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Woman accused of anti-gay attack showed jurors gay pride tattoo

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Reader comments

  1. Just because your gay doesn’t mean your not homophobic.

    1. Just because you get into a fight with lesbians doesn’t mean you’re homophobic or anti-gay either.

      1. Just because u have a flower on ur ASS with rainbow colors doesn’t prove that ur not homophobic either! And anytime u get in a physical altercation with someone prior to using derogatory statements about race, sexuality and etc… Does indicate that u a problem with it!

      2. If she used anti-gay language it kind of does.

    2. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2011, 2:54pm

      Indeed. We do apparently have some here claiming to be Gay but clearly have a problem with it.

  2. martyn notman 17 Aug 2011, 8:02pm

    rainbow tatt could mean anything…now if she had the cast of golden girls or peter tatchell’s face tatooed on there i might believe her.
    Its the Jury i feel sorry for, fancy having to look at some chav girls rear end!

    1. At least she got to moon the Court, how many defendants can say that?

      1. SilenceIsGolden 18 Aug 2011, 11:00pm

        You know, I wish she actually had to moon them. It says she showed them a picture of her tattoo — who knows if it’s hers at all? It would be a bold lie, but then again I assume she knows that no British court would make her drop her pants.

      2. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2011, 2:56pm

        Least they got to the bottom of it of the problem.

    2. Jock S. Trap 19 Aug 2011, 2:56pm

      A Peter Tatchell tattoo on a girls bottom? erm….

      1. even i wouldnt go that far lol

  3. Spanner1960 17 Aug 2011, 9:27pm

    Sounds to me like someone pulled the gay card, and their adversary called their bluff.

    1. Didn’t know there were gay cards in poker.

      1. One in each suit, nestled between the Jack and the King? Or is that too much of a stereotype…

        Most late night takeaways I’ve seen have CCTV to protect the staff from post-pub disorder, regardless of language used, fisticuffs show up on camera and it would prove who hit who.

  4. I just don’t care is the real response here.

    It’s two women got into a fight and one pulled the she called me names card. The other says I have a flower on my ass I don’t hate lgbt people.

    I would not of heard the case as it’s all rather pathetic.

  5. I hope there was more to this case! I’ve (sadly) heard plenty of lgbt people use homophobic slurs in a fights, usually surrounded by many other colourful adjectives. Even if she isn’t guilty of homophobia, how does that clear her of causing bodily harm?

  6. William Raillant-Clark 19 Aug 2011, 2:39pm

    Haha, if having gay sex meant that you weren’t homophobic, I’m sure the US Republican and the UK Conservative parties’ gay rights policies would be quite different!

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