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09 August 2011

  • 9th August 2011

    Taiwan gay rights group to host lesbian weddings 2

    A Taiwanese gay group will host a mass lesbian wedding

    5:37 PM — A gay rights group in Taiwan has said it will hold a mass lesbian wedding later this month. Around 60 couples have signed up to the private event, while 1,000 tickets have been sold.

  • Comment: A gay Congolese man in South Africa 10

    Junior Mayema says he suffers discrimination in South Africa

    4:56 PM — Junior Mayema, 24, is a volunteer with People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP). He fled Congo at the age of 22 after suffering persecution and threats.

  • ‘Obviously gay’ Ugandan asylum seeker faces deportation 15

    A past protest over homophobia in Uganda

    4:33 PM — A Ugandan asylum seeker who supporters say is "obviously gay" is due to be deported on Wednesday. Robert Segwanyi, 33, says he was tortured and jailed in Uganda for being gay but an immigration judge ruled there was no evidence that he is gay and suffering post-traumatic stress disorder – in contrast to a psychiatrist’s report.

  • Gay Malaysian pastor urges gays to come out 12

    The Malaysian pastor has asked gay people to come out

    2:55 PM — A gay pastor in Malaysia is urging gay people to come out in order to tackle homophobia. Reverend Ouyang Wen Feng, a controversial figure who runs a gay-friendly church, is thought to be the country's only openly gay pastor.

  • Lesbian Australian minister’s partner pregnant 48

    Penny Wong and her partner are expecting a baby

    11:39 AM — A lesbian minister in Australia has announced that her partner is pregnant with their first child. Penny Wong, the finance minister, said her partner Sophie Allouache conceived through donor insemination and expects the baby in December.

  • £1m record deal for Brighton & Hove Gay Men’s Chorus 20

    Some of the 30-strong chorus

    10:32 AM — The Brighton & Hove Gay Men’s Chorus has signed a £1 million record deal. The chorus has been signed to Universal Records, which counts U2, Grace Jones and Paul Weller among its artists.

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