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US appeals test HIV transmission laws

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Reader comments

  1. Some countries like Australia already have in place laws governing HIV and the act of transmission by deliberate or accident.

    It is a prison sentence. It pays to know one’s HIV status and must inform your next partner or partners.

    Honesty is the best policy.

    For your own sake and others. Play safe and be honest. If you get knocked back because of your HIV status, it is not a loss.

    Find another HIV positive mate, then you will find it will be easier to negotiate to sex life.

    1. Some people do prefer partners with the same HIV status, but it’s worth pointing out that HIV-positive people should be as careful to practise safer sex as HIV-negative people.

      Firstly, HIV-positive people should be careful to protect against other STIs.

      Also, HIV exists in many different forms and two individuals may not have identical strains of HIV. When an HIV-positive person is later reinfected with a different strain, this is known as superinfection.

      There is some evidence that superinfection significantly increases viral loads, exacerbates symptoms, and reduces the effectiveness of treatment. Superinfection may also promote the emergence of drug resistant strains.

      Not much is currently known about superinfection, and experts do disagree about how serious a problem it is. A 2009 UK study suggested it might be a significant issue, while a 2011 Dutch study suggested it wasn’t. Both studies were very small. Until there is more evidence, caution seems sensible.

  2. Paddyswurds 24 Aug 2011, 12:29pm

    More stupidity from the good ole US of A. In this day and age the law should be interpreted to suit the circumstances until such time as the law can be amended. This smacks of blatant homophobia to me.

  3. martyn notman 24 Aug 2011, 12:30pm

    and their bigotry comes back to bite them on the ass!
    Feel terribly sorry for the guy, deception is one thing but one that can have deadly consequences is no joke.

  4. Two opposing things to consider:

    1) No sane gay man should be having unprotected sex, regardless of their partner’s proclaimed status. If you don’t want to get infected, it is entirely up to you to protect yourself. You have the information, you have the tools.

    2) it IS possible to “have sex” without transmitting the infection. Not all sexual acts are “intimate” enough to be a factor in transmission. So if you’re not into anal penetration, or even fellatio, (yes, there ARE many people who are into neither) then your HIV status should not be a factor. Why should you stigmatize yourself by needing to divulge your HIV status when it does not come into play?

    See? two different approaches that negate the need for a law.

    There are countless examples of couples that are sero-divergent.

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