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Zimbabwean bishop seizing church homes from ‘pro-gay’ Anglicans

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Reader comments

  1. douglas in canada 22 Aug 2011, 2:54pm

    It seems that this is much more about power and control than it is about religion. In this case, the leaders are simply using the existing religious establishment as a tool.

    I say this because, although I don’t believe in christianity or supernatural gods of any kind, this story is not really about those things.

    It’s a real shame to watch bullies at this level of political power – to watch them inflict their own personal insecurities on innocent people.

    1. Douglas – add “wealth” to “power and control” and that is pretty much all that religion is about.

  2. Zimbabwe, the beacon of hope, civility and human progress. And a leader who thinks its clever to grow a mustache like hitler’s.

  3. francois swanepoel 22 Aug 2011, 6:34pm

    as a south african, having zim as a next door neighbour and the likes of bob mugabe the pathetic tyrant, (big pals with gaddafi) and our own mostly corrupt ANC/ANCYL government (also mugabe/gaddafi buddies)…

    this comes as no surprise….

    and “they” all blame everything on apartheid/ colonialism…


    “they” are too stupid to re-invent honest democracy without greed, corruption and nepotism..

    se la vie…

    1. friday jones 22 Aug 2011, 8:53pm

      Is “they” your thinly-disguised racist way of saying “black people?”

      1. francois swanepoel 22 Aug 2011, 10:15pm

        you decide, monday

        maybe i should have said “the current powers to be”

        and SBTW where do you live?

  4. “Oh yes, peace and love in the Lord Jesus’ name” …… lol – just how much of this drivel will people take?

  5. Mary Flying Eagle 22 Aug 2011, 7:11pm

    Hey atta way to go, more proof of bigotry, hate all in the name of a right wing christian god of hate.
    Shame to try and cloak power seeking greed, in such a dasterdly way.

    1. francois swanepoel 23 Aug 2011, 1:59am

      now, let’s not be too hasty

      hail allah, or dog, or

  6. Gay Daily Mail Reader 23 Aug 2011, 6:52am

    No doubt when Gadaffi shacks up with Mugabe in the next few days another big cheque, signed ‘The British Taxpayer’ will be winging it’s way to Zimbabwe. If the war in Iraq (where Saddam Hussein did not have an issue with homosexuality) was about regieme change then what about Zimbabwe, North Korea and Burma for that matter? The only thing that is keeping Mugabe in power today is the fact that he is not sitting on a giant oilfield!

  7. As one born and brought up in beautiful Zimbabwe, I am very aware of the homophobic attitudes of the powers that be, both religious and political. What did surprise me was that it is illegal for people of the same gender to “hold hands”. This was surprising as, when I stayed in Zimbabwe, it was not uncommon to see two men who were friends walking hand in hand in the streets. Unlike Europe, this is not necessarily indicative of romantic feelings at least I never thought so.

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