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Steven Gerrard voted hottest footballer by gay fans

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Reader comments

  1. Chris Moyles didn’t fancy Peter Crouch either – at least that’s what he told Rio Ferdinand a few years back

  2. Have they even heard of Cesc Fabregas?

    1. Nothing against Gerrard, but Cesc would definitely get my vote too!

  3. this is why footballers hate poofs. Leave straight men alone

    1. Why? Are they that weak to be threathened by an attraction?

      Isn’t he the one that cheated on his wife… with his friends wife?

      1. @ Ray.

        Gerrard is not Giggs or Terry. I don’t recall him having any affairs with other people’s wives (that have been reported).

    2. what a weird comment. loads of straight women fancy me. should I hate them? btw, one of gerrards best mates is gay. he doesn’t hate ‘poofs’ as you call em.

      1. Footballer are known for their homophobia. Straight men already think every gay man fancies them rubbish like this does not help.

    3. Hey troll, how about straight men stop going to women’s sporting events then, deal?

    4. @James! I expect you think it’s fine when straight men fancy lesbians?

  4. We don’t want them there anyways! Queers

    1. who is we?

      1. @ Uh Oh, homophobes obviously.

        @ Someone, I don’t want you and people like you anywhere but still you continue to exist. Life sucks like that

    2. @Someone. You are on a gay site you closeted queen. Football is as much ours as it is yours.

  5. there are soccer players outside England – why not included?

    1. Not sure what you mean since Fernando Torres is Spanish and the survey was about hottest “Premiership” players, (by which they must mean the Premier League since the Premiership hasn’t existed since 2007). The Premier League is English.

      1. torres plays for chelsea, and played for liverpool before that???? he’s minging anyway. looks like a girl.

        1. Are you talking to me Uh Oh?

          As Liverpool fan so I’m painfully aware of what football club Torres plays for.

          He is a minger I think he looks like a huge, weirdly shaped, androgynous, child. I’d like to see the rest of the list because the top three aren’t who I’d expect people to vote for.

  6. Go watch Rugby league instead.The players are far more hunky.

  7. cant believe christiano ronaldo wasn’t picked!
    Beckham was so cute when at Man u but has now ruined his body with all those ugly tattoos

    1. his tats are awesome

  8. Sorry, I can’t think of any drivel to write about this one ……

  9. You can keep him. I’ll have becks. He ain’t afraid to cuddle up to a man ( smithy reference )

  10. Theo Walcott? Surely he should be there sompelace.

    But I agree with Col – Rugby players push all the buttoms in terms of hot mens! AND we have the gay one (Gareth) and the gay friendly one (Ben) and the friend of the gay and gay friendly one (Nick Youngquest), so they must be doing something right!

  11. Not to knock anyone’s tastes but Gerrard and Lampard? Really? Foreign footballers in England weren’t excluded from the poll, so how the heck did those two come out on top out of all the other hot footballers in England. Bizarre.

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