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Blow to Irish senator David Norris’s presidential bid over ex-partner’s rape charge

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Reader comments

  1. A lie is a lie for all that; any politician nowadays has to be squeaky-clean, otherwise there is every possibility of being found out by those who would only be too pleased to oust any politician, of opposing views, out of office.
    As to his last statement about what he would have liked in his young days – rather ill-advised and far too honest, i fear. Even though one may sympathise with his views, this wasn’t the platform to express them.
    A time and a place for everything…………

  2. Ooer missus 2 Aug 2011, 3:25pm

    Sounds like certain people are desperate not to have a gay President.

    All he did was send a plea for clemency, they are trying to smear him by association.

    Barry, I can’t see any suggestion he lied about anything, where did that come from?

    Anyone know who might be so opposed to him they want to smear him?

    1. He sent a PERSONAL plea for clemency on Seanad (Irish equivalent of parliament) headed paper. That give the impression he was using his position to assist his ex partner. Read the story FFS. It would be no different if David Cameron started firing off missives to help his buddies on Downing St headed paper. I don’t think people in Ireland are ‘desperate’ for a straight president, I think they’re desperate for honesty throughout the Dail, Seanad etc- the 90s and 00s were rife with double dealings and dishonesty amongst certain Irish TDs and a taoiseach.

  3. There is a nasty stench of dirty tricks directed against Mr Norris … it’s interesting that the Irish Senate passed a motion of support for Mr Nawi and his work – the motion was even seconded by another presidential candidate. There has been a long history of Mr Nawi being a thorn in the side of the Israeli military and they would like nothing more than to prevent him from exposing their activities in the West Bank. In the past Mr Nawi has been ‘roughed up’ by the Israeli military …. I would hope ANY presidential candidate would stand up for all that is right and just. It will be interesting to see if the full details of this story ever come to light.

  4. 2 champers sips to being a diva 2 Aug 2011, 3:31pm

    There has been a concerted effort to in certain corners of irish politics and media to disrupt this very popular figure’s candidacy. When they couldn’t get him on pederasty, the right wing in irish politics found a letter written in Hebrew, had it translated and sent to the press. Given that the country has been screwed by free market right wing schiesters for the past decades, with their sleazy financial affairs, Mr Norris’s letter seems quite genuine. Poor Ireland

  5. BREAKING – Norris quits presidential race

    I wish he hadnt quit – I think he would have been a great president and I think there were underhand tactics to prevent him being elected in play.

    An opinion column in yesterdays Irish independent commented on not wanting sexuality to be involved in presidential elections …

  6. Andrea B. 2 Aug 2011, 7:44pm

    I grew up on that island. This is nothing to do with him being gay.

    Ireland has just come through a nightmare set of scandals regarding people in positions of power in the community, namely religious people, raping tens of thousands of children. Then it turns out that Norris tried to assist a man convicted of raping a 15 year old to escape justice.

    Anyone who supports a man who has sex with a 15 year old is no better than those who turned a blind eye to priests who raped children.

    Norris is not only not fit to be president of Ireland, but since it has become clear that he gave active support to someone who had sex with a 15 year old child, it is clear he should not be allowed to hold any form of position of power in Ireland.

    Anyone standing by norris, really needs to take a long hard look at themself in the mirror.

  7. Gay Daily Mail Reader 3 Aug 2011, 6:47am

    Sex with a 15 year old is ILLEGAL in both Ireland and the UK although some countries have their age of consent set at 14 (or even younger). I am of the opinion that 16 is young enough for sex, gay or straight and people should not support those who break the law through underage sex. For too long people have connected homosexuality with pedaeophillia. It is a shame that under such circumstances that Ireland where homosexuality was illegal less than 20 years ago is not going to provide the world’s first openly gay head of state. How about a gay prime minister for the UK? Over to you Alan Duncan, Nigel Evans and co.

    1. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 10:57am

      @Gay Daily Wail Reader……
      ……..Even better how about a Gay president for the Republic of Great Britain and the north of Ireland. Now that would be a British move one could support for once.

  8. Paddyswurds 3 Aug 2011, 10:52am

    Norris did the right thing for once. He would have been completely unsuitable as president fo aa proud and ancient nation like Ireland. After spending the last few hours reading everything available one can only come to such a conclusion. The letter he wrote to a the court of a foreign nation was pompous and bombastic at least and unforgiveable in light of the fact that Nawi had been found guilty of paedophilia in effect. Even before this latest revelation I was coming round to the notion that he would be an unsuitable candidate as he seemed to lack a sense of dignity and bordered on clownish at times both in demeanour and pronouncement. Indeed i have come to the conclusion he is even unsuitable as a Senator and I doubt he will remain in the Seanad much longer.

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