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Kieron Richardson: ‘Other gay actors warned me not to come out’

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  1. martyn notman 15 Aug 2011, 7:33pm

    i think if he was going into movies it may well do- but hes a (quite good) tv actor, and i dont think thats much of an issue over here any more

  2. Spanner1960 15 Aug 2011, 8:33pm

    I knew a gay actor on Hollyoaks some years back, he never denied it, he just didn’t shout about it either.

    1. kieron isn’t shouting about it

      1. coming out publicly on tv IS shouting about it. that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, but announcing it to the nation is most definitely ‘shouting about it’,

        1. Still not convinced that ‘shouting about it’ is really the right phrase to describe somebody calmly revealing that they are gay on morning TV, explaining that their soap storyline at the time was more personal to them than first met the eye.

  3. An obvious point is that if you’re ever going to have a serious long term relationship with someone, let alone marry or have a civil partnership, then you are , almost by definition going to have to be “out”.

    A figure in the public eye can’t shre their life with someone and the media not know about it.

    So in essence people who say that gay celebrities should stay in the closet are essentially saying that they should lead lonely and emotionally barren lives which I think is rather vile.

    All credit to Kieron. This may or may not hinder his career, but at least he’ll be able to look at his face in the mirror without shame, and he’s more likely to find love as well – far more important than fleeting fame.

    1. iSurely being in Hollyoaks is a bigger hindrance to his career! Still, I think Butlins accepts any old rubbish these days so all is not lost.

      1. I hope how hilarious you are is worth all that bitterness.

  4. The “Out Gay” actor is becoming commonplace and sexuality inconsequential.Gielgud was out and gay for his day and it did not do him any harm and many other big acting names were notoriously bisexual Redgrave,Olivier & Lawton amongst them.Only Trevor Howerd was a grouch complaining that homosexuality was becoming “compulsory” amongst actors.Michael Gambon had the funniest rejoinder to the gay question – as he said “I tried it but it made my eyes water so I gave it up!” Lovely.

    1. History re-written there Gendy. Gielgud was certainly not happy when he was arrested for cottaging in the 1950s and suffered a lot until he realised that his theatre audience han’t deserted him (see Nicholas de Jongh’s play ‘Plague over England’). Redgrave (see biog by Alan Strachan) and Alec Guinness was Redgrave’s confidante (see biog by Piers Paul Reid) and and Lawton (see Simon Callow’s biog of Lawton) were eaten-up with self-loathing and Olivier laid a smoke-screen around his own affairs.The 1940s and 1950s were generally rotten times to be lesbian or gay in the theatre or out of it. Things have changed a lot, generally for the better.

      1. Not to mention that Redgrave, Guinness, Olivier and Laughton were all married and about as far from “out” as it’s possible to be.

        1. Dan Filson 30 Aug 2011, 4:28pm

          Depends how in the closet you think Olivier was.

  5. One aspect that seems never to be covered is the question of partners .Maybe guys like Kieron should be more up front with this and be happy to be photographed with their boyfriends?

    1. Personally I be fascinated to know who the lucky guy is who is dating Kieron.

    2. Spanner1960 16 Aug 2011, 9:12am

      Have you ever considered the fact that maybe their partners don’t want their faces spread all over the tabloids?

      1. Very true.

        Although who cares whether their partners want to remain private or not.

        The media does not care 1 iota about a straight celebrity’s privacy and will reveal everything and anything about them (going so far as to hack their phones in the case of News International).

        A gay star can’t expect different treatment really.

        1. Not true, there are quite a few straight stars who manage to keep their private lives private – it’s a matter of whether they want it to be or not.

          If the partner doesn’t want paparazzi camped outside their house every day then that’s perfectly possible to do.

  6. I think that notion (espoused by Rupert Everett and Richard Chamberlain etc) that an actor must stay in the closet to have a successful career, is a generational thing.

    Everett is 50 now. Not old by any means, but he still comes from a generation where being out did have consequences.

    For the younger generations this is a bizarre and alien concept.

    For the likes of Kieron Richardson, the idea of remaining in the closet is utterly absurd.

    That is progress.

    Any gay actor that whines about how difficult it is to be out, deserves a slap, and should seek alternative employment. No-one is forcing them to be actors.

    1. Things are indeed changing but it’s a slow process. Ben Daniels in Cutting it and Simon Woods as Octavian/Augustus in Rome are the only gay actors I can think of to be given sexually-active straight roles, and only the former is a principal character.
      I think if you’re gay and have ambitions for lead roles a number of actors still think it’s best to be at the very most ambiguous (like Ben Whishaw). Shame.

      1. Michael French; Neil Patrick Harris; Russell Tovey also.

        The idea that being in the closet helps your career is no longer true.

        And anyone who is willing to sacrifice their emotional and mental health for their career (ie by staying in the closet) probably should be in a different career.

        1. Had to look them up, sorry. Michael French is an interesting case, since apparently he left EastEnders in the mid-90s after being outed, but now is not typecast and in a lead role.Things are indeed changing, though I do wonder at the likelihood of Kieron Richardson being typecast as a result of his present role.

  7. No need to come out something, it is completely obvious.

    1. Why is it obvious. does he conform to the stereotype?

      1. Yes he does.

  8. BruceWillisFan 16 Aug 2011, 6:47pm

    Well I just think since Kieron Richardson has finally & proudly come out as gay. I think he now has the god damn right as a out gay actor to play gay roles. :)

  9. Everett was a different era though. Hollywood and tv has changed in recent years.

    However I believe being gay will stop you getting lead male roles … If they were gay I think they would get half the roles they do simply as all major Hollywood blockbuster films are still man and woman love interest based.

    I’m still waiting for a gay superhero. Not the new spiderman box tick

    We see the homophobia here too though. The BBC censoring torchwood gay scenes after watershed when they would be no worse than straight ones as they still need to be broadcastable in the states.

    Sadly the film and tv and music industry are very unaccepting. Things are changing but I feel it will be a fair while be for all are treated equal.

    Saying all this I would of come out in his position as being happy and accepting of myself is more important than getting a casting role. If your not happy and comfortable I don’t believe you can give your best performance anyway. All just my opinion. Though

  10. burningworm 19 Aug 2011, 10:34am

    don’t ask don’t tell

  11. We are getting closer and closer to the day when if an actor is asked if they are gay, they’ll say ‘Of course I am, what’s your point?’

  12. Jock S. Trap 20 Aug 2011, 12:05pm

    Good actors don’t need to hide who they are, they will always get work.

    1. Dan Filson 30 Aug 2011, 4:31pm

      Laugh, laugh! Have you never heard of ‘resting’ actors?

  13. Eurgh, he looks like such a little queen. How could he not be considered gay by people?

  14. Jessiepeace 10 Sep 2011, 10:25pm

    Hopefully one day lots of actors and celebrities will come out and it won’t hinder career and the only way that can happen is if more and more come out into the limelight and that way hopefully it will just become normal.

    The more celebrities that coming out will be a huge leap for equal rights in the LGBT community.


  15. Let’s just get this whole thing ‘straight’ (excuse the pun). I am an actor and I have NEVER known another actor who has not tried sex with another member of the same sex at least once in his/her life. There is no such thing as a ‘straight’ actor. The creature does not exist…anywhere.

  16. James Savik 16 Sep 2012, 8:26pm

    When you are young and hot and come out, people cheer.

    When you are older and not so hot, people say “whatever”.

  17. You go for it mate

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