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Trans woman and gay man wed in Cuba

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Reader comments

  1. Christine Beckett 15 Aug 2011, 10:37am

    How does that work?

    She is a post-op transwoman. Legally female and with no male “bits” left.

    So how is he gay?

    Confused chrissie

    1. I know what you mean. In the words of a blind friend of mine..

      “I fall in love with the personality, my sexuality isn’t an issue”. She puts it down to falling in love with the character as opposed to the physical person.

      Perhaps this guy felt the same.

  2. Christine Beckett 15 Aug 2011, 10:47am

    But at least Pink News has not taken the stance of the mainstream media and trumpeted this as the first Cuban “Gay Marriage”

    1. Surely you fall in love with the person and not their genitals? What about Tom Robinson, Michael Barrymore etc, etc.

      1. Christine Beckett 15 Aug 2011, 10:58am

        But I would think it’s clearly the case that if someone identifies as gay or lesbian, then that means they feel a strong sexual attraction towards the same sex, to the exclusion of the opposite sex.

        If being gay does not mean one feels sexually attracted towards other men, then what does it mean?

        If being Lesbian does not mean one feels sexually attracted towards other women, then what does it mean?

        1. Bearing in mind these terms are man made labels for a natural construct, which at the best of times is not easy to define. In answer to your question(s), surely these define people who have a primary attraction to people of the same gender, they are however not definitions cast in stone for eternity.

        2. Just because a Lesbian transitions to male and her Lesbian partner stays in the relationship it does not change how she identified. She is still a Lesbian. The one transitioning may id as male now while his partner ids as Lesbian. My identity is not defined by my partner.

          1. Christine Beckett 15 Aug 2011, 12:07pm

            I’d suggest that’s a bit too “Humpty Dumpty” for most people, Renee..

            I am a trans-woman. If I fancied men, I would regard myself as straight. if I fancied women, I would regard myself as lesbian. If I fancied both, I would regard myself as bi.

            Looking at it your way, the words in that make uo “LGBT” mean nothing at all….


          2. I have to agree Renee, just because the person you love transistions it doesn’t automatically change how you identify.

          3. Christine Beckett 15 Aug 2011, 1:16pm

            But this lady did NOT transition whilst in the relationship. She is four years post-op, and as I understand it, was thus legally a female before they even got together.

            And to be honest, your view is disrespectful… To hold it, you would have to believe that, in spite of her transition and surgery and legal status, Wendy Iriepa is still a man. That is a view that, in my expereince, is not accepted by anyone in the TS community.

            Nor do I personally know of any female partners of trans-men who actually choose to identify as lesbian. The trans-men I know would be pretty hacked off with a female partner who still considered herself to be in a lesbian relationship, because that partner would in effect be saying that she did not accept her lover was male.


          4. How is this view disrespectful, surely its upto the individual if they want to identify as one thing or another?

          5. Dan X Snyder 17 Aug 2011, 6:45am

            Well, as I’m a transman, if my wife were to go about spouting that she were a lesbian, wouldn’t that say something about me and the way she sees me? Wouldn’t that show that genitalia are the be-all end-all of gender? Maybe the guy is actually some other sexuality and identified as gay since that is the box he put himself into before this. A lesbian doesn’t just transition to male, damn it. We’re not all lesbians with a penis envy.

  3. So looking forward to when Cuba has same-sex marriage and America hasn’t!

  4. Another Hannah 15 Aug 2011, 12:45pm

    good to see that all the neatly ordered, and falsly constructed systems are shown for what they are. nonesense. most neat diametric catagorizations fall down if you examine all attributes – that’s what makes os many people so bigoted to me. in the end it’s more humane just to go with live and let live

  5. How is this news?

    This is a heterosexual marriage, which has always been legal.

    1. completely agree. To consumate this marraige, they’d have to have straight sex, otherwise its no marraige.

    2. I would say the news is that a transsexual is allowed to marry as their real gender instead of as the gender they were given at birth because of their sex. Yes, it is a heterosexual marriage but this a transsexual issue.

      But the problem with this is how alot of the media is calling this a “gay” marriage. Which is kind of an insult to the trans and gay community, in my opinion. As this really doesn’t show any same-sex marriage gains and calling this a “gay” marriage also shows the media is not excepting the transwoman as a woman.

