud opposes DOMA and DADT.

    Mr Karger’s treatment during this race should be the final straw for all decent socially moderate Republicans. Suggesting Republicans can agree to disagree on social issues is hopeless in the current climate.

  9. I fully agree that the majority of the Republican Party is homophobic, bigoted, prejudiced etc, etc.

    But there are only two main parties and if change is going to happen, you have to start somewhere !

    So if Karger is genuinely gay and gay-friendly, surely he should be encouraged for speaking out and enlightening his colleagues?

    Unfortunately, the Republican party can’t be wished away, and one day there will inevitably be another Republican president.

    Obviously it’s unrealistic to expect that the party will become gay friendly overnight, but an openly gay candidate is a start and something that should be encouraged. If he attracts support from the gay community then others will be encouraged, the party might leave the dark ages behind and become less hostile. Not perfect by any means, but every little bit helps.

    But if we can only come up with vitriolic comments against Karger, things will NEVER get any better.

  10. Gerry, the things is, even the Log Cabin group of gay people, a more atuned grouip than GOProud, believe that they can change their party from within. To date, such a change hasn’t occurred since its founding in 1977. The Republican party has NOT authored or sponsored one single piece of equality legislation for LGBT people. In fact, only 8 of them voted for repeal of DADT compared to almost all democrats. The democrats have also introduced a bil to repeal DOMA, NOT one republican has signed on. I think the Log Cabin is delusional, well intended, whereas GOProud is a group of sociopaths with serious issues among its membership. It opposed repeal of DOMA and DADT yet it’s leader, Chris Barron, married his boyfriend in Washington. DC last year, go figure. It’s beyond sick when they vote against equality for the rest of us. As I said, sociopaths.

  11. Excuse my typographical errors in my previous post.

  12. Jock S. Trap 25 Aug 2011, 8:38am

    And the surprise there is?

    It is good that he is trying but the Republicans sadly aren’t for changing.

  13. (He) “won the Saint Anselm College Republicans Presidential Straw Poll in Manchester, New Hampshire, receiving 25% of the vote. He defeated favored candidate Mitt Romney by five votes, out of 322. Donald Trump came in third.” Are we to infer that this tiny straw poll indicates he was or is a serious candidate in a party that loathes LGB people? If he beat Romney by 5, and Trump came third, then the most he could have got was 163 votes. OK you have to start somewhere but this is hardly earthshaking.

  14. I am sorry for them, but gay Republicans and the whole joke about the Log Cabin Party are so pathetic. They are the people that no one will ever listen to, maybe not even themselves. A tree-hugging hippie, a Muslim or a non-human ape candidate will have a bigger chance at the being president than a gay Republican.

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