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Liverpool council ‘should officially recognise gay quarter’

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Reader comments

  1. I thought we’d moved beyond ghettoes.

    1. This isn’t a ghetto this is a cynical exploitation of “the pink pound”.

      1. Oh get over yourselves, both of you. Ghettos and exploitation? What you talking about? Maybe we should give all our money to cynical exploitation of the ‘straight pound’ and disappear into ‘the straight village’ ghetto, which is the whole fricking world.

        1. So many gay places have closed down in London, seems like most people meet on the internet these days and go to a good straight restaurant or bar as things are so much more integrated and gay friendly. Nice to have gay places to go to but we don’t want to become exhibits in a gay theme park, do we?

          1. Go to Liverpool. It’s the pitts of the world. The gay scousers need a gay quarter. The whole city is a ghetto. At least somewhere they can feel safe from being gay bashed by the scouse catholics.

          2. Yes A N Spit (really, what a moniker!), but the mixed gay-friendly places have developed as a result of – and tend to radiate out from – gay ‘ghettos’, wouldn’t you say?
            Speaking of London, I’d say you’d be increasingly wary of walking hand-in-hand with a same-sex partner the further you go from the various gay hotspots.

        2. All this article references is the economic benefits to the City of Liverpool.

          It doesn’t make any reference to the benefits there will be to the gay community. I’m sure there will be some benefits however it doesn’t seem to be their primary motivation.

          I am from Liverpool but when I go back there with my wife I can not walk down the street holding her hand without experiencing abuse and homophobic slurs.

          This does not happen to me in Manchester. If Liverpool wants to have a similar appeal to gay people as Canal street they need to do more to make people feel safe in the city as a whole.

          1. I agree. Gay lovers walking down the street holding hand is not a good idea in liverpool. Unless you want to die. Which is why a gay quarter is a good idea, or at least a start. I felt like Doctor Who when I lived in liverpool and I’d stepped out of my tardis in 1950. But it was 2010. I moved away as soon as I could.

          2. Oh get over yourself. Im a gay Liverpudlian and I have held hands with a lad walking around Liverpool (not the gay scene) and I did not get any abuse – physical or verbal. None at all! I came out at 15 in a Catholic secondary school in the city and it was a pretty decent experience.

  2. They are after YOUR money !!!

    Look at MANchester !!!

    They (the city council) have cut the fundding to a lot of gay charitys here BUT still want our money ???

  3. you can bet as soon as they do it, they wont call it the gay village any more it will just be The Village. look what happened to Manchester, council cant even bear to use the word Gay.

  4. The whole gay village idea actually makes me feel uncomfortable; as someone said earlier, I don’t want to be an exhibit in a theme park.

    But I get why some people want them, especially in places like Liverpool…

      1. You are a cretin lmao! London and Manchester have plenty of homophobes. So do Leeds and Newcastle. All major cities have them. Pride last night was amazing. You should have came instead of being a sado going on the Echo website to find homophobic comments.

        1. Did you go to the curzon and stick to the carpet? lmao. or that cool place the lisbon and sing some karaoke? lmao. or the masquerade with that glitter ball from 1972? Or the navy bar, when its open? the city’s about thirty years behind manchester and fifty years behind london, face it, you know its true. biggest dump I’ve ever been to, I even saw tumbleweeds blowing down the street its so fvcking deserted. you ever seen rango? i think that town in the desert was inspired by liverpool. but there are loads of fitlads in liverpool, shame they’re all catholic straight nobheads who eat lob scouse with their mummies every night. the gay guys are too camp for me there. never seen so many drag queens.

          1. The Curzon and Masq are horrible so no I didnt go. The Lisbon is alright and Navy is good. Garlands and G-Bar are great but downstairs G-Bar does need a refurb. Pink is scatty and the other places I havent mentioned like Heaven are alright so stop talking out of your arse. Manchester’s and London’s gay scenes are segregated ghettos – lesbian only bars say it all. Liverpool is a lot more mixed so how can all scousers be homophobes when the gay scene is very mixed? Sometimes too mixed. You are entitled to dislike the city of course but stop spouting bile and making up lies.

  5. Uh Oh is definitely talking bollocks. There is no carpet in the Curzon!

  6. A quarter might be excessive, maybe an eighth or a tenth?

  7. I have to say that Liverpudlians are among the friendliest I’ve ever met. I was once visiting someone in hospital in aintree and shared a taxi from the station with a teenage girl who struck up a convo like she’d known me for years. when i got out of the taxi, she insisted on paying for me! A little star and only about 18; how many 18 yr olds would do that ?! But I digress…

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