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July 2011

  • 14th July 2011

    Glee’s best-known stars to leave 8

    Glee is to lose several of its main characters

    12:30 PM — Three of Glee's main characters are to leave the show after the third series. Rachel, played by Lea Michele, Finn, played by Cory Monteith and gay character Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, will graduate from the school.

  • Sign the petition for UK marriage equality 41

    Rev Sharon Ferguson and Franka Streitzel are part of the legal case

    11:26 AM — Gay rights campaigners have launched a petition to call for gay marriages and straight civil partnerships in the UK. The Equal Love campaign, led by Peter Tatchell, has already filed a case at the European Court of Human Rights.

  • Chris Brown denies more claims of anti-gay abuse 15

    Chris Brown said the media was making up stories (Photo: Gemma Mary)

    10:28 AM — Chris Brown has denied shouting anti-gay abuse at a recent basketball game. The singer claims that the media has been "falsifying" reports of his alleged homophobia.

  • Men attacked in Vauxhall after London Pride 129

    Police are appealing for witnesses

    10:13 AM — Two men were attacked and robbed in Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, after London Pride. The men, aged 25 and 33, were returning home from a night out at around 1.40am Sunday July 4th when they were set upon by a gang of between eight and ten black males.

  • 13th July 2011

    Twitter’s most powerful LGBT people 45

    Who's the most powerful tweeter?

    5:43 PM — Who are the top LGBT Tweeters? Who's got more followers than anyone else in the world? Who loves to talk to fans - and who has clearly never heard of 'reply' or 'retweet'?

  • Ohio lesbian loses custody battle over ex-partner’s daughter 5

    The court heard that the women planned to be parents together

    4:18 PM — A lesbian in Ohio, US, has lost a custody battle over the biological daughter of her former partner. Michele Hobbs and Kelly Mullen had lived together in Cincinnati and made the decision to become parents before Ms Mullen gave birth to the child, Lucy, in 2005.

  • Equality commission defends ‘compromise’ plan for gay and religious rights clashes 284

    Counsellor Gary McFarlane refused to work with gay couples

    2:22 PM — The Equality and Human Rights Commission says the rights of gays and lesbians will not be diminished by an intervention into legal cases where Christians workers refused to serve gay people. Instead, the body said that its heavily criticised plans would lead to "better respect for religious rights within the workplace ... without diminishing the rights of others".

  • We don’t have a ‘gay agenda’, says Corrie boss 41

    Corrie's gay characters were criticised

    1:15 PM — Coronation Street producer Phil Collinson has responded to claims that the soap's gay characters are turning off viewers. Ratings fell from 10.4million in May to an unprecedented 7.4million last week following criticism of gay storylines.

  • Ms Dynamite to headline UK Black Pride 22

    Ms Dynamite will headline UK Black Pride

    11:27 AM — Garage star Ms Dynamite is to headline the sixth UK Black Pride next month. The singer, fresh from performing at Glastonbury, will appear at the August 20th event in Torrington Square, at Birkbeck College, London.

  • Jersey allows religious civil partnerships 30

    Gay couples will be able to have religious civil partnerships - if they can find a willing church

    10:55 AM — Jersey has passed a law to allow civil partnerships - including giving gay couples the right to tie the knot in church if they - and religious organisations - wish.

  • 12th July 2011

    Video: Chris Bryant tries to get Kay Burley to apologise to him live on Sky News 165

    Kay Burley laughs at Chris Bryant's question (photo: Sky News)

    9:22 PM — Chris Bryant, the openly gay former Labour foreign office minister and victim of phone hacking, attempted to elicit an apology live on air for an interview conducted by Sky News presenter Kay Burley last year.

  • Lib Dem MP says Home Office appears ‘institutionally homophobic’ on asylum 27

    Mike Hancock said he had 'grave concerns'

    6:12 PM — A Liberal Democrat MP has accused the Home Office and the UK Border Agency of appearing "institutionally homophobic" in cases of gay asylum seekers. Mike Hancock, the MP for Portsmouth South, wrote to immigration minister Damien Green on behalf of a gay Ugandan constituent who was due to be deported on Monday.

  • Johann Hari suspended from the Independent 33

    Johann Hari has been suspended

    4:52 PM — Gay journalist Johann Hari has been suspended from the Independent after claims that he plagiarised interviews. Independent editor Chris Blackhurst confirmed the suspension.

  • James Franco: ‘Rumours said I was a gay rapist’ 13

    James Franco has taken on gay film roles (Photo: David Shankbone)

    4:23 PM — Actor James Franco has revealed he was the subject of rumours which claimed he had raped a former boyfriend. In an interview with Playboy magazine, he said he had been a victim of false accusations that he had dated a man for six months and then beat him up.

  • Lesbians speak up – we can’t see you 37

    Heather Peace says young lesbians need role models

    3:38 PM — Where are all the lesbians? Chloe Setter speaks to four gay women - including writer Julie Bindel and singer Heather Peace - to find out why lesbians lack visibility.

  • Video: Clinic owned by Michele Bachmann and husband tries to ‘cure’ gays 21

    A counsellor at the company owned by Michele Bachmann's husband was filmed trying to 'cure' a gay man

    2:47 PM — Video footage has been emerged of a counsellor at a clinic owned by Michele Bachmann and her husband telling a gay man he can become straight. Mrs Bachmann is a Republican presidential candidate with a history of making offensive remarks about gay people.

  • Stonewall ‘deeply disturbed’ at equality commission U-turn on religious rights 68

    The EHRC says 'compromises' should be found in cases where gay and religious rights clash

    1:50 PM — Gay rights charity Stonewall has condemned a move by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to intervene in two legal cases where Christians workers refused to serve gay people. Chief executive Ben Summerskill said the body must state clearly that it does not agree that religious beliefs should allow people to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

  • Sainsbury’s apologises for transgender toilet ban 20

    Stephanie Collins was told to use the disabled toilets

    1:07 PM — Sainsbury's has apologised after a transgender woman was told by a Surrey store that she could not use the women's toilets.

  • Lady Gaga declared honorary citizen of Sydney for gay rights campaign 8

    Lady Gaga has been made an honorary citizen of Sydney

    12:06 PM — Lady Gaga was given the title of honorary citizen of Sydney last Tuesday for her support of gay rights. The bisexual star was honoured by Lord Mayor Clover Moore, who called her a "powerful force" for gay people after she urged Australia to legalise gay marriage.

  • Equality commission wants more ‘compromise’ on gay rights vs religious beliefs 217

    The EHRC wants to intervene in the case of Lillian Ladele

    10:24 AM — The Equality and Human Rights Commission has done a U-turn on religious beliefs, saying that judges have interpreted equality law too harshly against Christians. The commission, which has been accused of bias against faith, hopes to intervene in a number of cases in which Christian workers were sacked or disciplined for refusing to provide services to gay people.

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