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Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry for Brighton Pride

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  1. Louis Waters 3 Aug 2011, 6:19pm

    Stars may be asking if the organisers could pay their travel expenses which is fair enough. Also paying people to ensure the safety of the crowds is money well spent.

    1. Id give Joe his £17.50 train fare if hes short of cash

  2. Mack Phillips 4 Aug 2011, 7:41am

    Pride has lost money in the past, but one problem is the mix of stalls, if I want to see some of the non gay stalls, I would go to the county fairs. I have mixed feelings about the charge, it is far to high, plus parking or train fare… I will be staying home this year. and might go to Brighton in the evening and suport the bars and clubs.

  3. Staircase2 4 Aug 2011, 4:34pm

    Personally I’m hoping that the ‘Lets Charge For Tickets’ brigade’s plan fall flat on its face – I don’t know of a single person who is going to Brighton Pride this year – whereas usually all of my friends do.

    I heard that someone had organised a Facebook page asking for people to meet for a party on the beach and that 5000 or so people had signed up – only to have Brighton Council threatening to sue the person who set up the page.

    Is this true? If so it certainly seems ridiculous.

    Brighton benefits HUGELY from the huge numbers of people who attend Pride every year. Again, I heard that Pride weekend counts as the biggest single money earning period fro Brighton businesses.

    How is that going to turn out if noone turns up because the idiots who run Brighton Pride have decided to charge a ticket entrance?

    My best case scenario is that they sell hardly any tickets and the ‘festival’ is a flop while everyone decides just to visit Brighton for the weekend and hangs out on the beach.

  4. im really annoyed we have been told diva fever will not be at the brighton pride weve already booked tickets to see them whats going on ????????????????

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