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Complaints over ‘offensive’ Belfast Pride placards

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Reader comments

  1. if christians can get away with calling us “fags” and saying we are “going to hell” then in my opinion its no big deal what we write on our signs, atleast we are not walking up to you and shouting in your faces about it, pointing directly at you and publicly harrassing you like a christian did to a gay man in taunton recently. if you dont like it, dont attend it.

    1. RobiEllen 3 Aug 2011, 5:17pm

      The only reason people like that attend is to find fault. Something to complain about.

    2. Shouldn’t we be better than them?

      1. Apparently another banner read:
        “Jesus Protect Me From your Followers”

  2. Jack Holroyde 3 Aug 2011, 5:11pm

    Oh get over it, you pretentious bigoted extremist.

    1. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 8:16am

      Correct, funny how Religious Freedoms only go one way…

  3. You’d think they’d be more concerned about the different religious tribes mutilating and killing each other, but no, they are godly after all!

    1. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 8:17am

      Thats religion for you.

      Love = No Way.
      War = Fine.

      1. well said…

  4. Dave North 3 Aug 2011, 5:13pm

    You can dish it out but you can’t take it.

  5. “Blasphemy”? Honestly, what century do these creatures live in?

    1. Not absolutely sure but doesn’t NI still have their outdated blasphemy and blasphemy libel laws???

      1. No It doesn’t, but it does not stop sunny jim throwing the word about.

  6. Stuart Neyton 3 Aug 2011, 5:16pm

    If Jim Allister was offended by them, then they’re doing something right

  7. You know what? Diddums.

  8. Actually said taht Jesus had two dads is technically correct. God and Joseph (the latter his stepfather) if you believe in that nonsense. Jesus did turn out fine though.

    1. Indeed. I thought it was very strange to complain about that one in particular. Maybe it was the mere verbal presence of Jesus at Pride that wound him up? Rather proprietorial, I think.

  9. soapbubblequeen 3 Aug 2011, 5:32pm

    I’m glad the idiot was annoyed by the placards. Everyone knows the Catholic church endorses homophobic views, and if it annoyed them, good!! As Elton John observed some time ago, Jesus might have been a super intelligent gay man.They simply cannot stand that idea can they? Because it completely undermines the basis of their ‘faith’, that their leader might have been one of us. The most vocal ‘Christians’ are always self-righteous and self-serving, and their hatred, intolerance and bigotry of others proves they aren’t Christians at all!

    1. john_ireland 3 Aug 2011, 8:37pm

      he is a protestant not a catholic. i am a gay irish catholic and i find it quit offensive that you display such ignorance on this site

      1. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 9:39pm

        …..i think soapbubblequeen was refering to christians in general being offended.
        As for you. how could a gay Irishman possibly be a member of a homophobic paedo outfit like the RC church or any religion for that matter. Thats like a Jew being a member of the Naz! party or turkeys being in favor of xmas.

        1. brian Gorrell 4 Aug 2011, 4:36am

          I agree.
          A RC gay?
          What a joke.
          Self haters.

        2. God you are stupid!

          1. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 10:54am

            Why blame God when it’s some men/women that are stupid. Using the term ‘God’ is just as excuse to shift blame from bigots.

      2. You really think most of us care about which laughable superstition you adhere to? And a gay catholic is nothing more than a self hating traitor to the gay cause.

    2. Jim McAllister does not belong to the Catholic Church. He’d be offended by the suggestion.

      1. john_ireland 5 Aug 2011, 10:32pm

        anyone who says or thinks every member of the catholic church is a paedo is on the same calibar or wavelength as the bigots who call all gay men flaming queens prancing arount the place. me and my boyfriend are both catholics, both irish and both gay and we know that who ever made us made us the way we are. under no circumstances am i a self hater. if i wasnt gay i wouldnt have the best bf in the world….

      2. Paddyswurds 7 Aug 2011, 1:22pm

        …nor would he be too happy with you cahnging his name without asking him first.Unless that is you are referring to someone wlse …this Story was about Jim Allister.