      1. This is not a ‘gay marriage’ or a ‘same-sex marriage’.

        That is blatantly obvious.

        So why is this story being used to highlight marriage inequality in Cuba.

        1. While the main part of marriage inequality is for same-sex marriage but there is also marriage inequality for transsexual people which is a LGBT issue, tho it really should be called a “trans marriage” or even a “queer marriage” if it has to be labeled as anything other than a marriage.

          1. *shouldn’t

          2. ignore that last comment, sigh

  6. The real story is the disgusting way this has been reported by the media. Why don’t you write an article about that. Especially the BBC who are a “public service broadcaster” apparently.

    Or wait maybe I’m being overly sensitive maybe we should all rush out and change our sex so we too can have marriage equality. If you can’t beat them join them! After all in every gay relationship one is always the “woman” and one is always the “man”.

    That’s the obvious motivation trans people have, it’s not the body disphoria (?) etc and the feeling that they were born in the wrong body it’s because they want to be straight and “normal”. We all know there are no LGB transexuals.

    Thank you BBC et al. for clearing that all up for us poor confused LGBT folk.

  7. Although the article below is a positive one, and it is always nice to see some news about Cuba that isn’t Cuba-bashing, the story behind this is probably more nuanced and less positive than it seems. While it is true that Cuba (I should add, like much of the rest of the world) has come a long way over the last 5 decades in promoting better understanding of sexuality and homosexuality and less bias as a result of this, other more in-depth articles lead one to believe that the “gay man”, who “fell in love” with Wendy did so after she had become an international celebrity as the first transgender Cuban to benefit from a sex-change operation. [This, like all medical procedures in Cuba, was done free of charge in the government health care system]Wendy has been living as a woman for many years. One has to wonder what made the self-proclaimed gay opponent of the Cuban Revolution fall in love with a woman who at that time was working for a government funded sexual education center –a woman

  8. [original comment was cut off –here’s the rest]
    One has to wonder what made the self-proclaimed gay opponent of the Cuban Revolution fall in love with a woman who at that time was working for a government funded sexual education center –a woman who was very much in the limelight of the international press. Since being an opponent of the Cuban government is a very lucrative occupation –with tens of millions of dollars channeled both openly and clandestinely from Washington, Miami and New Jersey, as well as Madrid — it’s hard to believe that this “gay” man chose to marry this woman out of love. ps to jessica green…if she had been following the news stories about this closely, she would have realized that the decision to get married on Fidel’s birthday was not a tribute to him, but a snide attention-grabber by someone whose claim to fame is opposing the revolution that made possible his new wife’s new life.

    1. He talked about this in an interview that is on the BBC news website a little bit. Apparently he can not believe it… he loves her blah blah blah…

      She says she doesn’t consider herself as a communist or a supporter of the Castro family just a revolutionary.

      If you are in the UK you can go see.

      The BBC have ammended the title of the video since I first viewed to to say first gay and transgender marriage.

  9. I’m very pleased for the couple and all that, but how is this a “step forward for gay rights” (as quoted elsewhere) when a man marries a woman?

  10. She is not the first transsexual person to marry in Cuba. Her husband is a dissent gay rights activist opposed to Castro.

    From reading Spanish language news media, this marriage is more political than anything else.

    Castro destroyed transsexual and gay people by both jailing them and in some cases killing them, when he took power. It is not beyond him to do it again. Getting on the wrong side of Castro’s niece is not an intelligent idea.

    1. Just like the US then?

      Castro’s persecution of the LGBT population in the early years of his rule is hardly much worse than the situation in the US at the same time.

      Routine jail and persecution.

      1. At least the USA did not execute some people for being gay or transsexual, as Castro and Chevara did when they took power. The most obviously gay and TS dissappeared very quickly. The vast majority of LGBT, were sent to concentration camps for re-education which in practice mean’t slave labour.

  11. Another Hannah 16 Aug 2011, 12:49pm

    I think that catogorizations are false human constructs, but I have to say that I also think that there is a current of homophobia running beneath in this particular case.

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