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Lesbian Australian minister’s partner pregnant

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Reader comments

  1. … and yet her boss seems to dislike gays. Julia Gillard, who has met up with homophobic christian fundamentalists on several occasions, refuses to meet with any gay groups. She publically states that our relationships are second rate and not worthy of any formal recognition beyond `de facto’. No wonder her approval rating is rock bottom. I was once a supporter but she has really p****ed me off.

    1. I gather you supported her because of her leftist/atheist views.

      That is why you shouldn’t follow anybody so blindly, unless of course you are part of the Pink News Jonestown Cult.

      “But all opinions are just NOT worthy of equal respect.” – Adrian T
      Gayrea 51
      Gays Against Homosexual Extremism

      1. No, I’m Christian in fact. I supported her because I thought she seemed initially to have good policies and was `doing good things’. Since that time, the Australian people have seen and heard more of her, and many, myself included did not like what we saw.

        1. Thanks for the clarification.

          Sometimes its hard to separate atheists and gay christians. Usually the gay atheists are the loudest.

  2. Is her “partner” French? I wonder if France will allow them to be joint parents..aren’t they right bastards on this issue? …as for Gillard and her Catholic labour mates then they’re just a bunch of homophobes..It would be nice to get a picture of the pregnant mother though..

    1. Galadriel1010 9 Aug 2011, 2:04pm

      Canadian, I believe. AFAIR, they’re married in Canada

      1. Strange becuase some Australian papers/blogs say she is French and in a PACS. Whatever, she is, Penny was one of the lucky Australian citizens to be able to do this, since her government generally refuses to give out certificate of non impediement to do marriages or civil unions abroad. Something she and her government refuse to do anything about. Indeed she’s simply a “partner” in Australia, nothing more. And from an Australian’s perspective , since she and her partner live here and are going to bring up their child here, it’s insulting and pathetic that she would have to do either a civil union or marriage abroad rather want to do an equivalent Australian civil union. She really has to sort out some of these things, it’s not just about the word marriage over her …

        1. Sophie Allouache has a French father but is from Adelaide. It is just a malicious web rumour that she and Penny Wong are in a PACS or married and totally untrue. However, often it is denied (see e.g. reports by Smanatha Maiden in The Australian) – it still keeps on being reported on the web.

  3. Congratulations Penny!

  4. Seperate issue…

    There are now 17 epetitions on the government epeition website calling for same sex marriage in the UK.

    There are 3 active ones:

    1. Please stop hijacking threads,

      It’s annoying an unnecessary.

    2. Separate issue, separate thread..

  5. Happy news for Penny, but sad that her boss believes she has the right to prevent her getting married. Australia has been taken over by the religious mob.

    1. Dan Filson 9 Aug 2011, 12:18pm

      @A N Spit – Penny Wong is herself against gay marriage, it seems. See:

      Incidentally, I note that most of the comments so far are from men, so maybe we should let the women comment.

      1. no she isn’t….she later come out in favour of it….don’t you mean men’s names! not necessarily men…

        1. Dan Filson 9 Aug 2011, 4:33pm

          I didn’t know she changed her mind – a woman’s privilege (and a man’s too).

          I rather assumed that men’s names betoken men, not unreasonably

        2. What do you mean “let” the women comment?

          Women are able to comment.

          “But all opinions are just NOT worthy of equal respect.” – Adrian T
          Gayrea 51
          Gays Against Homosexual Extremism

      2. However the article says she has put forward a motion in favour. As for letting the women comment, what is stopping them?

      3. As a cabinet minister she had to state party policy publically then but used internal party meetings to express her personal views on same-sex marriage. As long ago as 2004 it was reported she’d argued in an internal Labor Party meeting that PM John Howard’s ban on same-sex marriage was equivalent to 1960s US bans on mixed-race marriages! Pretty clear what her own view was given her Australian mother married her malaysian-chinese fathert.

  6. Dan Filson 9 Aug 2011, 12:14pm

    Who would ever have guessed that a Commonwealth prime minister would say this of a lesbian cabinet minister:
    ““Penny Wong is a colleague of mine, she’s also a very long-term friend, so I’m very pleased for Penny and her partner Sophie as they look forward to a new baby and the next phase of their lives. Clearly there are strong views about same-sex marriage in the community. I’ve made my views clear.” I think this is immensely supportive and a real milestone, even if her views are against same-sex marriage.

    1. No, it’s platitudes, and rather offensive in combination with “I’ve made my views clear”. Obviously Gillard has no qualms about sacrificing her friends to her own political ambition. She stabbed Rudd in the back, and on marriage equality she has done the same to her gay “friends” and colleagues.

      1. Dan Filson 9 Aug 2011, 4:35pm

        “Penny Wong is a colleague of mine, she’s also a very long-term friend, so I’m very pleased for Penny and her partner Sophie as they look forward to a new baby and the next phase of their lives”. This strikes me as friendly and supportive. The knifing of Rudd, who I rather liked from a distance of 6,000 miles, was hardly down to her on her own – I don’t know exactly why he no longer commanded the confidence of his own party, but clearly he did not.

        1. To Dan, Rudd lost the confidence of most of us because he was a control freak and a bit of an egomaniac. Re Copenhagen, his rush to prove his green creditionals saw a rushed insulation scheme which saw lives lost because of lack of oversight from his government. His views too on gay age of consent,when he was an adviser to a State labor government, were distinctly homophobic.

          Congratulations to Penny Wong and her partner. It won’t be long before we can get married here in Oz.

    2. But her views ARE against same sex marriage.

      So under the Pink News Jonestown guidelines that still makes her a “bigot.”