  10. de Villiers 3 Aug 2011, 5:34pm

    Whilst I consider that such comments should fall within the protection for freedom of expression, there is a danger in referring to “Christians” as if they were a single people with one view. It is as unreasonable to talk about “the gays” or “the gay agenda” or that “gay people all think or want x” where each person’s individual status is negated.

    1. I didn’t see any reference to “Christians” in the article other than in this quote:
      “Belfast Pride spokesman Chris Love said: “A small number of individuals that may have infiltrated the parade were removed from proceedings.”
      “When asked whether these individuals were marchers or Christian protesters and whether Belfast Pride would comment on the placards, he said: “Unfortunately due to the large numbers involved with the Pride Parade on Saturday the Pride Committee cannot comment on individual cases.””
      Seems like a reasonable question and a reasonable response to me.

  11. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 5:36pm

    Wee Jimmy Allister FFS, the laughing stock of the whole of Ireland? If JC himself (if he ever existed) were in the parade Allister would have found fault.
    In reference to the Jesus was a fag placard , well I would tend to go along with that assertion as he hung aroung with 12 men and at thirty in the M East was still unmarried and lived with his Mammy and also had a fag hag. Whats to know….. except that he probably never existed. The whole story is nothing more than that, an elaborate construction of the Roman emporer Constantine in the fourth century.

    1. I don’t think there’s much doubt that the historical Jesus Emmanuel of Nazareth existed, Paddyswurds, it’s more a matter of whether he existed as a blue-eyed blondish fellow with centre-parted hair and a beard (all most highly unlikely) and the son of God (even more so) that’s the issue.

      1. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 9:47pm

        ………what historical evidence is there that he existed. The stories about hime started almost three hundred years after he supposedly existed and then were oral tradition. Surely the Greeks or Romans would have known about him: the Romans especially as they were the Occupational force in Palestine at the time yet there is only deafening silence. All the supposed evidence in existence is a construct of the Church and has no historical basis.

        1. Titus Flavius Josephus (37 – c. A.D. 100) wrote about him. He was a Roman historian.

          1. Paddyswurds 4 Aug 2011, 11:05am

            ….says who and where can we read hs writings. Never heard if the dude and suspect he is another construct of the religion fantasy.

          2. Josephus is reasonably well-known, Paddyswurds. Admittedly there isn’t much about the historical Jesus, largely I suspect because he was written off by the Romans in Palestine as a crackpot of limited lasting influence. For what it’s worth, plenty (incl. the Gospels) appears to have been written down within the 1st century. I don’t think there’s any reason to doubt an individual roughly equating to what we are told about the human existed, and had followers – but that’s a long way from saying he’s the son of God or even a prophet.
            And sorry, this has virtually nothing to do with the subject of Northern Ireland!

          3. Paddyswurds 4 Aug 2011, 9:17pm

            …it’s relative to the whole religion/xtian fantasy thing and in context of the north of Ireland very relative as the Six Counties is considered rabid bible belt territory and home to some well known homophobes such as the Paisleys and the bigamist and harlot Iris Robinson..

          4. Homophobia exists everywhere, it’s just that in northern Ireland a lot of high profile public figures are homophobic.

            I live in a loyalist stronghold, I’m surrounded by free Presbyterians (in fact, some of my family are free p’s) but I very rarely encounter any homophobia.

            In northern ireland we’re just so used to public displays of hatred from high profile figures that it doesn’t seem to phase people much. In other countries, such displays of blind hatred would lead to resignations/sackings, but that doesn’t apply in northern Ireland. I don’t think this is necessarily due to the vast majority holding such views, but rather that people have to vote dup to “keep the shinners out” etc, which is a real shame. Unionism needs revolusionised, but until such time as this happens, these conservative clampets are going nowhere, regardless of their hateful views.

          5. Paddyswurds 9 Aug 2011, 11:21am

            …”and the bigamist and harlot Iris Robinson..”
            should read “and the adultress and harlot Iris Robinson.”

  12. Andrea B. 3 Aug 2011, 5:56pm

    I wonder if the christians protesting against the entire existance of LGBT people at Belfast City Hall will be asked to apologise for there bigoted chants and blatantly homophobic placards.

