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Christine O’Donnell calls Piers Morgan ‘sexist’ and ‘creepy’ over gay marriage interview

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Reader comments

  1. She forgot to mention “slimey git”, but if she didn’t want to answer questions, she shouldn’t have said yes to the interview.

  2. Interesting use of the word “sexist”…

    1. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2011, 3:18pm

      Indeed. Me thinks Mr Dictionary was seriously let down, again.

  3. Isn’t her book then “inappropriate” and “creepy”? In my humble opinion, Piers was a perfect gentleman while trying to get her to talk about her OWN book. Perhaps she should have written a children’s book – but I think that would have been “creepy”.

    1. Totally agree with this comment, i thought Piers was excellent on this occasion!!!!!!!!
      GO PIERS!!!!!!!!!

  4. How is it sexist to ask her about masturbation and gay marriage, when she has VERY publicly discussed those topics before? If you don’t want to be asked about something don’t bring it up in the public media arena. Stupid cow.

    And also, it’s his job to ask awkward questions that people want the answers to – no matter what you think of him, he was asking perfectly valid questions.

  5. Oh boo hoo! She’s got the right royal hump because ickle pretty Christine didn’t get her own way. Her attitude and comments show exactly what’s wrong with the American Right – stuck-up, egocentric, shallow and, frankly, more than a little bit dim.

    1. Sorry, George, I think you made a typo:

      “… ickle pretty Christine” should have read “… ickle PRISSY Christine … ” surely?

      But I do agree with your sentiments. Shallow? I’ve seen Parking Lot puddles that have been deeper. Her ego walks into a room several seconds before the rest of her, it is so big they needed a wide angle lens on the camera for this interview. The nearest she seems to get to ‘culture’ is the bio-yoghurt in her fridge.

      Well played Piers.

  6. She’s a stupid, ignorant moron.

  7. Since the Piers Morgan spat, she has also hung up the phone in the middle of a radio interview. Apparently the concept that only Faux “News” are willing to lick her boots, everyone else will ask actual questions, has not computed in her tiny addled pea-brain.

  8. I don’t really like Piers but I applaud him for pressing her to get comments. She is a typically small minded, arrogant and very prejudiced woman who should have no place in the public arena. Such a shame so many in the US are following her and her ‘Tea Party’ movement. American claim to live in best country in world, hardly, a country where only the well off and straight get any kind of priority treatment. They are so backwards. If Catholic Countries can recognise gay unions the US should follow suit. Unfortunately, they probably never will.

    1. Paddyswurds 19 Aug 2011, 7:00pm

      @D McCabe..
      …actually the biggest religious group in the US IS Roman Catholic believe it or not.

      1. concerned resident of E3 20 Aug 2011, 7:25am

        that’s only because the Protestants are fragmented into many denominations. However, more than half of all religious practising americans are protestant whereas less than a quarter are Catholic.

        1. Paddyswurds 20 Aug 2011, 10:00am

          @concerned E3..
          …80 odd million is more than the population of Spain or France and protestant fragmentation makes them ineffectual as a group, so my point stands.

          1. actually, a large swath of the Catholic population actually endorse equality for all, thus, contradicting the edicts of the religious hierarchy. On the other hand, the vast majority of cave-dwelling, creationist protestants – fragmented hierarchy or not – are quite firmly in the “ewww gayz iz icky and shood al B kild” group.
            the Tea party IS the unification of the religious FAR right (protestant) into a VERY “effectual” political organization.
            In the end, the “fragmented” protestants have FAR more political weight than the “unified” catholics.

  9. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2011, 3:16pm

    It seems strange to me that someone would write a book then get offended when questioned on it. Plus who goes on a TV programme with their own agenda when you in her kind of position?

    They ain’t bright are they these Tea Party Members? Think they may have loaned out their only brain cell out on that day.

    In short.. silly cow.

  10. I think Christine O’Donnell needs to look up the definition of sexual harrassment. And how was he being sexist? For me this just cements the fact that this woman is insane

  11. But I think Lily got it write when she wrote the following lyrics
    Look inside, look inside your tiny mind
    Then look a bit harder
    ‘Cause we’re so uninspired, so sick and tired
    Of all the hatred you harbour

    So you say it’s not okay to be gay
    Well, I think you’re just evil ….
    For me, the best part of the interview of course when she did walk off. Silence; yes Silence that is the sound she should recognise. It is the sound that no sane or intelligent person really cares what she thinks!

