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Video: Maine’s gay marriage petition starts strong

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Reader comments

  1. Impressive!

    Meanwhile gay marriage petition in the whole of UK with a population of over 55 million wanes at 1756

    While the anti- gay marriage petition set up by the protestant truth soc picks up speed

    It’s interesting knowing about foreign petitions on gay marriage but why aren’t UK petitions given more publicity?

    1. Jock S. Trap 22 Aug 2011, 12:50pm

      I have to agree. Why aren’t the Gay press doing more to publise these petitions?

      It does seem Gay media is sitting in the fence with this one, as if Equality needs that.

    2. bobbleobble 22 Aug 2011, 1:48pm

      You’re not really comparing like with like. This isn’t just a petition to show popular support for an issue, this is actually a petition to force a referendum on whether or not to legalise the marriage of same sex couples. That’s why people are out in force getting signatories, because the outcome of this petition genuinely means something for the politics of Maine.

      1. Theortically if we get 100,000 siggies then it could definitely be discussed in parliament and we’d have pretty good proof that a lot of people suport it. As it stands 1776 siggies isn’t much proof that anybody wants marriage equality. The epetition on removing the ban on giving blood is much higher , which is surprising becuase I would have though marriage equality would be more important. Even the equal love petition set up by PT ages ago still wallows at on 1650 or so siggies. It’s not very impressive and on the face of it shows a total lack of interest in moving towards “gay” marriage in the UK. 1776 out of a population of 55 milliion and 10% of those supposedly gay is rubbish…

        1. bobbleobble 22 Aug 2011, 2:41pm

          I’m not saying it’s a good thing that so few people have signed the epetition, just that the outcome of the Maine petition is a much bigger deal hence the drive to sign up signatories.

          I’m also not sure that you can say that a lack of epetition signatories shows a lack of interest or support. Lots of people don’t trust online petitions and there’s no pressure or impetus to sign nor is there wide publicity for these epetitions.

          1. Well I’m sure any consultation or discussion on marriage equality in the UK is going to ask the one simple question – do you have any figures to back up the desire for gay marriage..epetitions are a simple way of getting those stats and it’s amazing that there is no campaing to get this stats figure …yes online petition aren’t trusted but not to such an extent that you are not going to get a large proportion of he gay population and others who would sign it..Why is there no pressure or impetuts to sign, why is there no publicity in the UK?

  2. Re. UK marriage equality petitions, I prefer the phrasing of this one:

    But sign them all!

  3. John, we in the UK are very disorganised when it comes to marriage equality. Religious opposition to same-sex marriage is lame. Not one of the ten countries that allow us to marry compels any religion to reocognise or officiate at our marriages. What needs to be done first and foremost during the consultation is over emphasis on the exclusion of all religions from performing civil marriages for gay couples. Why should any religion and their minority of followers be allowed to decide who is entitled to what is clearly a civil right? We didn’t elect them to represent us. How would they like it if we petitioned for the disestablishment of state religion and a ban on tax payers funding schools and other religion-related matters? All of this opposition is more about bigotry, hatred and homophobia rooted in centuries of religious indoctrination. Just look at its history of oppression and killing of innocent people who weren’t like them. All of the major cults are complicit.

  4. Gay Daily Mail Reader 22 Aug 2011, 2:40pm

    Maine is typical of most of the USA, in showing a positive attitude towards homosexuality. In the northern states and on the heavily populated seaboards attitudes towards homosexuality is probably similar to the UK’s. It is within the Bible Belt and in the more conservative Deep South that we get the vocal opposition to homosexuality. Chicago and Illinois was the first state to decriminalise homosexuality in the US in 1962 but no other states followed until the ’70’s with the final laws being struck down by the Lawrence v. Texas case of 2003. You probably find that good nes about gays in America exceeds the bad news. I hope that California’s Proposition 8 will be overturned soon.

    1. bobbleobble 22 Aug 2011, 2:45pm

      And yet the voters of Maine voted to veto gay marriage. I think there’s a way to go yet before we get a state wide vote in the US which actually results in a positive outcome for same sex marriage equality.

      The issue of Prop 8 will hopefully be sorted soon. The appeals court is to rule on whether the groups seeking to appeal actually have the right to appeal. If it’s found that they don’t (and my gut feeling is that this is what the court will find) then that’s it, Prop 8 is over.

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