    The only people creating offence at Belfast Pride was the religious lunatics protesting against the event.

    It should be noted that a lot of people allege that those opposing gay pride are married closet gays, which appears to be the norm for homophobes.

  13. This is about the only way Jim Allister can get himself into the news!!!! So he finds ‘Jesus protect me from your followers’ offensive … sounds like a paraphrase of the Gandhi quote “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  14. I’m surprised by some of the comments here. I must remind you all that not all Christians are bigots and extremists.

    I have a couple of Christian friends who are all perfectly lovely accepting kind people. In fact, one of my Christian friends is gay himself (yes you can get gay christians), and imagine how they would feel, marching in pride with the rest of us only to have some idiot with a sign reading ”Jesus protect us from your followers”…

    Now I’m not christian, and I have even been the target of christian hate speeches before, but that has not made me tar all christians with the same brush… We should be better than that, and if I had been on that march I would have complained myself about some of the signs being a gay none christian…

    1. I know gay christians in Belfast who were at the parade and had no problem with the placards, they did find the banners of the so called christian protesters offensive though and the adverts (gods word against sodomy) taken out in the local bog roll the News Letter.

      I am going to go out on a limb here and agree with Paddyswurds. Especially his caricature of Jimbo. It’s not even his constituency he represents N. Antrim. and Belfast Pride is in South Belfast. Jmbo bog off home.

    2. You don’t have to remind us that not all Christians are bigoted extremists. Nobody is tarring Christians with the same brush.
      However, this story happens to involve the discussion of a person who is a religious bigoted extremist. I think what the people on this thread are trying to point out is the hypocrisy of this particular person and that of his ilk.
      Have you ever considered that ‘Jesus protect us from your followers’ is doing pretty much the same thing? It is not denouncing Jesus or Christians, it is condemning and pointing out the hypocrisy of those Christians who tend to shout the loudest and most offenseive things (but do not allow criticism in turn) and these people happen to be the religious bigoted extremists.
      And if somebody was offended by these signs, Christian or not, I would urge them to think a little more carefully about what the signs are actually trying to say, rather than doing the sign-holders the injustice of immediately assuming that their intent was to offend.

    3. Nathan says : “I’m surprised by some of the comments here. I must remind you all that not all Christians are bigots and extremists.’

      And which, mainstream christian churches have condemned Allister.

      I’m really tired of christians whining ‘Oh we’re not all like that’.

      Well prove it then. Instead of these deafening silences about christian bigots.

    4. Galadriel1010 4 Aug 2011, 9:47pm

      I’m a gay christian and I laughed for real at the placards. Jesus turned water into wine – I’m pretty sure he had a sense of humour.

      1. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 10:55am

        He’d need to have with some of your lot! ;)

  15. People are free to voice their own opinions and people’s own placards are not the fault of the organisers. If people are offended then they should write to the organisers to try and ensure this doesn’t happen next year

  16. Why were these bigots watching the parade anyway? They make me sick. On the one hand, they want to be exempted from discrimination laws and on the other, want to have us prosecuted for offending their beliefs. They want it both ways,, either their way or the highway, damned bigots.

    1. They watch so they can make complaints and kick up a fuss! Simple!

      Manchester Pride nearly always has some religious group with negative plac-cards condemming homosexuality. However last year they were covered from sight from the parade by a group with large angel wings and pink balloons!

  17. God does not exist so get a life and fight for something worth fighting for

    1. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 9:52pm

      ….Hear, Hear!!

    2. Galadriel1010 4 Aug 2011, 9:48pm

      We have a right to believe, you have a right to disbelieve. You have a right to tell me to go away, I have a right to tell you I think you’re a jerk.

      Aren’t rights wonderful things?

      1. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 10:56am


        It’s just a shame that some of your religion are fighting to have that changed so that they have the right to believe and discriminate accordingly.

        1. Jock S. Trap 5 Aug 2011, 10:57am

          Oh but the right for others not to, I should have added.

  18. Two words regarding the placards, ‘fair comment’.

  19. northern ireland is texas with crap mexican food, bad weather and with more than a couple timothy mcveighs running around.

    go insert something painful somewhere inappropriate.