  12. Maybe she needs to chill, relax, and get to know her inner self a bit more in depth before she gives an interview, perhaps she could try slipping into a warm bath with bubbles to relax her mind, or even more comfy in my mind would be if she could just slip into a coma!
    In closing I have to say that Mr Piers Morgan still promoted her book as a good read.
    But for those of you out there who might choose to disagree with my opinion, that’s fine, it’s a free world.
    You go ahead and attempt to create the” Christine O’Donnell look”, however don’t forget that the most important part would be the frame around your mouth, the colour we all know she uses, I am sure many good lipstick suppliers would be happy to sell you some, just be sure to order it using the following discount code 8Ull 5H1tT.

    1. Yes, unfortunately this ridiculous interview will probably help with her book sales. What a shame.

  13. I think she has psychological problems. I expect to see her found in a heap with a crystal meth addiction and a sex scandal to explain her way out of (like ted haggard)

    1. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2011, 4:21pm

      LOL – oh the shame but sadly probably very true.

    2. Uh Oh, I think you’re right. But I think the drug was wrong. I say it is LSD. Effects include:
      1) Gives you a warped view of the world around you, distancing you from reality. Check.
      2) Causes sudden bouts of extreme paranoia. Check.
      3) Can lead to Obsessive Compulsive behaviour. Check.

      I cannot wait for her to have a flashback in the House, stand up and announce to Congress she is in fact a tangerine and now goes by the name of “Talulah”, and that she is leaving politics to open an Alistair Crowley bookstore in the bible belt.

      1. I think you meant LDS… causes the exact same effects ;)

  14. Better late than never. … but …. why does it take soooo long to recognise a very simple sexual orientation equality matter???

  15. Something must be very wrong in the world since I’m agreeing with Piers Morgan

  16. It is hetrosexual nuts like her that are destroying America. The Christians want to over throw the government and set up a dictatorship using the bible.

  17. Beware Morgan ! She could hex you with a magic spell !

  18. To bad Babe (and yes I’m being sexist), If you choose to spew hatred, don’t be surprised if a real reporter calls you out on it.

  19. Watched the follow up episode he put the knife in about her walking out.

    She. Came out of this very very bad. Piers did a fantastic job. I’ve ne’er watched his show before but it was rather good. To many commercial breaks for my liking but whatever lol

  20. Paddyswurds 20 Aug 2011, 10:01am

    A woman scorned or in this case cornered…..

  21. Walking out on Piers was a little bit rude and brought to light some hidden trait of her personnality that is concerning. She mistook this interview for an infomercial. Guest do not dictate, they listen and answer. Her role model must be MiBach, the wicked witch of the Midwest.

  22. Nawal Husnoo 20 Aug 2011, 7:59pm

    I would like to announce the live version of The Gay Agenda. Please join this group to show your support!

    In the book The Gay Agenda, I show how every single argument that is used to deny equal civil rights to gay people is, in fact, based on ignorance, arrogance and lies.

  23. If she couldn’t cope with a media interview, then she shouldn’t be in politics! Is she Monica’s twin sister btw?

  24. If she doesn’t want to be questioned about the contents of her ‘book’ she has 2 choices.

    1, Don’t do interviews
    2. Simply pay for advertising space on the telly and then speak only about what she wants to.

    1. Or – don’t write a book she doesn’t want to talk about!

      So, three options. ;)

  25. D. McCabe, I would agree, America is arguably socially backward. In addition to not having full equality for its gay citizens, there are almost 50 million Americans without any access to health care, because there is no national health care in America. The only western country that doesn’t provide it with far worse outcomes than those who do. Having a catastrophic illness in America often bankrupts a lot of people. Their health insurance companies currently don’t recognise pre-existing conditions and the premiums some have to pay are beyond reach, so they take a chance and live without it. What an awful indictment of a country which purports to be the greatest country on earth. Says who and since when? As you say, “hardly”.

  26. Any report on UKBlackPride?

    1. With all due respect..why not email the team and ask?

  27. Ultimately she should be able to defend her views. If she is in the habit of storming off set each time she faces difficulties then her career will be very shortlived, here’s hoping!

  28. jonnielondon 22 Aug 2011, 2:41pm

    She’s one of those wacko fringe republicans who seem so prevalent only because they squawk the loudest.

  29. she claims that she is not campaigning at the moment and is there to talk about her book, where she agrees that she mentions masturbation and gay marriage but wont talk about it on television. Bizarre
    As for Piers Morgan being rude is it not rude to walk out of an interview for which she has probably well paid. Breach of contract anybody?

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