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Study to be carried out on gay Mormons

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Reader comments

  1. martyn notman 2 Aug 2011, 12:42pm

    Rather scary mormons..mind you all the ones that hang around trying to convert people near me in their natty suits are seriously gorgeous (if you ignore the massive teeth). I suspect the Mormon Church is only supportive of the Gay Marriage legislation as it gets opt outs and is more scared of full equality.

    1. I agree they’ve merely realised better to support it now and get opt outs then not support it and when it comes in be forced to do it just like everybody else.

      1. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 10:01am

        Yeah makes sense. A cut and run technique, of sorts.

    2. the Mormons are NOT “supportive of gay marriage legislation”. They never have been. They “supported” legislation that would protect LGBT rights in employment and housing, as long as THEY didn’t have to abide by that legislation. So the Mormons are as hypocritical as ever.

      Don’t forget: The Mormon “Church” was one the the largest funders of the anti-equality Prop-* which removed marriage equality in California.

      They are not, and have never been, in any way, shape, or form, “supportive” of anything related to the LGBT community.

      1. It seems that some mormons do support opening marriage even though the “church” is indeed collectively repressive on LGBT issues.

        1. These mormons are a small minority in the church.

          However I do think that they are more accepting of “civil unions” even though I think that these secular unions would be more of “intrusion” for them since these unions are 100% secular and that means that the mormon church would have to acknowledge them, even if there are exemptions.

          Since marriage is interpreted differently by different churches, gay marriage is more appropriate since exemptions do actually apply.

        2. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 10:02am

          mmm there seems to be a lot of white noise between messages…

      2. martyn notman 3 Aug 2011, 11:15am

        yes thats sort of what i said…

    3. I think opt outs are reasonable and can persuade more people to support it.

      I doubt that mormons would support it regardless if there opt outs or not.

      1. BTW, Very disappointed that the other forum got disabled. Well that’s what happens when gay activists hate you so much for the telling the truth…

        Yeah and trying to ban me was really stupid too. Oh well.

        1. Very disappointed that you appear intent on libelling me, Iris and others (from my understanding) … Very pleased with the responsible approach in PN in dealing with your voracious comments – hope they do bar you – your lack of any ability to exercise responsibility in your comments or any sensitivity or understanding means your rights to free speech can and should be curtailed under UK law

          1. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 10:10am

            Sadly they haven’t, oh well. Mind you don’t s’pose it’ll be long before it closes down another comment page with it’s slanderous comments.

            Never mind Stu – Assholes Never win I’m happy to say.

    4. Tuesday C 3 Aug 2011, 5:05am

      I’m not scary, I don’t have horns. I have many gay friends and a gay niece. I understand that you don’t choose this, it chooses you. I’m a mormon.

      1. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 2:59pm

        @Tuesday C…
        ….. haven’t you put one too many “m” in your spelling. Aren’t you just another religious nut job intent on spreading hatred in the world.

        1. I see only some acknowledgement of certain facts about gayness plus some personal revelations. No hatred there. Please don’t introduce any yourself.

  2. This is a very good thing. Gay Mormons have such difficult lives already. They have a personal identity that is gay, and a spiritual identity that is Mormon, but are often at considerable odds with their church. The diversity-loving progressive world should help make it easier for them to be gay and Mormon without asking for either category of human beings to self-dissociate or self-extinguish.

  3. All I wanna know is if their magic underwear is actually made from black leather…

      1. can you gay sex activists stop and actually have a discussion without pornography? I know you want to sexualize the community, but geez give it a rest.

    1. maybe they wear jockstraps like your friend does…

      LOL. From gay marriage to underwear, will and et al have the right to deviate from the article, others beware!

      1. @pepa – Geez, go take a Midol. Or do you always stay so crabby all year round, not just during your special time of the month?

        1. Oh so that what it is! LOL

          So when you start harping on me for deviating from the article its because you are having your period.

          Got it!

    2. Tuesday C 3 Aug 2011, 4:59am

      One thing Will, we don’t wear magic underwear. Don’t know where you got that from….what do you think it does….make us fly. I wish. We wear them as a protection for our mind, to remember who we are.
      I have many LDS gay friends and I love each one of them. My neice is gay too. If any of my children were gay I would love them and protect them. Some times things are said on the internet that is inncorrect.

      1. Please excuse Will. He is very bigoted against religious beliefs and usually ridicules people who have one ounce of religious curiosity or faith.

        Others who you should be aware off: Stu, Jockstrap, Pavlos, De Villers, These guys will tare you apart.

        You can always talk to me. I don’t judge, I accept people for who they are and what they believe in, as long as it is isn’t vile, or stupid, it is fine by me.

        If being a mormon makes you happy, hey, more power to you.

        1. You don’t judge,. Pepa

          Hmmm whose conduct got a forum dsabled?