    1. Stupid comments, you clearly know nothing about Northern Ireland. There is an excellent Mexican Restaurant.

      To be honest it is more like a cross between Alabama and somewhere not so madly religious.

    2. john_ireland 3 Aug 2011, 8:34pm

      your ignorance on the north of ireland is no different than that of Jim Alister. its a pity pink news wont educate the likes of you on the good thing about ireland, north and south. you insult all the proud gay irish and northern irish people who call this place home and wouldnt live anywhere else.

    3. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 10:02pm

      …Timothy McVeigh wasn’t from Texas He was from Oklahoma.

  20. According to wikipedia

    “Blasphemy and blasphemous libel continue to be illegal under the common law of Northern Ireland. On 5 November 2009 in the House of Lords an amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill was moved, which would have abolished these offences in Northern Ireland, but following a brief debate the amendment was withdrawn.”

    My god…is this still the case? I wonder what law Allister is invoking ??? It would be interesting to see a blasphemy court case in NI, what a laugh!

    1. There are other statutes on civil liberties which effectively equate our laws with the rest of the UK and override certain NI laws. As Blasphemy comes under freedom of speech legislation it would be difficult to bring a case as we have all our rights harmonised with London (it protects us from the bigots).

      1. Yeh , that’s probably right and I guess you’ve got European laws as well but I found it funny how they still resisted dropping their blasphemy laws. (assuming wikipedia is correct) .The problem with having a law like this is that it makes you wonder whether someone will take you to court…it effectively restricts freedom of speech just having it there…

        1. John,

          I am not surprised that they have not cleared out all the defunct legislation. Mind you Poots (our current health minister) was too busy trying to get creationist signs (as an alternative to geological ones) at the Giants Causeway when in his last ministerial role to do that.

  21. i think stonewall should come out behind the republican movt, let ireland become whole again – benefits all round. Make UK a much nicer country.
    Also make Ireland a nicer country as hardline protestant bigots like this would have no say whatsoever in govt.

    1. What has that got to do with LGBT equality.

      If I was in the Republic of Ireland I would probably think it was quite nice enough without adding the hard-line protestant bigots. Unfortunately they are our problem and it would be unfair to foist them on someone else. Besides they have some entertainment value.

      BTW you do know that the Republican movt is not just a single issue united Ireland movement. It espouses a Marxist like socialist republic with the country run by a trade union. Why don’t you try it first and see how it goes (if you are allowed to tell us about it)

      1. In all fairness i should have said nationalist movt rather than republican. Even though i freely admit I am a republican sinn fein supporter. As many are here in Belfast, where we had a long time living under the rule of others, so please do not lecture me about how bad republicanism is.

  22. Belfast pride sounds pathetic. People hold signs saying Jesus had two dads…. Well he did in the book. How can the religious butters question it.

    Now the pride lot are bending backwards to say sorry. Spineless wimps. Stand up for what you believe.

    Wish I could of countered this guy about that sign. He can’t argue against the sign. Two dads correct. Also he can’t. Say Jesus ddidnt turn out fine.

    Oh why aren’t people quick enough to trip these people up.

    1. Belfast Pride have not said sorry so I don’t know what you are talking about – oh right – You don’t know what you are talking about.

      perhaps you should try getting some facts before you start throwing you stupidity about.

      1. Actually they are by saying they through undesirables out aka those with these signs. By throwing them out and saying how they did it is an apology for offending the religious nutters.

        Why don’t you use common sense and learn to understand things. Instead of just trying to insult others. You sound like a total troll.

        1. Rubbish,
          one of them was removed as Belfast Pride has a policy of not allowing provocative signs and people were warned of this at the start. That is a long way from apologising to gimps like Alister.

          btw the way no-one called them undesirables – Belfast Pride is inclusive and provocative signs tend to exclude hence the policy.

          If I sound like a total troll then you need to see a doctor about your ears.

  23. Thankfully Jim and his party are on the way out. He just about held onto his seat in the last election, and once he loses his seat/retires the TUV will fall apart, due to the fact they offer nothing except bigotry to the point where I would consider it fascism.

