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Teenager found guilty of stabbing gay man in north London

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  1. Countdown to minimum sentence slap on the wrist and instructions to not be a naughty boy? Or am I just far far too cynical these days… (Honestly, I hope so). Depending on the severity of the injuries, and whether or not the aggravated element of it being a hate crime is considered it could be as little as 3-5. I would hope for 7-10.

  2. another immigrant who is brainwashed by religion or worse by the hatred of ignorance – has unlawfully attacked a member of the public – and we all sit by with our safe liberal sensibilities daring not to point out the obvious – but all of society can point us out and sneer and stab and shoot us – what equal society???

    1. There are consequences it would seem in the uk, to pointing out the obvious, look what happened when David Starkey spoke the truth last week.

  3. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2011, 12:50pm

    We really do need deterrent sentences to show this kind of behaviour/crime is totally unacceptable and those committing will serve long sentences that punish, not excuse.

  4. Slight slap on the wrist coming up! The sooner this country stops fannying about and worrying about the offenders human rights the better. They did not care about the rights of the victim!

  5. Spanner1960 19 Aug 2011, 2:54pm

    A guy just sentenced to 16 months for stealing some doughnuts during the riots.
    It’s about time the same harsh sentences were handed out to tell both the indigenous and immigrant populations that this sort of homophobic violence will not be tolerated in this country.

  6. Bliss and bless of ignorance of the government.

  7. Tired of immigrants and other members of minorities (YES BLACK and ASIAN) – attacking Gay Men with knives or kicking them to death.

    Tired of anybody regardless of colour but it seems to be a fav pastime of some ethnic groups at the moment.

    JAIL > DEPORT – end of.

  8. I find it strange that GMFA places ad in the gay press about black gay people not being treated fairly by other gays – maybe they would like to place ads in the Voice saying some people are gay get over it.

    There is a issue with young black kids and it needs to be address rather than just accuse people of begin racist.


    1. Ironically, GMFA are probably prudent in not placing ads in the voice as they are ultimately aware what disgust such ads would cause amongst the black communities.

  9. The evil little shlt. Someone gets 4 years for writing something on facebook. He’ll probs get less for stabbing someone. There’s seriously something wrong with the justice system in this country.

  10. Boris Johnson has been elected on a platform purporting to end youth knife crime, but instead it gets worse and worse. Are the buffoon’s jokes today as “funny” as they were a few months ago?

    1. Jock S. Trap 20 Aug 2011, 9:29am

      You mean like Ken’s comparing Boris to Hitler and saying those who don’t vote Ken in 2012 will burn forever… that kind of joke?

      Your a very misguided fella ain’t ya?!

      1. I just read about about that, i knew livingstone was a bitter homophobe but was not aware he personally had such extreme religious views, although he does entertain those who believe homosexuals should be obliterated.

  11. David Myers 20 Aug 2011, 9:12am

    I will be watching for the report on sentencing to see if the almost universal doubt in these comments, that an appropriate sentence will be made. I hope you’re all wrong, but I’m sure you know better than I what is likely in England. Do you not have hate crime designations for the purpose of sentencing in England? In Canada it is possible to add time to the sentence if it is determined that the attack was a hate crime. We had to politically pressure the provincial government’s Autourney General’s department and provincial prosecutors in B.C. before they started taking that law (a federal one) seriously, but it is now being used whenever there is evidence to support it.

  12. David Myers 20 Aug 2011, 9:14am

    Should have read: I will be watching for the report on sentencing to see if the almost universal doubt, in these comments, that an appropriate sentence will be made comes true.

  13. You pick up a hustler at your own risk

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