          Who called other people rapists?

          Who calls other people paedophiles?

          Who fabricates names such as gay sex activists and refers to soft drinks as an issue in gay sex – bizarre

          You are the most vile and judgemental person on these threads

          1. Amen!

          2. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 10:16am

            Also Amen – but if people researched they’d find out for themselves in very little time.

            Lets not forget PinkNews don’t disable an entire comment page for nothing!

        2. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 10:13am

          Wow, bitter much!! LOL

        3. Wow, this pepa person is obviously suffering from a classic case of projection — ascribing traits which clearly describe yourself onto other people. Somebody needs intensive therapy, stat.

      2. The fact that Mormons wear special underwear is pretty much common knowledge, no matter how much you try to hide it. A Google search for “Mormon underwear” returns over 2 million results about it. Also, I just recently heard about my sister’s friend whose daughter actually had to have her wedding dress altered so her Mormon underwear wouldn’t be visible.

  4. Goes and watched Latter Days.

  5. I must admit (and I know it is in part my own personal prejudices coming out) that I find Mormons scary too

    I welcome this study, provided it is carried out impartially and subject to scrutiny as an interesting tool

    However, I note the hypocracy of welcoming equality in Salt Lake City (which is to be welcomed) whilst piling significant resources into capaigning against EQUAL marriage (PN not gay marriage)

    1. and I know it is in part my own personal prejudices coming out

      Admission is the first step to recovery.

    2. Tuesday C 3 Aug 2011, 5:02am

      Hi Stu, we are not scary people. some are over the top. Don’t worry I stick up for all my gay LDS friends. I know it’s not something you choose, It just happens. good luck

      1. Ignore Stu…

        He is too busy right now saving Uganda and stopping global warming while solving the banking crisis in Greece. LOL.

        BTW, welcome to Pink News!

        1. @Tuesday C

          I am sure you are not *all* scary – just my personal experience …

          I also am passionate about the right to freedom of religion and belief (despite what Pepa would fabricate about me).

          I am happy in a measured environment to have discussions about faith and sexuality etc – but there have to be an undestanding about appropriateness of conversation etc

        2. @Pepa

          Your humour just made me consider whether I needed to go to ED, my sides were sp[litting so much

  6. My mum is a LDS/Mormon and I have to admit things were difficult for a time. I came out to my dad first when I was 15 (he is not a Mormon) and we both decided best not to tell my mum for a few years after. When i was 17 I told her and it was very difficult, but not for the reasons you might think. There were times that I felt she almost resented me, not for being gay, but because she was in crisis and her instinct would be to goto her bishop for advice, but she couldnt because if she did she risked being excommunicated from the church.

    I fully respect her faith, it brings her much happiness. I just find it a real shame that the church I always hear about, she describes it as her ‘closest friend’, clearly wasnt prepared to give her and was very selective about the support she needed at the time

    1. Tuesday C 3 Aug 2011, 4:53am

      Hi Adam,
      I am LDS, I have many LDS gay friends. Your mum wouldn’t be excommunicated for going to her bishop. I was talking to one of my stake presidency about gay people and how much heart ache you go though just coming to terms with who you are. I made him understand things he had never thought of before. Before gay people scared him, now he understands he feels different. I always tell my church leaders that I have gay friends and family and I won’t stop supporting them and being there for them. You guys don’t ask to be gay, it just happens. Noone knows why. good luck.

      1. Hi Tuesday,
        I think it was more the ‘fear’ of being excommunicated that was the problem. It was so long ago now its hard to remember, but even to this day I know she would never disclose to anyone at the church about me, though she understands, at 29 years old, theres no way im going to lie if someone asks me. So her church friends are never really around when I am, which is fine.
        Like you experienced a turn around in opinion once you helped him understand things, my mum also was totally stunned when i told her being gay wasnt a choice, because if it was why would anyone choose to be treated like a 2nd class citizen nearly everywhere they go?
        everything is good between us these days though and I have no burning deseire to tell her church friends about me anyway, so its all good :)

  7. No one has yet revealed who is funding this study, and that’s very important. If this is another “outreach” by the Mormon hierarchy to gauge/take measure of the extent of gay Mormons, it’s difficult to believe that the results won’t be tainted or slanted in some way favorable to church doctrine.

    1. Well for those who care what mormons think they can do their homework.

      There are mormons that are pro-gay but since mormonism has a tight grip on dogma in a very cultist way that I find it difficult to believe that they will change anytime soon. Gays need to do more outreach to the white mainline christians, baptists, and catholics. That’s where more progress can be made.