    Jim is a phenomenal politician; I have seen him campaign on some very important local issues, often talking much more sense than the bigger parties. However, he is a man of hatred, and unfortunately, here in Northern Ireland, whilst the vast majority are disgusted with his behaviour, he does have an element of conservative Christian support across the province.

    Personally, I just think his comments are ridiculous. He is irrelevant in the long term, I don’t know why they even bother given him the publicity on these things (he is a media whore, loves the sound of his own voice).

  24. If a few placards upset them then let’s really give them something to cry about next time.

  25. Gay Daily Mail Reader 4 Aug 2011, 6:27am

    Do people go along to parades with the intention of getting offended? Whether it is Catholics going to an Orange March, homophobes watching a gay pride or Protestants going to see an Irish Republican parade, if you are going to take offence then please stay away and do something else instead!

  26. As much as I achnowledge with the sentiment of an eye for an eye etc we must not stoop to their level. As Carka questions ‘Shouldn’t we be better rthan them?’ the answer is yes we should be. We should set an example so that they who serve and worship their hate gods will, perhaps, learn what true and real Christianity is.

    1. To be fair to them, the bible is pretty clear about homosexuality. It is a “sin” per the bible, and the bible clearly states that homosexuals should be put to death, as should people who commit adultery, disobidient children etc.

      Thankfully i’m an atheist, so I don’t take the bible literally. But it’s a horrible, horrible book. Sometimes I wonder do Christians actually read the bible, and if they do, are they not horrified by what they read. Their “god” is an evil one, no doubt about it.

      1. Very evil indeed. An omnipotent, omniscient being that creates a set of people expressly for the purpose of throwing them into a purpose built pit of eternal torment. What a guy! It’s like deciding that crying is a sin, having a baby, ordering it to stop crying, then killing it for failing to comply. Their “god” is a dangerously unhinged, sadistic lunatic according to the bible.

        1. That’s exactly it. Christianity, as least in purest sense (i.e. those that believe the bible is the word of god) is ludicrous.

          I think the best way to attack these people is to “flip reverse” with their own dirty logic. For example, I didn’t see many christians picketing peter robinson’s office when the news of iris’ affair broke. Surely if they want to raise awareness of the word of god they should have been standing outside his office with placards such “Leviticus: iris Robinson should be stoned to death”. Funny though, that these things don’t happen. For some reason though, Christians only take the part of bible in relation to homosexuality literally. The parts of the text that would apply to them and their lives are ignored. Not that I’m actualy saying this should happen, but at least it would highlight how ridiculous these Christian protests are.

          1. Haha, that’s the best bit! The word of God. As collected from the accounts of everyone except the supposed living embodiment of that God, mistranslated multiple times, censored and edited in Roman (formerly pagan) councils, re-edited by the freaky King James in the 1600s and then reinterpreted countless times by multiple men in pointy white hats. If you tried to support literally any other theory with such shoddy evidence you’d be laughed out of society.

  27. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 8:15am

    How ridiculous.

    They were hardly offensive but then these people are clealrly sensetive souls…. Until of course, it’s to prejudice the LGBTQ community with homophobia and bigotry.

    I’m guessing they were just finding something to complain about for the sake of it because of what they event was and who for.

    1. They are not sensitive souls they are hardline Christian activists looking for something to be offended by so they can feed the fiction that they are persecuted martyrs.

      1. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 12:10pm

        Yep sorry I did mean ‘sensitive souls’ in a sarcastic way.

  28. When we consider the insults from the evangelical and extremist church groups in Northern Ireland comparing gays relationships to incest, pedophilia and worse, I think that calls for such placcards to be banned should be ignored. People do not have to attend gay pride and what was said was pretty mild anyway

  29. Nobody has the right not to be offended.

  30. Some of the comments here are either just stupid or bigoted! I am a Catholic and gay, proud of both!

    1. Why are you proud to be a Catholic? Pride is, after all, a deadly sin in your sect, is it not?

      1. Micheal, without trying to sound condescending, do you not accept that your religion would state that you are going to hell? I mean, per the bible, you can sin, but surely you have to denounce your sin and repent, not be proud of it?

