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HIV ‘epidemics’ emerging in gay men in North Africa and the Middle East

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Reader comments

  1. Clearly this an issue that officials in the North Africa and Middle East do not want to address because of lack of education of such issues. If MSM are infact on the increase then Government’s need to ensure that there is significant healthcare to cover this. This could be from education to offering condoms for free or a reduced price. Political sensitivity can be avoided in these cases if discretion is used.

    1. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 8:25am

      Stopping telling it’s own people that it’s just a Western disease may go a long way for a start.

      Nothing, in this case, is worse than being in complete denial.

  2. Never happen. These people are so deep into their beliefs about homosexuality that they will never even acknowledge the existence of an issue. They would rather let them die than treat them.

  3. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 10:07pm

    ……..How ironic is this? Allah seems to have forsaken them all …

    1. But what’s to stop the ‘faithful’ majority from saying something like “It’s Allah’s curse for being ungodly”?

    2. Staircase2 4 Aug 2011, 3:57pm

      Whats ‘Allah’ got to do with this?


      There’s nothing ‘ironic’ about people dying FFS – grow up

  4. It seems the white Christians are again the slave masters who get the blacks in Ghana and Uganda to do the dirty work for them by killing their own gay people for the white Christian slave masters. It is also plane to see that the Christian Holy War has also never ended in the Middle East. AIDS is just another one of their weapons.

    1. Staircase2 4 Aug 2011, 3:59pm

      What on earth are you talking about?

      Sometimes I really do despair – honestly I do – what is it with you lot? Its one extreme after another on here…

  5. Gay Daily Mail Reader 4 Aug 2011, 6:22am

    In Africa, HIV/AIDS affects straight people perhaps more than it affects gays. It was there that the virus jumped species from primates to humans probably during research into finding a treatment for malaria during the 1960’s/70’s. It was carried to the west by someone who was gay who visited Africa and had sex with someone who had already been infected. The long incubation period of the disease meant that by the time the first cases appeared in America many people had already been infected. You can’t blame any one group for AIDS, whether it is the Africans or gays. Unfortunately with the attitudes towards homosexuality in Africa and the Middle East AIDS will become a gay problem as such people will be reluctant to seek help in treating and preventing the disease and anti-homosexuality laws will only make the problem worse.

  6. Homosexuality is illegal in Islam therefore officially they do not recognise any HIV epidemic becasue ‘there are no Gays in Islam’ quoting the Iranian President. Unfortunately life is very cheap in Islam so I would imagine that HIV will effectively wipe out quite a sizable portion of the Islamic popluation before they start any health programme because that would mean that they would have to admit that Gays exists in Islam and that would be losing face. The Islamic heteriosexual HIV stats would be minimilised of course just to prove a point against Gays.
    Western Governments would be well advised not to get invloved with this issue at all. Let Islam sort out their own problems, they have enough money to do it.

    1. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 8:28am

      “‘there are no Gays in Islam’”

      Indeed the most dangerous of words for these countries to use. They are cruel and totally inhumane.

    2. Staircase2 4 Aug 2011, 4:03pm

      ‘Islam’ is not a country – its pointless to talk about ‘they have enough money’ – there are many many Muslims in the world who have no financial resources at all.

      You’re confusing the wealthy Arab States with Islam itself – they are not one and the same thing.

      Even in Saudi Arabia there are still going to be many people who are poor – even though some of the ruling elite are ridiculously wealthy.

  7. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 8:24am

    Being that in these mentioned countries homosexuality is a racist and xenophobic issue is this really surprising?

    It’s terrible that we know that to hide who we are and to hide HIV creates a far, far bigger problem.

    Of course what is even more disturbing is how they treat people with HIV ie death rather than treating, wish if left untreated still amounts to the same shocking inhumane result.

  8. This is how it starts. One backwards country and dumb as he’ll govt don’t sort a HIV problem. Then the suffers panicking flee the country to find help and infect others and it spreads.

    When will that part of the world ditch religion use common sense and just do what their damn book says and care about their fellow man.

    Oh that’s right never.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 4 Aug 2011, 7:43pm

      Have a look at if you want to see what the “Religious” are up to in one of these homophobic “Christian” countries.

  9. qatar, the beacon of hope and equality.

  10. john dickens 22 Jan 2012, 9:09pm

    Never miss a chance to do some Muslim bashing! I feel sorry for Gay Muslims in the UK having the prejudices of some of these posters to deal with.

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