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New Australian Party drops candidate for gay marriage question

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Reader comments

  1. Ah, those vaunted “Christian” values again…

  2. So if they want to act like that, maybe everyone else should start to mock christians. Laugh and ridicule them. Next time you see a christian wearing a cross, praying, just laugh at them. Ridicule them. Mock them. But then, christians enjoy that, it makes them feel like they’re being crucified, like their masochistic saviour, jesus.

    1. Dave North 22 Aug 2011, 4:43pm


      Jesus had no involvement with “The Cross” until d!ckheads like these NAILED him to one.

  3. And all he did was ASK if he could hold views.
    Don’t worry, children. Bob Katter is a nutter who claimed he didn’t have homosexuals in his electorate.
    He’s only picking up where Pauline Hanson left off and she got the boot.

  4. “Marriage is the union of a man and a woman, ideally for life. It is in the best of interests of children that they are nurtured by their father and their mother and laws concerning children should be based on the best interests of children.”

    Right, so that said, why do so many straight people get married, divorce, marry again? Who then destroys what marriage is? Also the best interests of a child is to be in a loving home, irrespective of if the parents are the same sex. It is far more likely that Bob Katter would be a kiddy fiddler than a gay man or woman. That is proven fact!

  5. The term “gay marriage” was concocted by American right wing religious fundamentalists to foment opposition to it. Will Pink News please desist from using the terminology and get with the programme? It is NOT a legal term and in the ten countries that allow it, the marriage laws stipulate “gender neutral” marriage. Why not use the term “marriage equality” instead?

  6. D. McCabe, quite right. In this day and age, a lot of children are often not nurtured by two heterosexual parents, either because of divorce or absentee fathers and in some cases, mothers. That has been going on since time immemorial, long before same-sex marriage were a reality, as is divorce and adultery, hardly the fault of same-sex couples marrying. Many of our foes have themselves been divorced, committed adultery and remarried, but nobody says a thing about it, least of all the religious cults when they target a ban on same-sex couples marrying. They totally ignore it. I recall not hearing one word from the C of E when Prince Charles was committing adultery, no condemnation, yet the hypocrites in the C of E allowed a solemnization of his civil second marriage in St. George’s chapel at Windsor.

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