        I respect people’s right to follow their religion. However, I’m always surprised by people who claim to a practicing Christian and yet they do the very opposite of what their god wants them to do. It kinda defeats the purpose of it all, in my humble opinion.

        1. Silly Comments from the likes of Rehan by trying ‘to get one up’ illustrate my point. Thanks for the comment, I take from what you said to be referring to leviticus and man should not lye with man. There is major debate amongst Bibilcal scholars on whether it is to be taken literally ie gay sex or whether it is a condemnation of pagan religions who practised sex as part of their religion, (in a similar way shaman have been noted to do the same.) To be honest I don’t care – I follow Jesus, Jesus taught love and God is love. We only have to look at Jesus’ message, who he stood beside; they were always the outsider, the oppressed the ‘unclean’. Perhaps it’s an Irish thing but all the gay people I know have no conflict resolving their Catholic Christian faith and they fact we are gay. It I do see hell it will be a result of my actions, hurting others and the like, not because I was born gay. The vast majority of people who were at gay pride in Bfast would view themselves as Christian

          1. Not at all, I was simply asking why you feel ‘proud’ to be a Catholic – I’m not sure I understand why anyone should be proud of their religious beliefs, it seems to run counter to the humility that many religions promote.
            Indeed, come to think of it, for much of its history the Catholic sect has had much to be ashamed of.

          2. That’s cool, michael. I get what your saying. Whilst not a Christian, I do have a lot of respect for modern day Christian values (do onto others as you would have them do onto you etc). And to me, whilst being an atheist, I would hope that if there is a god, that good, righteous people such as yourself would go to heaven. I’m just not such a fan of some of the old testament. Some of it is really horrendous stuff, in my opinion.

            I have a bit of a safety net in that I’m bisexual. So I’m only a half sinner lol. So hopefully if I do meet any form of maker when I die he will at least let half of me into heaven, though probably not my bottom half, as it tends to commit much of the so called sins lol.

    2. Sorry to say but it sounds like cognitive dissonance to me, and it doesn’t sound healthy.

    3. You can’t be catholic and gay its like being part of the BNP and being black. If you are Catholic you must believe that the pope is gods voice on earth and saying as how the pope is a particularly bigoted man and hates you, so to follow your religion you must either hate yourself or have a hard think about your religion.

      1. Hamish the Pope is a man – please educate yourself about Catholicism, comparing Gay Catholics are like black people in the BNP is just insane!

        1. Oh you see thats the funny thing I have.

          For Catholics, the Pope is more than a ceremonial leader. The Pope is considered the spiritual successor to the Apostle Peter. As successor to the “Chair of Peter,” he is the Supreme Pastor of the Catholic Church, God’s steward ordained to authoritatively teach, unify, and protect God’s people, keeping them free from error and deception (CCC 882, 890).

          1. Ah catechism, how I miss it, I take your point about the Pope, what I’m trying to say, is that whilst most Catholics will have reverence for the Pope, many will not agree nor follow the party line so to speak on issues like divorce, gay marriage and the like.

    4. Paddyswurds 4 Aug 2011, 9:45pm

      ……so far you are probably one of the stupidest on here.
      How could a gay Irishman possibly be a member of a homophobic paedo outfit like the RC church or any religion for that matter. Thats like a Jews being members of the Naz! party or turkeys voting for xmas.
      Given the revelations here in Ireland over the last year about the paedophilia and torture carried out by clerics and covered up by Rome how can you possibly say you are proud. Proud of debasing innocent little children. You are an ignorant pig and I for one am ashamed to have to share this Island with you! Where is the IRA when we really need them to deal with the likes of you.

      1. Nice lad aren’t ya – nobody taught you how to debate? LOL yeah what would you know about the ra, take a walk.

        1. Paddyswurds 5 Aug 2011, 1:30am

          … wants to debate with those who support and enable paedophile priests and bishops and says they are proud of it. .

