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Elton’s 750,000 euro HIV donation not spent

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Reader comments

  1. So, who’se surprised with the Irish track record so far?

  2. Disturbing that one of the key issues that the Republics HSE has suggested is behind the stalling of the use of this money to reduce risk of HIV infection is due to the lack of recruitment of pharmacists to provide needles on an exchnage basis. Two solutions – i) use the ones who are prepared to and demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the scheme and recruit more and ii) permit other health professionals (as in the UK, US, Spain, Canada and New Zealand) to provide clean needles in exchnage centres

    Failure to progress this is not only a dereliction of duty of the Irish HSE and speaks volumes of their failures in prgressing HIV treatment and strategies but also is a legal breach of charity law by failing to utilise monies available for specific projects and I personally would endorse EJAF removing the funding if no significant progress occurs soon.

  3. It’s disturbing that on the negative side of this story the funds have not been used, on the positive side of the story if you can call it that… some one some where has the integrity to have tracked the funds to know they have not been used, abused or redirected for other causes! The time wasted this far by not using them is unfortunate and inexcusable for people who could have been helped. Now he knows about the situation Elton is wise to have asked for future reporting and monitoring of the funds.

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