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Australian politician’s gay brother: comments are “dangerous” and “inappropriate”

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Reader comments

  1. Bob Katter must be a really nasty person to be so hateful to his own brother. How can anyone think he is capable of representing anyone but a slim group of bigots from the electorate?

  2. People like Bob Katter really do not deserve to be on this earth. What a knob!

  3. Bob Katter hates his own family.

    He clearly is not a fit candidate to be moralising about anyone else.

    He is repellant scum.

  4. There’s NOTHING “gay” about civil marriage. It’s gender neutral in 10 countries and six states in America, and in Mexico City. Why does Pink News, among others, keep referring to it as gay marriage? It’s a term concocted in America by right wing religious fundamentlists to foment opposition and emotion. Nobody refers to civil marriage as straight either.

    1. Robert – the continued use of the phrase “gay marriage” drives me mad. We’re not after “gay marriage” – we’re after marriage, equal to that enjoyed by hterosexuals. This is a matter of equality, nothing more.

  5. Christmas dinner must be a riot chez Katter…

    1. Can you imagine…? Mummy and Daddy must have strong wills..

  6. At least one of the family stands for freedom and fairness a cornerstone of Australia, SHAME it’s the wrong one in Goverment,

  7. Just goes to prove,you can’t pick your family!

  8. Christmas diner must be a hoot

  9. Carl is, so I understand, a half brother, not that this makes any difference. When I heard this I finally understood why this hateful man – an extremist on many fronts – has always been so particularly vitriolic towards get people. He is frightened – frightened that because his brother is gay (and so shares the same genes) that he may be also, or that people might think he is. This must be a childhood nightmare of his and so his personal fear has become an outward hatred. He does not deserve to be an elected politician.

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