  8. A non gay for gays 2 Aug 2011, 10:28pm

    It’s next to impossible for the Mormon church to endorse gays even though they know that they should. The heterosexual family image is so important in America and religion. I can understand that it’s confusing, but I also know that gay people are really gay. It’s just the way they are, and they are not going to change, and they are not crazy or sick or perverted. They are just like heterosexuals, but they prefer a same sex relationship. If the church and state were not so entwined and kept separated; the state could take a positive stand for gays, and the church could keep on whining about how bad the gays are all this and at the same time save face. It’s time for religion to get the hell out of government. Practice your religion, but keep in mind it is your beliefs not someone else’s.

    1. The heterosexual family image is so important in America and religion.

      Well yes it is important, because that’s where the next generation comes from, including gays and lesbians.

      Gay relationships are also important and deemed of societal protections as well. Relationships, either straight or gay, are important basic fundamental blocks of American society.

      It’s time for religion to get the hell out of government.

      Although to some extent the government should not officially validate religious rites or beliefs, I do think that religion and morality are strong important precepts of our society and people should not be shamed away for being religious or for praying in public.

      I do believe that we are a christian nation, and rightly so. Although not a christian myself I think I really appreciate many of the christian values, traditions, and precepts that have held our society together.

      1. Yeah, and gay people should be allowed to hold hands, and gaze into each others eyes and canoodle just as much as straight couples. However, people just like you ‘pepa’ find it distasteful in the extreme, so you call us names and ridicule us and hope that someone else will be moved to action against us.

      2. Pipa,

        To no extent should government validate religious belief. The constitution guarantees that the Government shall not endorse any religious belief. It must be neutral in all matters pertaining to faith/religion. That is the letter of the constitution.

        The US is not, nor has it ever been a “Christian nation.” We are a nation wherein the predominant religion is Christianity. The former is vastly different from the latter and the latter is a product of fundamentalist propaganda in the early 1900s .

  9. Perhaps I am wrong… but I think more and more people these days are faithful to their religion because they inherited it! On the logic side some people (not all) seem to be able to separate their traditional religious teachings from their life experiences and personal relationships, and as one of the surveyors stated he is Mormon and has a gay niece proving that religion is no barrier to who is or is not LGBT. Baby steps… hopefully the survey results can influence change. If your romantic watch “Latter day Saints” it’s some what insightful even if a movie!

    1. Sorry my comment should have said gay son… not gay niece (it’s late here! lol)

    2. Your assertions are true. Many people inherit their religious beliefs from their families and sometimes it as all they know. That is why I reject this stupid notion that religion is always a choice, sometimes it isn’t.

      Hence we need to be more understanding and patient. Sometimes these things take time, even through numerous generations before full change can happen. That’s okay by me. I’m in no rush. It isn’t like the world is going to end tomorrow. I hope not. lol

      We just have to accept the fact that time is very conservative and sometimes gays feel that things are not done fast enough, but I always say that patience shall always be rewarded. We might win some here, and lose some over there. But there is always tomorrow. Get up and do it again.

      1. Religion is a choice.
        Being gay is not.
        Oh and gay is an adjective, not a noun, so it’s gay people… ok?

        1. Agreed Eleison. Pepa has shown his own self-loathing by using the word “gays”. It is offensive. And before anyone attempts to justify that it isn’t, the only times I’ve heard people use the label “gays” was when they were being bigotted. It’s gay people folks.

  10. Filip Dendauw 3 Aug 2011, 2:57pm

    What did they think, do the realy believe that all missionaries go abroad just to make diciples. Come on, some of theme are gay couples for sure!

  11. Filip Dendauw 3 Aug 2011, 3:01pm

    For sure there are gay people amongst the Mormons. Do they realy believe that there missionaries go abroad just to make disciples. Some of theme are gay couples but of course they will deny that.

  12. non gay for gay people 3 Aug 2011, 3:41pm

    I never heard gay is a adjective. The use of whites, blacks, heterosexuals, gays, etc.. have been used forever. I think we all know these words refer to people ?? Don’t we ?? Why is gays offensive, and should be “gay people”. Please explain, I just don’t understand.

  13. Now, that’s a study I would like to read, along with a study on gay Muslims and one on gay Orthodox Jews.

  14. Jock S. Trap 4 Aug 2011, 10:00am

    Religion = discrimination.

    What a surprise.

    Study on Gay Mormons?

    Will it be fair? I doubt it somehow.

  15. Some time ago when I was looking at Christian attitudes to homosexuality, I come across a number of LDS clips on You Tube that imho dealt sensitively with the issues of gay LDS members and how the community responded. I just tried a quick search but can’t find these but well worth looking at for those wanting to find out more.

  16. Years ago I enjoyed some comments by feminist Mormons. Mormons believe that God is material and has a wife and kids. So the Mormon feminists asked: “If God has a wife, isn’t she Mrs. God, and isn’t she a God too?”

    I don’t know what the Mormon church decided about this.

    I wonder if any of God’s kids are gay.

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