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Manchester Pride’s festival director steps down

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Reader comments

  1. “I am hopeful that this is the year that we’ll see the amount we have raised for charity top the million pound mark”

    Manchester Pride’s own accounts on the Charities Commissions website, and Companies House show that they make well over a million pound every year in income.
    Roughly 8% of that is “profit”, of which only half goes to actual charities. The other half has gone in “charitable” donations to the Village Pub & Club Association, Gaydio and such useless activities like that.

    The rest of the money is spent on “fundraising trading: cost of goods sold and other costs”. So a staggering 80-90% of the income is spent on Pride itself.

    Manchester Pride is NOT a charity in this sense. It is a commercial business which makes a rather feeble 4% charity donation each year.

    Given the sheer millions the “Big Weekend” makes for the city, it’s rather dismal that none of the hotels, restaurants or even the bars in the gay village itself donate any money. It’s simply “rape the pink pound”

  2. In 1990 and 1991 the event was entirely about raising money for HIV and AIDS and particularly the ward at Monsall Hospital where people were looked after. To suggest that it was in any shape or form a “pride” event is utterly false. I don’t know about the years immediately after that as I lived away from Manchester.

    I have the flyers from 1991 and a video of the speeches on the final (Monday) night that same year (you can see part of this media on my website on the “Pride Investigation” page). The word “pride” isn’t mentioned and didn’t appear in the name of the event until 2003.

    I realise that for journalists it’s nice and easy to write “Manchester Pride’s 21st” and that this comes from the press releases put out by Pride itself (aka Marketing Manchester) but it’s historical revisionism and a complete misrepresentation of the early years.

  3. Another one bites the dust. I can only guess that she, like others who have resigned, was fed up of the council running this event for profit. So little money from Manchester Pride actually goes to good causes, yet year after year they claim “the majority of money” does. Manchester Pride is a profit-making enterprise lining the pockets of councillors and a clique of businesses.

  4. i dont understand why we are not backing the boys from x factor diva fever to perform at the pride ???????????????

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