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Australia’s first gay and lesbian retirement village to be built

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Reader comments

  1. LGBT people are finding that they have to go back in the closet to survive in “retirement homes” and to get proper medical/nursing care. All those polls showing older people are more homphobic – guess where they will be living for the next 2 or 3 decades? And how will your home-care nurse react if your home is decorated like the set from La Cage aux Folles? Yes, we’ll be young forever, until we’re not.

    1. East Bay (California) survey assesses views on LGBT elder needs
      Updated: 08/11/2011 12:11:44 PM PDT
      “6 percent [of caregivers] felt that LGBT people were OK, but should not talk openly about their sexuality or gender;
      7 percent reported that minority sexual and gender identities were against their religious or moral beliefs;
      32 percent had often or sometimes heard LGBT negative comments in the workplace”

  2. LGBT retire villages are a good idea and I hope and pray that more are built in Australia and other countries.

  3. They could have built in Daylesford,,why Ballan, there’s nothing there!

  4. martyn notman 11 Aug 2011, 5:22pm

    sounds like my idea of hell! but i suppose if its what some people want- rather expensive though

  5. There will be a lot more of these, and rightly so.

    The baby boomers won’t surrender hard-won rights and settle for places where they don’t feel at home.

    But they need to have a positive upmarket feel, like a Palm Springs gay resort, not the stultifying and scary boredom of an institutionalised old folk’s home…

  6. There might not be much in Ballan now, but there sure will be soon! Only 1 hour to Melbourne by train as well.

  7. Jock S. Trap 12 Aug 2011, 8:57am

    This is great to hear and about time things like this were available in all civilised countries.

    1. I agree, the mark of a civilised country is a state or economy which is responsible for the needs of its elderly regardless of sexual orientation.

      1. This is an idea whose time has come… great stuff Australia!

  8. LGB (why no T?) retirement homes/communities are a vital development. The horror of having to go back into the closet and dealing with homophobic attitudes from staff or residents in a care home at the end of one’s life is unacceptable. But I question the economics here. It sounds like you going to have to be pretty wealthy to have a place in homes/communities as described in this article. And while we all might dream of ending our days in a glamorous resort, the reality is we need LGB friendly care home places available to those (most) of us at the bottom end of the income bracket. Ability to pay should not determine quality of care or dignity at the end of one’s life.

    1. Galadriel1010 12 Aug 2011, 11:14am

      This is just the start, I suspect. When it works and proves to be popular more will follow at every level of the market.

  9. A haven or an upmarket ghetto?

    They sound like a good idea, but I can’t help feeling that it is a sad indictment of society that they are being built anyway.

  10. leece johnson 12 Aug 2011, 11:09pm

    i wonder how many have read this properly. there is no (T) in there its for GLB only. so the trans people are still going to be on the street or having to live in the retirement home of the sex they were born as not what they really are now.
    religious groups run most of the retirement homes here in Australia.

  11. Time to open one in Brighton then roll them out across the uk, one joining criteria, no hetrosexuals and no religion fundies!

  12. What an absolutely revolting idea. By any other definition this is ghettoising a group on the basis of an individual trait. A retirement home should be for those who are retiring and wish to live in this type of community.
    Building one based around sexuality is a completely pointless idea and simply creates yet another divide in society.
    Instead of fighting for stupid proposals like this, equality and acceptance of others should be the focus.

    1. Daniel H you are right BUT in Australia most retirement villages and nursing homes are operated by religious organisations! DO I need to say anymore than that! At least this will get the repulsive Jesus out of peoples’ faces and same-sex couples will have a place to retire in peace! My partner and I are keeping an eye on this development and would consider moving interstate to maybe live in Ballan and then when time, to move into this facility.

  13. Owen Nicholson 24 Aug 2011, 8:13am

    Can we just live in the same retirement village and get along?

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