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Young gay meth users more likely to be exposed to HIV

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve never had meth, but now I want some.

    1. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 9:28am

      I’ve sadly lost too many friends to meth and I don’t mean via death although a couple have. The side effects are worse than most drugs and generally are not felt until it is too late.

      It isn’t pleasant to see, esp when you know you have to break away from said friends.

      1. but it says meth “is a stimulant that can increase alertness, energy and libido. It is also said to decrease inhibitions”

        Sounds great to me. Just what I need.

        1. Staircase2 6 Aug 2011, 1:22am

          Never believe everything you read in the Press Uh oh

          Its a seriously addictive substance

          Read more about it on Wikipedia:

          1. Just read your link and seen you get parkinsons disease, depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, and worst of all your teeth fall out! I think I’ll give meth a miss. Toothless is not a good look. If only PN had told me these things I wouldn’t have even thought of taking it. And the pic of those pills look like sweets. They’re not even meth. It’s a crystal. (you’d think PN could go on wiki and at least get a good picture)

          2. Jock S. Trap 8 Aug 2011, 9:19am

            Yes, the teeth tend to rot from the inside out Uh Oh!

    2. Its apparently a great high and very sexual drug but the come down and other implications are horrific – I advise avoid

  2. Despise these articles.

    Being gay always seems to mean we are drug addicts and sluts.


    1. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 9:31am

      And since when have media whether papers or website made money out of good news?

      So all you hear if this stuff but we all know that the amount of people using whether Straight, Gay, Bi is a tiny proportion of the community, don’t we?

      If people want to believe all the read then they are the ones who should be questioned not the LGBTQI community.

      1. That true but sadly how we keep getting portrayed in the media fuels the fire of ignorance and hate against us in areas of society.

        It gives the impression all gay people are drug addicts and as such are the cause for it in the country and world. When they forget your sexuality doesent dictate taking of drugs and we are a minority.

        I don’t even need good news just not these blanket staments that seem to hang over us all

        1. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 10:46am

          I dunno though, I get what your saying and in part I do agree but I have long since bothered what others think if they are so small minded.

          Luckily those kinds of people are a minority and yes this does tend to boil down to assumptions not actually knowing.

          Knowing us makes difference and it is up to us to make sure our voices are heard.

    2. Staircase2 6 Aug 2011, 1:27am

      These articles are every bit as important as others – especially in terms of the need for public information on these issues.

      According to the article: “Approximately 43 per cent of gay and bisexual men have used the drug, US studies say”

      Thats an ENORMOUS amount of people in the US – and an ENORMOUS problem.

      I noticed the change between the first time I went to the US in 92 to the way things changed over the next 5-8 years.

      The whole atmosphere had changed in clubs from the feel-good of what I experienced in 92 to the slightly paranoid, darker energy of 2000 (a changed very much mirrored in London too – albeit with generally different drugs it must be said).

      Public education on these matters is VITAL – thats why its also vital that Pink News carries on the good work of talking about these issues (regardless of how individuals feel they may or may not reflect on them personally).

      If it saves lives then its worth talking about – and talking about NOW.

  3. And, in other news, water is wet.

  4. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 9:25am

    OK so what they have done is create age groups to speak to those in said groups but the message is the same for all, no matter what age.

    Most recreational drugs whether it be meth, E, cocaine, ketamine increase libido and increase the changes of risky sexual behaviour.

    Whether Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Straight etc the message is the same for all people of all age groups.

    1. But unlike the straights were queer so we all do drugs because we all take part in risky sexual behaviour >.>

      *face palm*

      Some days I feel someone hacks pink news.

      1. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 10:48am

        See I know plenty of people and none of them think that. It is only petty small minded people and if you carry on bothering about what a very tiny section of society thinks you’d never do anything.

      2. Staircase2 6 Aug 2011, 1:32am

        @ Adam88 – thats not what this says AT ALL – what IS true however is that gay culture has tended to be based around clubbing and clubbing tends to be connected with drug taking (str8 or gay).

        Until recent years gay people (men in particular) spent far more energy in clubs than their str8 counterparts. Now things have changed somewhat with the huge rise in str8 club culture.

        Back in the days when the gay world revolved around pubs the main problem was alcohol and cigarettes related. When the gay scene moved onto clubbing that changed to a problem with recreational drug taking.

        We need to TALK about these things – there’s no point in being so embarrassed that you’d rather people end up dying from ignorance about these matters.

    2. Have you ever tried having sex on ketamine trust me it doesn’t raise libido haha.

      But yes it does seem to be concentrated down to younger generations when actually everyone who takes these drugs needs to remember to use protection.

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Aug 2011, 1:57am

        Yes, I have.

      2. @Hamish

        It worked for me!

  5. “Approximately 43 per cent of gay and bisexual men have used the drug, US studies say”
    43 per cent?! In what parallel world would that be? 43% of gay men between 20 and 40 who live in or near gay ghettoes in large cities, just maybe!

    1. Staircase2 6 Aug 2011, 1:35am

      The statistic is worth taking head on – what’s the point of arguing about the exact percentage when we all know that there is no way that any statistician can even talk with any degree of accuracy about how many gay men there actually are any way?

      This is clearly based on the studies that have been done in the US with gay men – probably with gay men who go out clubbing and self-elect to define themselves as ‘gay’ or ‘bisexual’

      1. …when we all know that there is no way …
        You and I might know that, but unfortunately I don’t think most people do. Much as I loved clubbing and greatly miss it, in no way do I think that urban subculture is even remotely representative of gay and bisexual men, even in the Western world.

  6. Being gay always seems to mean we are drug addicts and sluts
    That’s how prejudiced people might read it, but you should try not to succumb to such prejudice yourself.

  7. “Despise these articles.

    Being gay always seems to mean we are drug addicts and sluts.”

    It is a lot more complicated than that and stigma certainly does not help. Check out this page for more info:

    1. Staircase2 6 Aug 2011, 1:35am


  8. Rich (original) 6 Aug 2011, 12:42am

    Good news! Let them die faster!….

    1. Staircase2 6 Aug 2011, 1:36am


      1. Staircase2 6 Aug 2011, 1:37am

        Oops – what I meant to say was: “reported, you doughnut brained slug”

        1. Staircase2 6 Aug 2011, 1:37am


    2. Deeside Will 6 Aug 2011, 3:55pm

      Rich (original), have you ever thought of seeking treatment for your obsessive and neurotic homophobia? No matter how long you’ve been in bondage to this disorder, change is possible. If the will is there, you can attain freeedom from the broken and unhappy homophobic lifestyle.

    3. Aaah such a man of passion and intelligance. We need more people like you in this world.

  9. Addiction is addiction and to be honest we in the gay community have not been the best in addressing these issues. No it will not stop all addictions but if it is more out in the open then the harm and damages can be easily seen. Lets talk about this stuff not shy away from it nor be worried how the homophobes will view it.

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