      Unless of course, you are now beginning to realize how foolish and childish that assumption really is and you will now denounce the use of that word.

      “But all opinions are just NOT worthy of equal respect.” – Adrian T
      Gayrea 51
      Gays Against Homosexual Extremism

  7. Congratulations to Penny and her partner!

  8. Galadriel1010 9 Aug 2011, 2:06pm

    Congratulations to them.

    I’m not sure how Gilard can call her a friend when she uses the occasion of their parenthood-to-be to denounce their right to get married.

    1. Its not just Gillard but Ms. Wong as well. If being married is more important for her than political ambition, she would hop the next plane over to one of the countries that have gay marriage and raise her family there under legal and societal protections for her and her partner/child.

      “But all opinions are just NOT worthy of equal respect.” – Adrian T
      Gayrea 51
      Gays Against Homosexual Extremism

  9. Maybe if Gillard had a gay child of her own, she might think differently. The fact that this avowed atheist consorts with “christian” fundamentalists is suspect. Of course, not all atheists support full equality and some are homophobes.

    1. I pity any child of such a monster.

    2. Yet we are told that religion is the cause of “bigotry.”

      And here we have an atheist, who is strongly opposed to it. So under the previous logic one can be permitted to assume that it is her atheism that lead to her bigotry.

      “But all opinions are just NOT worthy of equal respect.” – Adrian T
      Gayrea 51
      Gays Against Homosexual Extremism

      1. Gillard has she is a “cultural traditionalist” from a conservative background, which indicates a “Christian” view of marriage, wouldn’t you say?

        1. As well as muslim…

          Wouldn’t you say?

          1. Well no, not really, since many Muslims consider marriage between one man and up to 4 women acceptable and Gillard is on record as saying she considered it should be between A man and A woman. Also, it’s no secret that her background is a Christian one.

          2. Yeah, and they are also opposed to gay marriage and say that the death penalty for gay people is also appropriate.

          3. Also, it’s no secret that her background is a Christian one.

            Okay well she isn’t anymore. She is an ATHEIST, but still she is opposed to gay marriage.

            How do you explain the growing number of Christians now supporting gay marriage and how one of the most prominent Atheist in the world is opposing it. Are you again going to blame the same christian upbringing that other christians who support gay marriage were also brought up in?

            I think it has less to do with religious beliefs and more to do with personal repulsion of homosexuality (specifically male)

          4. Not all Christians (or atheists, for that matter) have the same sort of upbringing, you know.

  10. Gillard seems to be a complete hypocrite. Her own actions suggests that she personally attaches little value to marriage given that she is content to live unmarried with her own partner, while denying the rights of those who actually do wish to support the institution.

    It also seems rum that she would rather force a child to grow up with unmarried parents.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    1. Empathy obviously isn’t her strong point.

    2. She didn’t “force” a child to grow up with unmarried parents. That is just an ignorant statement to make.

      Wong and her partner FORCED a child into being without being married first.

      If being married and raising a child in that environment is more important (as it is) then by all means fly over to Canada, or New York… or somewhere where your marriage can be protected. Obviously Wong is guilty of her own negligence under your logic.

      “But all opinions are just NOT worthy of equal respect.” – Adrian T
      Gayrea 51
      Gays Against Homosexual Extremism

  11. The Australian Labor Party better get it right about same-sex marriage at their December National conference, because all hell will break loose if they dont support it!

    1. Labor?

      I ain’t holding my breath.

      Leftists’ platforms change with the direction of the wind.

      Did you know that?

      “But all opinions are just NOT worthy of equal respect.” – Adrian T
      Gayrea 51
      Gays Against Homosexual Extremism

  12. Penny Wong has consistently shown that she ‘blows with the wind” regarding queer issues and has previously stated that marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Penny Wong really lacks credibility.
    And now she ‘thrilled’ to be having a baby. Outside wedlock? Dear, dear.

    1. paul oz, you are spot on about Penny Wong!

    2. Penny Wong has done more to actually implement pro gay and lesbian reforms in Australia by working to change Labor policy on same-sex issues. We need people working within the ALP as well as criticising it from outside because the ALP has the numbers to pass legislation, unlike the Greens. It’s a pity sections of the lesbian and gay community don’t recognise the contribution she has made over many years. Not least by being the first out minister and now the first lesbian mum parliamentarian!

      1. Yes! Penny Wong does not “blow with the wind” – she has consistently worked for gay law reform within the Labor Party. Why don’t more gays and lesbians understand that Australian Labor politicians are bound by party discipline? So, when she disagrees with a party policy she works to change it within the party. She played a key role in bringing in the 2008 relationship recognition reforms and now is playing a key role in changing Labor policy on same-sex marriage. She deserves our praise not vilification.

        1. I agree. What we all should realise Gillard and her government are in power by just one seat. The Labor party ( faceless power brokers ) is full of right-wing reactionaries as are the liberals ( Tories ). Australia produced Murdoch, and all that he represents, is part of today’s backward media, where most reporting is done from a desk as I am doing now. Penny Wong , Environment minister in the Rudd government,certainely gets my praise, even though her previous leader Rudd let the country down so badly with his rush to be seen to be macho man of all things.

  13. she opposes marriage equality. her child will be a bastard because of her.

  14. Penny Wong has never said she is personally against same-sex marriage. As a cabinet minister bound by party discipline she has occasionally stated what party policy is but has worked within the ALP for many years to change that policy. Her speech in support of same-sex marriage at last year’s SA state ALP conference was widely reported.

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