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Comment: A gay Congolese man in South Africa

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Reader comments

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Junior Mayema.

    How dreadful, and how brave you are to give of your time to PASSOP.

  2. Well done. I wish you all the best in such difficult times.

  3. All the love from Europe!

  4. As a gay, white South African, I apologise on behalf of my country. Even though our constitution allows full gay marriage and discrimination on the grounds of sexuality is illegal, the truth is that this pertains to a minority, namely the educated middle and upper classes. I, have never been a victim of discrimination am out and proud and live in a city (Cape Town) which is extremely liberal when it comes to homosexuality. The same can not be said for those, such as you, who live amongst those who culture does not allow for homosexuality. Words written on a piece of paper (our constitution) are worthless when in reality discrimination still exists. Good luck for your future in my country and once again I apologise on behalf of South Africa.

  5. This young man is proof that Christians throw their children out in the street like trash and his mother even tried to kill him and his father opened him up to being beaten and killed as well.

  6. The gentleman at a young age has already learned the importance of civil rights and human rights and equal rights, other young adults must catch on and continue the civil rights movements to equality and humanity, as past civil rights leaders have, they must turn this nation around from its evils a nd hatred witch destroys in everyway, children and families peace and harmony and saftey on both sides hetero and gay, bigots are evil and must be stopped , there are quite a few affrican countries and others that are going to have to have military action like libia to overhaul dictators of such violelnce againsts their own children and women, mumbia, police are going to have to be arrested for invading a private party, that was no concern to them , it was just a gay party, and that ;;international human rights has to step in and put sanctions on that govermment and police force and actions must be take against that police force, in the states the police where sued, arrested and fired

  7. Anthony Williams 14 Oct 2011, 7:37pm

    Francois from Cape Town has hit the nail on the head. Junior is suffering discrimination within his own ethnic circle, not at the hands of South Africans in general. I have a top career, and I am openly gay. I have never been discriminated against, and I actually take exception to his generalizations. He complains about not having a job, but is this due to his being gay, or due to him not being suitably qualified for any jobs that are available? South Africans cannot be held accountable for the sins of your father country and your own family, Junior, and, whilst I have sympathy with your plight, I do not make any apologies on the part of South Africans. At the very least this country provided you with shelter when you were not safe in the land of your birth.

  8. Francois, As much as i would like to accept what you say, I am forced to disagree with parts of your statement. As a mixed race South African, who also reside in Cape Town – It not all blue skies and red roses here. Cape Town has proved itself to be the racist capital of our nation when we look towards the LGBTIQ community. It is extremely clicky in CPT and if you not white, live in the plushy white suburbs, drive a nice flashy car and have a flawless accent – then you might as well forget being part of the gay society in Cape Town. It really saddens me. And the whole gay vibe even in clubs are like that. Most of Cape Town’s non-whites prefer to congregate outside of the gay district and those, who feel obligated to uphold the pretense will socialise with their white counterparts, sporting a matching accent. really sad! non-whites have realised theres no point in forcing integration when the $$$ is in the hand of our former white oppressors.. so we rather just let things be! :/

  9. This guy is a con, I know him so take what he says with a pinch of salt

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