  31. I don’t see how they can complain about the Jesus had two dads sign.

    Like I said before:

    He had two dads, he did tuen out alright and nothing mentioned about gay or same sex anything. That’s the relious lot inferring that.

    If anything I would demand an apology from the religious group trying to cause a flame war.

    1. Absolutely Adam88, you are completely correct. Jesus (if he even existed) had two fathers, his step father Joseph who supported his mother Mary throughout her pregnancy to someone else. He then continued to support the family on his meagre carpenter earnings and of course the good for nothing absent father known as god.

      I know many christians who genuinely believe that Jesus was gay. It is an interpretation of Jesus lifestyle that people are perfectly entitled to make.

      1. Ttraust the historical Jesus def. existed we know from a number of historical accounts, both Christian and non Christian historians, whether or not you choose to accept him as the Christ is a matter of faith.

        1. Paddyswurds 4 Aug 2011, 9:50pm

          ………….those “historical ” accounts are no more authentic than the bible which has been translated and interpeted hundreds of times to suit the agenda of whoebver is doing the translating or interepting at the time. In other words no more authentic than Aesops Fables.

          1. Paddywurds honest question would you question the existance of Ceaser, no, because it does not suit your anti religious agenda, historians such as Josephus document the historical Jesus, no historian anywhere believes that the historical Jesus did not exist. Please educate yourself before making ill-informed assumptions.

          2. Paddyswurds 5 Aug 2011, 1:38am

            ….beg to differ. You educate yourself about the fantasy cult you are a member of, ffs. It was invented by ignorant fearful desert tribes 4 or 5 thousand age and taken up by the emperor Constantine as his personal ly invented religion.There isn’t one reputable historian on the planet who will say definitively that the man called Jesus Christ ever existed . Next youll be saying men walked on water or that the dead came back to life. Go to a quiet dark room and have a chat with yourself and catch yourself on as the say hereabouts.

          3. To be fair, Paddyswurds, there isn’t one reputable historian on the planet who will say definitively that the man called Jesus from Nazareth, known as the Christ, didn’t exist, though most likely as a fairly bonkers, if charismatic, semi-nutter. As you must know, Constantine didn’t invent the religion, he just made it official within the empire.

          4. Paddyswurds 5 Aug 2011, 2:48pm

            …point taken but he did reinvent a small back streets cult in the religion of his Empire mainly because his wife was a follower or knew of and extolled its virtues. An addendum of no great importance: Paul was a complete nut case and should have never been given the weight he was.

          5. Paddyswurds 5 Aug 2011, 2:59pm

            into**, obv.

          6. Paddyswurds 5 Aug 2011, 3:00pm


          7. Paddyswurds 5 Aug 2011, 5:09pm

            …just noticed the little error ….”It was invented by ignorant fearful desert tribes 4 or 5 thousand age and”
            It should read;
            “It was invented by ignorant fearful desert tribes 4 or 5 thousand years ago and ”

            2It was invented by ignorant fearful desert tribes 4 or 5 thousand age and “

          8. I thought it was his mother, Helena, Paddyswurds, but it’s not especially relevant here. And yes, I agree most of them were, by our standards today, nutcases, not only Paul.

          9. Spanner1960 7 Aug 2011, 10:48am

            The Bible has not been interpreted that many times. A lot of the original Hebrew and Aramaic writings still exist.
            On top of that, Jesus is also mentioned in the Koran, so it demonstrates parallel accounts. The New testament was written by numerous people, so I very much doubt it is all the work of fiction. Obviously a lot of this has been misinterpreted over the years, but I think your statement about Christ never having existed is just your wishful thinking.

  32. religious freaks do not like to get their own language tought

  33. Jesus was absolutely gay,,,think about it,, the brother wore a dress, hung out with just dudes ,,his “disciples” and could feed (cater) a crowd with just a fish and a loaf. He never had a girlfriend and never left his parents home to get married. ’nuff said.

  34. Mr Allister said: “I found the posters and gestures offensive.

    And I say:
    Dressing up in orange and marching through the streets just to p*ss off Catholics is offensive.
    Bullying children and telling them which way they can walk to school is offensive.
    Colluding with the police and getting information so that you can murder people is offensive.
    Ian Paisley and Iris Robinson are offensive.
    Painting your kerbstones red white and blue to let people in your community know they are not welcome is offensive (and tasteless).

