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Starbucks CEO pulls out of talk at anti-gay mega-church

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Reader comments

  1. Starbucks is currently investigating alleged discrimination against a gay employee in Long Island.

    They’re taking their time over that investigation.

  2. Jessica Geen really needs to proof read her work before she sends it off. Far too many mistakes (like a lot of other PinkNews articles). SMH.

  3. Translation: We’re not homophobes – we just follow homophobic dogma.

  4. Good to see Starbucks listening to community concern and acknowledging the risibile disingenuity in the rhetoric from this homophobic church

  5. “we challenge homosexuals and heterosexuals to live out the sexual ethics taught in the scriptures”
    which includes sleeping with your slave girl (Abraham) and having 300 wives and 700 concubines (Solomon). Quite a challenge that one.

    1. Deeside Will 13 Aug 2011, 8:24pm

      Not to mention Jacob’s 2 wives, Esau’s 3 wives, Gideon’s many wives (exact number not stated), King David’s 7 or so wives (number difficult to keep track of), King Rehoboam’s 18 wives, and Lot (a righteous man, so 2 Peter 2:8 tells us) offering his virgin daughters to the rapists at Sodom and then later getting drunk in a cave and shagging them himself.

      1. Make that Willow Creek Cherry-Pickers Church.

    2. Not to mention Tamar marrying Er and then his brother Onan and then conceiving children by her father-in-law Judah while dressed as a prositute.
      Biblical example of happy marriage #387.

      1. Would that be the same Onan that couldn’t keep his hands off himself?

        1. Apparently to prevent the horror of fathering a child by her. (It’s complicated.)

          1. Blimey, there’s stuff in the Old Testament which even Hugh Hefner hasn’t tried!

  6. Isn’t that the same church that was sending funds to poo- poo kill-the-gays pastor Ssempa in Uganda?

    1. Here we are, the Willow Creek Association, is that the same thing?

      1. Gay Advocate 12 Aug 2011, 6:41pm

        I’d like someone to point out to me the scriptures in the Bible where Jesus tells us directly that homosexuality is somehow “bad”. Not what was said about Jesus’ teaching, but what he said directly. Oh, that’s right the Bible has been redacted so many times for so many different purposes no one really knows exactly what words Jesus spoke. Yes, he seemed to have promoted peace and above all love for all life no matter how it expresses itself; love shown through our actions of kindness, acceptance, etc. If we want to take the entire Bible into account, how is it that we can pick and choose the traditions to which we adhere? As the writer above made reference to, you can’t use the authority of the Bible (especially the Old Testament) unless you plan on following all the laws laid out. If you’re going to use Leviticus as your authority, then you better not eat pork, you also better make sure you kill a bullock, sprinkle the altar with oil and burn it, we could go on and on with crazy ol

        1. Gay Advocate 12 Aug 2011, 6:42pm

          we could go on and on with crazy old ideas. I am so tired of religion being used as an argument for bigotry and hate. Enlightened Masters from all traditions teach love above all else. Let’s get the bigger picture here. We need to go beyond just tolerance to infinite divine love expressed to every living thing.

          1. True, but there’s not much in evidence from the KKKristian trolls who patrol the bible belt, the streets of Uganda, or these columns .

        2. Jesus didn’t mention rape either so I guess you interpret that as his approval also? Jesus saidabout the scriptures…”your word is truth”(John 17:17) The scriptures he referred to were the Hebrew scriptures. The Hebrew scriptures condemn homosexuality.
          Yes he promoted love. He also promoted repentance. Those that repented could then be forgiven. Also , it is extremely ignorant and betrays your lack of knowledge off the subject you attack, to assume that Christains are under Israelite law (which they are not)
          Jesus also said in Matthew 13:49… hat is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will go out, cull out the evil people from among the righteous ones,”
          This shows that those that do not turn back from ungodly ways and repent will NOT be forgiven, so you see that the peace and love you mention does not grant a license for hedonistic immoral behaviour but rather grants repentance to those who avail themselves of it by conforming to clean morals.

          1. Jock S. Trap 15 Aug 2011, 7:58am

            What a bore…yawn!

            We’re happy = Your not – what a pity.

          2. “If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.” Deuteronomy 22:28-29

            So presumably Jesus not only approved of rape but approved of being forced to marry your rapist!

          3. Jock S. Trap 15 Aug 2011, 9:52am

            Yep, note the woman has no choice in the matter.

            According to the Bible, not only must the woman have to live with the knowledge and pain of being raped for the rest of her life but also must be forced to live with and presumably ‘serve’ the rapist to for the rest of her life.

            Again it’s not hard to see why some Religious people are discriminating bigots when they deny all responsiblity coz the Bible told em, innit!

            Where exactly is the victims wants taken into question?

            It’s no wonder Christianity and other religions are leaving the world in such a terrible mess. Plus they don’t want to progress either which confirms to me that Religion is the only Evil in this world.

          4. Could you imagine Howard Schultz endorsing this kind of “leadership”?

  7. They tell people to live according to scripture

    And demonize them if they don’t

    We could make total peacer witth the muslim extremists if we all became muslim.

    Its the same BS all over. To hell with these anything but Xtian Xtians.

  8. Wouldn’t be seen in a Starbucks store! How lacking in everything!

  9. Jock S. Trap 13 Aug 2011, 8:20am

    Good to see Starbucks are listening but a bit concerned that Howard Schultz didn’t do any research before he agreed to do the speech in the first place.

    Still better late than never and like I say at least they are listening to their customers.

    Well done Starbucks.

  10. Good for Starbucks… but your coffee still tastes like crap, and I still refuse to pay $8 for a cup of burnt motor oil.

  11. Howard Schultz is 58 years old, makes $1.3 million a year, is worth $ 1.1.billion, and is married with 2 children.

    In 1999, Schultz was awarded the “National Leadership Award” for philanthropic and educational efforts to battle AIDS; and in 2007, Mr Schultz received the FIRST International Award for Responsible Capitalism

    Thank you Howard Schultz for standing by the LGBT Community.

  12. But he added: “Now, what is true is that we challenge homosexuals and heterosexuals to live out the sexual ethics taught in the scriptures which encourages full sexual expression between a man and a woman in the context of marriage and prescribes sexual abstinence and purity for everybody else.”

    The arrogance of these people, that we should all be believers. Just who do they think they are?

    Gay Advocate, these christo fascists cite the old jewish testament for most of the references including the one in Leviticus targeting gays, so they think. Interestintly, they ignore a couple of the many references that allow husbands to kill their wives for adultery and children for insolence. Polygamy is also mentioned but not condemned. There are many other references they conveniently discard.

  13. I’ve neer liked Starbucks coffee. They seem to over-roast the coffee beans to the point that their is a burnt after taste on the palate. I buy my own and grind them myself, far better. Arabica beans are my favourite.

    1. Yes they definitely burn the coffee beans and spoil the resultant coffee.

      1. The hot chocolate’s not so bad. I tend to have that.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 Aug 2011, 7:59am

          I prefer Costas. Much cleaner than my local Starbucks and better service.

  14. Remember to keep money in your own pockets and not give it to Jesus freaks!

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