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Triple-booked X Factor stars Diva Fever pull out of Liverpool Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Oh no..I’m SO dissapointed.

    Their etherially beautiful voices work so well together – they’ve brought light to black hole that was mu soul.

    I expect them to be bigger than Lady Gaga (we’ve not had a story about her for a while PN, I heard she had a shower this morning).

    1. Lol!
      Well done on that one, you made me laugh!

      Hail Gaga! Queen of equality and fashion!

    2. dave wainwright 5 Aug 2011, 12:02am

      Along with boy banned they could be the new Kylie , talk about stereo typing LGBT peoples tastes , SIGHS , remembering a time when taste prevailed and the gay scene was cutting edge and not pass the sick bag, far to sweet for mois .

  2. Thank you Pink News. I am going to print this out, frame it and should ever my 6 year old nephew ask for the definition of a “Slow News Day” I will point to this.

    1. The Spider Man story from yesterday would be another good example!

  3. Yet we have stories like this for the taking:

    Where is THIS in Pink News?

    1. dave wainwright 5 Aug 2011, 12:06am

      Gay Pride needs to start addressing this issue FOR REAL , instead of playing Vanity Fair with its Kylie and Lady Gaga lookalikeys and squeeky clean boy bands YAWN ,

  4. LOL. they chose cotswold and swindon pride over liverpool.

    1. dave wainwright 5 Aug 2011, 12:04am

      Cotswold Pride will be amazing , Montpelier Gardens Cheltenham Spa is a fabulous site for Pride :)

  5. This pair make me ashamed to listen to music let alone be gay.

  6. Anyone that listens to this pair of f-ckwits needs a kick in the stones.

  7. The most interesting thing about this story is that Swindon and the Cotswolds have gay pride festivals. Who’d have guessed.

    Good job they cancelled their booking in Liverpool though, Liverpudlians are very discerning when it comes to music, and might be tempted to throw a few hatchets at them.

    1. Craig Sanders 6 Aug 2011, 10:36pm

      I’m from Liverpool – the daft organisers put these two Berks as headliners, and then they pull out! No one knew any of the other acts apart from professional gay pride player Rowetta. Kym Mazelle was the other ‘headliner’, even though she was on at about 4pm and there were acts on the main stage til 8pm. It’s great that the event is free, but look at Manchester – a small charge and they get acts like Roisin Murphy, Kelis & Kelly Rowland!

  8. all lgbt should be proud these two lovely lads went on national tv and did not care what all the homophobic people think we should all back these boys up

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