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American Idol producer rejects Adam Levine’s call for more openly gay contestants

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Reader comments

  1. Of course Adam Levine is going to bad mouth American Idol. This is his competition since he is on the Voice. Also, Adam Lambert has said (1) the Idols weren’t allowed to give any interviews while on the show and (2) he wanted to be judged on his singing since it was a singing competition. It is a shame since then he is still referred to in the press as openly gay singer Adam Lambert.

  2. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2011, 12:27am

    It’s probably true to say that there has been lots on already, but in xtian homophobic America they are all securely in the closet in case they win or get on well in the contest.

    1. Thanks for some truth.

  3. But why do we need to know if they’re gay. It seems a bit like we’re wanting positive discrimination here, sexuality has nothing to do with the competition so why should it be considered when they’re choosing who’s in the show.

    1. So then why do they go so far out of their way to present the HETEROSEXUALITY of the straight contestants? “Dead wife here, injured wife there, boyfriend this, girlfriend that?

      Is it a different standard that you’re willing to accept, just because it’s always been that way, or are you so used to heteropromotion that you just don’t notice it or realize it’s there.

      We’re not talking about outing people who are closeted and want to stay that way. We’re talking about avoiding talking about the gay aspects of contestants who are OUT (Adam Lambert) and want to have their lives portrayed with the same respect and completeness that their fellow straight contestants receive, without even having to think about it.

    2. It is to make sure that they are being diverse! If there are too many homosexuals, the heterosexual community will not be accurately represented

  4. It seems like most of the male winners on the UK show turn out to be gay anyway.

  5. The relevance is that he hosts So You Think You Can Dance here and was an executive producer on Idol. This is a show, in common with Idol and XFactor where the background story of all contestants is an integral part of the show but all consistently ignore their sexuality when it is gay. Unlike their heterosexual counterparts all references of personal relationships are erased when those contestants are gay. So You Think You Can Dance in particular is always playing up and referencing the faux “sexual chemistry” of its dancers even when it is obvious that they are gay. It is the hypocrosy of they way in which gays and lesbians are portrayed here which is at issue.

    1. Funny how so many people think showbiz is gay-friendly when, in reality, the opposite is true.

  6. A similar yet ludicrous situation exists in the UK whereby on most job applications you are required to state your sexual orientation. This applies if you are applying to be a police(wo)man fireman etc etc yet sexual orientation has no bearing on the job.

    1. No thats to make sure they are being diverse and not being discriminatory.

      They do the same with race

      1. Because diversity is so important for putting out fires!
        People should be employed on merit alone, especially in the emergency services. No better man should EVER be looked over in favour of box ticking.
        I suspect that the majority on here will agree, especially if they have ever had to dial 911

        1. I am in a civil partnership I am currently job hunting and it bothers me immensely that I have to tick that box regardless of any equality form.

          At least most equality forms are usually anonymous and detachable if you apply on paper.

          1. Why does that specifically bother you? I filled in “civk oartnership” for my current job – though I was amused that the box wasn’t really bog enough for it.

  7. These are talent shows. The winners succeed on the quality of their performances, firstly in the audition process and then the live performances, not on whether or not they are straight or gay. To coin a phrase so popular with lunatic PC zealots, “Get over it!”

  8. Another Hannah 18 Aug 2011, 1:06pm

    This kind of hits the nail on the head about these socially controling hateful shows. Once we had freedom and individuality, and people like Ian Dury could flourish, and everyone had a chance. Now we’ve got a situation where music and dance are vetted by these shows more or less, and “seems like a nice boy” candidates get through only, rather than the poeple who should be rewarded. What is the merit in rewarding people who have no interest, and punishing and excluding genuine talent? seems like many mor eriots are needed, and hopefully even a civil war might happen, to clear out all this rubbish that’s dragging the country down.

  9. Nigel Lythgoe has got it bang on…it’s irrelevant. I worked with Nigel Lythgoe in the 80’s and he is absolutely the least homophobic bloke in the biz.

  10. I’m surprised at how many of you are going on a rant attacking a STRAWMAN based on reading a report about a report, about a report about what Levine said. Many of you are attacking Levine based on what you THINK he said, because you didn’t bother to read what he ACTUALLY said, instead of taking the time to find out what he actually said. He NEVER said that Idol should go out a recruit gay contestants. He never said that they should have a quota of gay contestants. He never said that they should OUT gay contestants. He didn’t even say that they should report the gay parts of EVERY gay contestants lives. What he DID say is that the show should stop suppressing information about the lives of out and open gay contestants who want their life stories told in the same way that straight contestants’ are. You may not know this in England, but a few gay contestants have talked about how they were gently encouraged to not talk about same-sex boyfriends/girlfriends or about anything gay.

    1. THAT is what Levine was talking about, and he’s 100% SPOT ON.

      Gay peoples’ lives and loves are NO less significant than straight peoples’ lives and loves. Lythgoe, on Idol AND on So You Think You Can Dance, has been VERY discriminatory with gay contestants. He went absolutely MAD over a male-male couple on SYTYCD in a VERY homophobic rant. You can find it on YouTube if you want to bother with facts.

      I have no doubt that some of the comments here are coming straight from Lythgoe’s PR department.

      1. Lythgoe: I don’t say to contestants on So You Think You Can Dance, “Are you gay?” What does it got to do with me? What does it got to do with anybody?

        Yes I remember he said that audiences wouldn’t want to see a same sex couple dancing.

        1. That was the LAST episode of DYTYCD that I watched.

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