    It’s sad that a group of people who so desperately want to belong to the rest of Britain are so backward in their thinking that the rest of Britain doesn’t want them.

    1. Paddyswurds 4 Aug 2011, 9:58pm

      ……..i agree and painting the kerbstones with the red white and blue tricolour of largly Roman Catholic France to boot ….so not too bright either….lol

  35. Gays are not going to hell. Please get that clear in your minds. The Old Testament was written for the Tribes of Israel and not for the Gentiles (non-Israelites) or Christians. Jesus Christ was the fulfilment of the Laws of Moses so He was/is the personification of the old law and He never ever condemned gays, ever!!!! Anyone quoting the Old Testment and using it against the LGBT Communbity is exposing his or her extreme ignorance of the New Testament. There is absolutley no way that Gays are going to hell. Psalm 100:3 3 Know ye that the LORD he [is] God: [it is] he [that] hath made us, and not
    we ourselves; [we are] his people, and the sheep of his pasture.’
    There are many more examples in the New Testament where gays are accepted and loved by the Lord God. Please do not believe what the haters preach from their pulpits it is simply not true.

    1. The new testament isnt too keen on homosexuality either.

      Check out Romans 1:26-32

      these passages describe homosexuality as a “vile affection”.

      Hardly the words of a god who condones same sex relationships.

      And whilst people who argue that jesus ate with thieves etc, this to me doesn’t exactly suggest that he approves of their behaviour.

      Face it. God doesn’t like gays. But I’m too bothered, I’m not keen on him either.

      1. Galadriel1010 4 Aug 2011, 9:56pm

        Romans 1 is actually a condemnation of a group of ex-christians who had turned to Pagan worship which included, and here is the oft quoted line, gay orgies.

        Now personally I think that any religion that involves orgies as a part of its worship is pretty cool, but apparently Paul had something against them. Of course, the only bit people remember these days is the “they had gay sex and this was bad”, not the “and then they went off and worshipped someone else, did sacrifices and had orgies”

    2. Wildseas – No point, some people refuse to entertain other ideas then there own, they prefer to hold onto their prejudices that all Christians are bad.

      1. Paddyswurds 5 Aug 2011, 1:48am

        …not just xtians…. all religious fantasists who follow the Abrahamic cults or indeed any religion for that matter. They all want to judge people so that they can feel superior, and they all base their judgements on an ancient book compiled from the oral traditions of ignorant desert tribes who knew notthing of their own world nevermind ours. I suppose youll be telling us next that Adam and Eve lived in a garden with dinosaurs. You bring the ridicule on yourselves by your need to control and dominate. If religionists just got on with their fantasy and left the rest of us alone fine but no they have to judge anf control so suck it up Mary. you can scream but we can scream just as loud and we WILL not be browbeaten by bigots and fanatsists. We will be here when religion is a distant and curious memory.

        1. I don’t think all christians are bad. Far from it. Though I don’t think religion has any bearing on a persons goodness. Big jimbo of the tuv is a prime example.

          My problem with it all is that I think that too often people try, and claim to be able, to reconcile their sexuality with Christianity. My personal perspective, as an objective non god fearing individual, is that this just isn’t possible or at the least very difficult. I dont want to offend anyone though, just my view on the matter.

          And yes that passage from Romans is about pagan ritual. However, the language used still suggests to me that it is a clear opposition to homosexuality, e.g.

          26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
          27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

          To me, use of the words “against nature” and “unseemly” are clear attacks on homosexuality. It’s hardly the ritual that is unnatural, rituals aren’t part of nature. It’s the same sex sex that is being described as against nature. As a bisexual/homosexual, I find that offensive. I believe I was born this way, and you can’t get more natural than that.

  36. They declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not; woe unto their soul.

  37. It irritates me when “the golden rule” do unto others etc. is chalked up as a christian value. People knew how not to behave like dickheads before the advent of this lunatic personality cult that got out of hand.

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