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Family vigil marks third anniversary of Michael Causer’s death

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Reader comments

  1. Rest In Peace Michael Causer
    The judge who said O’Connor wasn’t motivated by homophobia needs to hang his head in shame. How, if when one is being kicked to death, the attacker shouts homophobic abuse, is it not motivated by homophobia?.
    I wonder was the excuse for a human being judge motivated by religion?
    Given that it was Liverpool probably RC xtian.( No apologies for the stereotyping Stu before you start with your HTT attitude).

    1. Paddyswurds 2 Aug 2011, 12:20pm

      …..just noticed the change of tag when posting on another tag and have no idea how it happened but was not my doing.

      1. It has happened before though … your tag changing …

        I agree RIP

        I don’t care whether you apologise or not for stereotyping – if you are happy to prolong damaging attitudes and allow unhealthy attitudes to fester, then you deserve all you get. It speaks volumes of your chip on your shoulder and lack of willingness to consider other views (although I concede you have good reason to be bitter but no good reason not to have an open mind)

        For facts in the 2001 census in Liverpool, 79.5% of people states they were Christian (of whom 46.0% stated they were RC), 1.4% Muslim, 0.9% Jewish, 0.3% Buddhist, 0.3% Hindu, 0.1% Sikh, 0.2% other faith, 9.7% no faith, 8.1% refused to answer question.

        Clearly, this demonstrates the fact that you are stereotyping (and the inaccuracy of such stereotypes).

        I agree, on face value, it appears the judge was at best unwise to rule that the homicide was not homophobically motivated – was witness reliable?

        1. Paddyswurds 2 Aug 2011, 7:00pm

          I have never changed my tag in such a way and when i did i said formerly whatever for several weeks after the change. I fail to see the need to surreptitiously change my tag. If I have something to say I will say it under my tag controversial or not. At my age i’m afraid of no one especially a few creeps on a gay website..

          1. Never suggested you were afraid of anyone, let alone any “creeps”

            You have been caught out on the threads and identified it yourself where you have changed your handle and been accused on plenty of other times!

    2. Chester36 2 Aug 2011, 2:05pm

      I agree
      homophobia was shouted so it must have been due to homophobia
      this was a tragedy

      1. The witness who said it was homophobic may have been unreliable – do we know why the judge made such a declaration?

  2. Bryan J Allen 2 Aug 2011, 4:54pm

    My sentiments exactly-the judge should have been made to resign!It was an homophobic attack,due to the verbal abuse witnessed!

    I remember this case well and can’t believe it has been 3 years already,my thoughts go out to Michael’s family and friends xxx

    1. I agree on face value it appears to be a homophobic attack. We do not know here how the judge evaluated the evidence of the witness who bore testimony to the homophobia. It may be their account was undermined and deemed unreliable

  3. Paddyswurds 2 Aug 2011, 7:05pm

    I feel for Michaels parents who had to endure such an uncaring attitude from a clearly homophobic judge probably motivated by religious prejudice. He should still consider his position and do the honourable thing and resign immediatly and belatedly. on this third anniversary of tragic Michaels homophobically motivated death.

    1. I agree we should feel for the parents

      I agree the incident may have been homophobic, but before saying the judge was – lets have an explanation as to why he made the distinction – eg was the witness reliable?

  4. When the judge decided to not view Michael’s brutal killing as a hate crime he may as well have told the haters,”Go right ahead and do what you wish with members of the LGBT community ’cause they don’t really count! Who’d have thought we were actually in the 21st century?

  5. When ever I hear of these situations of hate attacks on victims like Michael Causer RIP. i cringe at the thought of the pain and emotional suffering of the victim, it must feel like a life time to experience such a horrible tormented death. So many young lives… any life ended by senseless hatred and bigotry! despite the “It gets better campaign” for some it clearly does not. A year ago I watched Mount Boucherie school stage the Laramie project. after I listened as a young man (gay bashed the year before) told the producer of his emotional struggle to come and watch the play. no one in life should have to have this kind of death or die young!

    1. The above link is to the Laramie Project which exemplified the hatred and bigotry that lead to the death of Michael Sheppard. Further the hatred of Christians who protested his funeral. It’s an eye opener on all counts and I recommend tissues at hand during viewing! The link I found is English so don’t be mislead by Sub titles in intro.

      1. “Mathew Sheppard”

  6. Does it matter what motivated the killer? Murder’s murder, regardless of whether I commit it because the target is gay, black, Catholic, vegan or German. Trying to divine motivations in these matters smacks of “thoughtcrime”.

    Harsher punishments for murdering people are what’s needed, not this hate crimes nonsense.

    1. David Myers 3 Aug 2011, 8:54am

      Your logic is nonsense. Harsher penalties for hate crimes on top of the normal penalty for murder or manslaughter is a statement of condemnation of hateful bigotry and as such is a warning to homophobes and as such is useful in discouraging hate crimes.

      1. The fact that you disagree with it doesn’t make it “nonsense”. Murder is always a hate crime; I don’t think it’s the State’s job to say that some hates are more important than others by penalising some thoughts more than others. The fact that a man isn’t gay, or black, or Muslim, shouldn’t make his life less valuable in the eyes of the law.

        1. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 10:31am

          ….Murder is not always a hate crime as in the case of a crime of passion for instance.

    2. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 10:27am

      …well actually yes, it does make a difference as the sentence would have been much harsher than the slap on the wrist this homophobic thug received.

      1. If we can demonstrate the homophobia with a reliable witness …

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