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Miley Cyrus gets gay rights tattoo

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Reader comments

  1. D. McCabe 1 Aug 2011, 3:08pm

    Good on her!

    1. Absolutely. Miley has a huge following, a massive portion of which are just hitting their teens and I think of the important message this sends them.

      I think of the 13 year old, labelled a faggot by the other kids at school, who go home and through the wonder that is the internet, know that their idols support them. If that gives them just the tiniest extra bit of strength to deal with the harsh realities of growing up in this world then it’s all worth it.

      Good on you, Miley.

      1. Agreed. Kids do have to rely on the Internet though, as unfortunately this sort of thing would never get reported on kids’ news programmes like Newsround.

      2. To be fair though – if a 13 year old boy is openly listening to Miley Cyrus then he’s probably much more assured and confident in his sexuality in such he doesn’t need extra strength.

  2. Don Harrison 1 Aug 2011, 6:30pm

    I love it.
    I am considering getting too
    and I am a 58 year old man.

  3. I’m not a fan of hers. I’m really not the right demographic.

    I saw that tattoo and all I thought was that looks crap lol. Sure we coul do better than little lines on finger.

    Why not giant rainbow tattoo ? Or summat

    1. Not much good unless she had a giant finger :D I assume she choose something small that would fit on that specific finger because she thought that that would get the message across. Actually, although I’m no fan of finger tattoos (because, as you say, they often look crap), that one is subtle but potentially quite powerful.
      I admire Miley for supporting us.

  4. Another example of a Christian choosing which bit of the bible they feel like following (Leviticus 19:28).

    1. Whatever mate. I’m no more of a Christian than you are, but that isn’t what this stuff is about. She’s putting out a good message to the (masses of) kids that follow her. Its certainly not a bad thing that she is willing to do this.

    2. Yes, and they are free to do so, its called religious freedom.

      On this note maybe gay activists should be more tolerant to christians and give them some slack. Not saying to let them beat gays down or berate or bible pound us. There are times that we need to be more reasonable and understanding since we expect the same in return, and a lot can be done.

      And for those christians who remain opposed… oh well… move on to the next one (this is what I used when I was in sales long ago, and I think gay activists have not done a good job “selling” gay marriage at all).

      I’m not a fan, nor do I want to be. For one thing, I don’t worship celebrities, though I do give credit to really talented and entertaining people, she is neither of those to me. Sorry.

      1. …except that she’s sending the message that it’s OK to pick and choose which bits of scripture you want to believe in, an attitude which has allowed bigots to hide behind a mask of faith for far too long. If all Christians tried to follow every exact word of the bible, they would find what a confused, contradictory mess it is and maybe come to the far more sensible conclusion that society has evolved and faith needs to as well.

        1. That is why according to a latest poll, I forgot the name of it but you can google it, only 30% or so of christians follow the scriptures literally.

          That means we have the potential of getting more support from christians of all stripes. That is a good thing.

          1. You’re missing the point- a pick’n’mix attitude to faith means you can find some obscure interpretation to back up almost any idiotic pre-conceived notion, including homophobia.

          2. Yes but you can also pick and choose and accept homosexuality.

            Take the good with the bad…

          3. @Pepa; since your last comment seems to have been reported, so I can’t reply directly to it, I’ll just have to settle for telling you that you’re being ridiculous. Tolerance of something that does no harm is a right.

  5. Support is wonderful and welcomed.
    So refreshing.
    Thank you Miley

  6. A proud Canadian 1 Aug 2011, 11:11pm

    I find it absolutely wonderful that a young woman such as Miley is able to see what is right from wrong. To know that loving someone cannot be a sin and allowing us to see her belief in equality for all at such a young age is proof of maturity and intelligence. I admire you, Miley !!!!!

    1. @ Proud Canadian.
      Very comendable i’m sure but if as you say she is so insightful and knows right from wrong, why is she still a member of a fantasising club that holds the views xtian do?.
      Is it not similar to a Jew being a member of the Natz! Party or a vegetarian cannibal?.

      1. Paddyswurds 2 Aug 2011, 12:14pm

        @ Proud Canadian.
        Very comendable i’m sure but if as you say she is so insightful and knows right from wrong, why is she still a member of a fantasising club that holds the views xtian do?.
        Is it not similar to a Jew being a member of the Natz! Party or a vegetarian cannibal?.

        I have absolutely no idea where the tag CLINCH appeared from. I certainly didn’t put it there. More of the Fcuk ups from PN software no doubt.

  7. Rich (original) 1 Aug 2011, 11:43pm

    Degenerate! Shame on you!

    1. Talking to yourself again I see, Rich.

  8. I love gay guys they are fun to lime with people shouldn’t hate them because everyone needs to be happy

    1. ‘Lime’?

  9. Mileys stand for lgbt euality is good, but she needs to be more hands on in human rights marches to the court houses for proposition 8 along with the other actors and actressess and human rights people , we are dealing with serious attacks on human being and their families and it takes serious actions against to protect liberty and abrahams lincons messages and your stand have to take racist and bigots to the mat, and overhaul out bigotry, and hate, that devastaes masses of people in our nation including women of all colors glass ceilings , people hating on people for being a different size or color, hatred and bigotred is evil and has to dealt with in a serious manner with serious reprimands arrrests and law suits, also you must start putting your money into getting aid directly to your charities yourselfs not sending millions of dolloars to governments who do not deliver the help and aid to those victums , whats wrong with you, your wasting money, get your own crew did water wells

  10. lady gaga and elton john , brad pitt and agalina jolie or some of the main voices for human rights and humaitarian aid so miley and all other voices for human rights need to do more , if you are in positions to , you have fans and lots of people around you , sing songs about love and equality, make commercials with your logo and name a face promoting equality and stopping bigotry and childrens anit bullying , stop being niave about where your millions of dollars are going, you do not give a group of people nor a governmet that house many hatemongering senators millions of dollars to invest in programs for your lgbt families, you set those programs up through lgbt human rights agencies and the aclu, you go to those cities and establish help aids and demand clarity and book and visual guarantees where your money is going , addded mediecenes, you check to see if its there that should be one of your stipulations, you check up on the clean water wells dug in foreign countries ,

  11. you have to become effiecient and profiecient with where your money and charity is going, modanna said she did not no that the people she was sending milllions of dollars to to help families in africa, was taking the money and partying with it and using for themselves, modonna should have checked up herself every month on receipts , food deliveries and shelters and counting additional water wells, modanna also needs be mindful of the fact that poor african countries barley have food to eat, they dont need a health exercise club in town, to spend money they need to feed children, they need humanitarian aid, shelter built , clean water wells, and medicenee deliveries, added faciliteies for their aids and securities, clothing, toiletres, something other than huts, get real, if you really care about people you delegate properly to people and take action to see that things get done on their behalf, you need a fore runner down there to organize the rest, elton john bon jovi, angolina, gaga

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