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Tel Aviv LGBT youth centre faces closure

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Reader comments

  1. If someone starts an online campaign with twitter, facebook etc, they will make more than they need to stay open from donations alone! Will personally look into this…

  2. Yes its called victums support Blanche has an excellent Idea , lynn featherstone needs to get involved with the vital you charity and much needed support of he children in the lgbt centers , what are these lgbt offiicials and weathy business people doing for the youth their focus is off and get it back on humanity and saving lives, mentorship of the youth that need you, get off of your asses as gay wealthy official and protect and secure that center, what does this say about you, If you are a gay official and do nothing to help lgbt children and fight against other discsriminations and racism and abuses, you are worthless to the lgbt community and all other victums and need to be removed and more elected who will take action on behalf of the victumized, what the hell is wrong with you people, Just one wealthy gay officail is able to donate alot, not to mention all should donate, y0u selfish assholes, people should not have to tell you to look out for and care for children, and women

    1. My name isn’t Blanche, it’s Blancie. Please pay closer attention :)

    2. I hardly think calling people ‘selfish assholes’ is the best technique for encouraging people to be generous, Carrie. (And why isn’t it ‘arseholes’, are you American?)

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