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Supporters launch petition for Ugandan asylum seeker

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Reader comments

  1. Obviously Uganda is not safe for LGBT people – and even if he is not gay, if he seems gay to various people, there is a strong possibility he will be persecuted for it.

    Also, since when did people have to be obviously gay to be counted as gay? If he says he is gay, that ought to be enough. And if a psychologist says he’s gay too, then the UKBA have no right to turn him down for asylum.

  2. And could you provide a link to the petition please? I want to sign it.

    1. The link was provided in the article, but it was kind of hidden and difficult to see it.

      Here it is:

  3. I’ve signed the petition.

    I’d also encourage people to contact the Department for International Development to request that all British financial aid to Uganda is stopped immediately.

    Uganda does not require British money if it has the resources to persecute gay people.

  4. paul canning 16 Aug 2011, 3:15pm

    @Yewtree – the petition is linked to in the story.

    Thank you Jessica and pinknews. UKBA are being very obstinate. They DO have new evidence on Robert’s sexuality and the deteriorating conditions in Uganda but they are sticking to their guns, refusing to admit they made a mistake.

    1. Thanks everyone – I Googled for the petition and signed it (and tweeted it).

      The UKBA are not renowned for their flexible and open attitudes – just look at the way they have implemented the Points-based Immigration System.

    2. Thank you, Paul Canning, for starting this petition.

  5. I’m a great fan of petitions and I’m signing this!.

    Another petition that hasn’t had any publicity is the marriage equality epetition so here it is again:

    It’s got around 1500 signatures so far..

  6. paul canning 16 Aug 2011, 8:12pm

    We are now also targeting the airline!

    Sign up here to protest Kenya Airways transporting LGBT refugees back to danger >

    1. signed it…thanks again, Paul..

  7. Gay Daily Mail Reader 17 Aug 2011, 6:39am

    I am fed up of reading about asylum seekers who commit crimes in this country and they cannot be deported because of their ‘Yuman Rites’ while Robert Segwanyi is a genuine case who may face execution if he is deported especially if David Bahiti’s private members bill is passed in the Ugandan Parliament. David Cameron said he will offer asylum to gays from Africa – let’s see if he can keep that promise.

    1. paul canning 17 Aug 2011, 12:46pm

      @Gay Daily Mail Reader

      LOL. David Cameron actually never said that “he will offer asylum to gays from Africa” – the Mail (and Express) simply made it up. In last year’s election the Conservatives made a promise regarding LGBT asylum seekers in general, and the Mail then turned that into what you just quoted back. Africa was never specifically mentioned by anyone. Now I wonder why the Mail would choose to do that, why they would pick Africa? Hmmm …

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