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Ricky Martin says women still flirt with him

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Reader comments

  1. I tend to be more flirty with gay men because I know nothing’s going to come of it, but that’s more like mutual flirting, which can be fun sometimes.

  2. Hold the front page

  3. Ladies, Mr Martin is just not interested …K!

  4. At some point I would expect Mr. Martin to say, “he’s so great with OUR kids”.

    1. being a boyfriend does not make one a parent!

  5. This has been an issue for gay men long before gay rights. When we were forced into Straight Sham marriages and forced into having kids we did not want.

    Women have been ruining men’s lives for years.

    Now we live in a world we we can be gay and they are still ruining our lives.

    trying to entrap us into Straight sham marriages or USE us as sperm donors.

    Gay rights has ruined our lives. Wish we never became mainstream and inclusive.

    1. Gross generalisations there and a nasty whiff of misogyny. While I agree that straight sham marriages, to use your phrase, are bad, it’s the fault of society’s expectations not women. And while the women who fawn and coo over gay men and talk about ‘turning’ them annoy me too, I hardly think women are ‘ruining gay men’s lives’.

    2. Please don’t tar ALL women with the same brush! For many women they feel more safer with a gay mad as a friend than a straight man because the gay man expects nothing more than friendship!

      And how about the gay men who don’t wanty anyone to know they’re gay who marry women…is that not a ‘sham marriage’? I am not saying they are wrong because we don’t know the circumstances of why they’re don’t want others to know, but it’s still a marriage that shouldn’t be. So don’t just point the finger at straight women who supposedly entrap gay men into marriage. It can work both ways.

  6. Jock S. Trap 13 Aug 2011, 8:17am

    Duh – has he not heard about the women who go set out to be ‘the one’ who changes him? Coz it’s that simple see.

    Since he came out he’s widened the challenge but sadly they just don’t get how people work.

  7. I don’t see how people find him attractive haha.

    But I agree they do see the challenge.

  8. I’m waiting for more great PN scoops like this,
    George Michael says women still flirt with him,
    Elton John says women still flirt with him,
    Boy George says women still flirt with him,
    Will Young says women still flirt with him,
    Cliff Richard says women still flirt with him, etc.

  9. Yawn. People have sexual fantasies about celebrities which some of them try to act out whatever the reality of the celebrities’ lives.
    On top of this, gay sexuality is often seen as simply unreal, including by people who don’t consider themselves homophobic. A straight acquaintance once told me my homosexuality should be no bar to my having sex with women. My suggestion that his heterosexuality should be no bar to his having sex with men was astounding to him.

    1. Your friend may have a point, judging by the number of Gay men who have goto marries over the years and proved they can by having kids!

      1. No. The point is that lots of gay men and lesbians get married under pressure from attitudes like his, and much worse.

  10. A new single out??

    Must have been a slow news day

  11. of course they would. He’s handsome, and has got the equipment

  12. Hahaha well maybe he should sp[eak to John Barrowman…women send him their knickers for goodness sake.

    JB just goes with the flow. He’s an attractive man, and I mean both JB and Ricki Martin, so strtaight women are not going to just ignore that. OF course I do think there are women who go too far, as if they’re going to manage to make them straight or something. That’s just missguided IMO!

    Don’t matter how good looking a guy is, he aint going to turn me straight! lol

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