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July 2011

  • 22nd July 2011

    Convicted rapist ‘claims he’s gay to win asylum’ 78

    Uganda is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for LGBT people

    5:28 PM — A Ugandan man serving a four-year sentence for raping a woman is reportedly seeking asylum by claiming he is gay. John Ssewagudde, 21, was convicted of raping the woman in Glasgow last June after he admitted the attack on her Facebook page.

  • Appeal for witnesses after homophobic attack in central London 153

    CCTV images of the two suspects

    4:18 PM — Police are appealing for witnesses after a 42-year-old gay man was beaten in an unprovoked attack in central London in the early hours of this morning (Friday).

  • Labour MP: Compromises for anti-gay staff are ‘outrageous’ 77

    The EHRC has called for accommodations to be made for workers who don't want to serve gay people

    3:48 PM — Labour MP John McDonnell has called on the Equality and Human Rights Commission to review its decision to advocate for "compromises" and "reasonable accommodations" for workers who refuse to serve gay people. He said the move was "outrageous and totally unacceptable".

  • New York city extends gay marriage plans 4

    The first weddings will take place on Sunday (Photo: Ludovic Berton)

    3:21 PM — All of the gay couples who applied to wed on the first day gay marriage is legal in New York will be able to do so. The new law comes into power on Sunday and as the city can only cope with so many ceremonies officials ran a lottery to determine who could wed on the day.

  • One in four Massachusetts gay teenagers ‘are homeless’ 34

    One in four of the lesbian and gay teenagers surveyed had no regular home

    2:39 PM — A study of teenagers in the US state of Massachusetts suggests that one in four are homeless. The study, carried out by the Children's Hospital Boston, looked at the sexual orientation and home status of 6,317 teenagers.

  • Video: Gay ‘barbarians’ glitter Marcus Bachmann’s office 15

    Protesters outside a Bachman & Associates clinic

    12:24 PM — Gay rights activists dressed as 'barbarians' glittered one of Marcus Bachmann's counselling clinics after footage emerged of an employee telling a gay man he could become straight.

  • Five students sue Minnesota school district over anti-gay bullying 12

    The five students were bullied relentlessly because they were thought to be gay

    11:22 AM — Five students who say they were victims of homophobic bullying are suing a Minnesota school district over an "epidemic of harassment". They say that the Anoka-Hennepin School District, the state's largest, failed to protect them and that a "gag policy" restricting teachers' ability to discuss gay and lesbian issues made the problem worse.

  • US to announce end of ban on openly gay troops 23

    Gay and lesbian troops will be able to come out in 60 days

    10:12 AM — The Pentagon is set to certify later today that lifting the ban on openly gay troops will not harm the military. This means that gay military personnel will be able to be open about their sexuality at the end of September, as the change does not come into affect until 60 days after certification.

  • 21st July 2011

    Transgender woman shot dead in Washington DC 14

    Lashai McLean was shot on Wednesday morning

    5:12 PM — A transgender woman was shot dead in Washington DC on Wednesday morning. Police said Lashai McLean, 23, was walking along Dix Street in the north-east area with another transgender person when they exchanged words with two men.

  • TUC attacks equality commission’s opt-out proposals for anti-gay staff 130

    The EHRC says 'compromises' should be found for religious workers

    4:33 PM — The Trades Union Congress says it is "deeply concerned" at the Equality and Human Rights Commission's proposals to give homophobic workers the right to avoid serving gay people.

  • UK Border Agency begins recording gay asylum claims 5

    Campaigners say data is needing to check whether the system is working

    2:48 PM — The government says the UK Border Agency has begun collecting data on the numbers of asylum claims based on sexual orientation. Campaigners welcomed the news and said the records would show whether the system is working.

  • Government to consider removing ‘insult’ from Public Order Act 28

    Some MPs, campaigners and groups say the Public Order Act hinders free speech

    2:05 PM — The government says it will "assess the benefits" of removing the crime of causing 'insult' from the Public Order Act. The law has been used to prosecute street preachers who persist in delivering anti-gay sermons in public, although some campaigners say it should not be illegal to insult people.

  • Christian campaigners claim ‘massive support’ for compromises for anti-gay workers 157

    Christian registrar Lillian Ladele refused to perform civil partnerships

    1:14 PM — Christian rights campaigners say there is massive support for proposals to allow anti-gay workers to avoid serving gays and lesbians.

  • John Barrowman says Torchwood gay sex scene ‘vital to story’ 67

    John Barrowman defended the racy scenes

    12:13 PM — Torchwood star John Barrowman says a gay sex scene banned by the BBC is vital to the storyline. Although US audiences will see the raunchy scenes with Barrowman's bisexual character Captain Jack Harkness, BBC bosses decided they would be too explicit for a UK audience, even after the watershed.

  • EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell to come out as gay 26

    Ben Mitchell will reportedly come out

    11:57 AM — Another EastEnders character is to come out as gay. Hardman Phil Mitchell's son Ben will reportedly come out after kissing another boy.

  • Ghana minister orders arrest of all gays in Western Region 51

    Ghana does not tolerate homosexuality

    10:32 AM — A minister in Ghana has reportedly ordered the arrest of all gays and lesbians in the country's Western Region. Paul Evans Aidoo, the minister for the region, has directed the Bureau of National Investigations and other agencies to find gay people and bring them before the courts.

  • 20th July 2011

    Gay men ‘unaware of HIV symptoms’ 53

    HIV experts say gay men need to be aware of HIV symptoms so they can get early treatment

    5:30 PM — Sixty per cent of gay men are unaware of the symptoms of early HIV infection, a large-scale survey has found. According to the research by National AIDS Trust, most of the men surveyed could not name the ‘triad’ of a sore throat, rash and fever as the most common symptoms occurring together.

  • Gay Senator David Norris ahead for Irish presidency 39

    David Norris hopes to become Ireland's next head of state

    4:24 PM — Gay independent senator David Norris in in the lead for the Irish presidency, a poll of the public says. According to an Ipsos MRBI/Irish Times poll of 1,000 people, Mr Norris has 25 per cent of the vote.

  • Jane Lynch says she knew she was a lesbian at age 12 8

    Jane Lynch as Glee's sociopathic sports coach, Sue Sylvester

    3:50 PM — Glee star Jane Lynch says that although she was 21 when she came out, she knew she was gay from a much earlier age. Speaking to Vogue, the actress said she knew by the age of 12.

  • Married butcher puts up sign to combat gay rumours 52

    Brian Fields said the gossip was affecting his family

    2:20 PM — A married butcher in East Yorkshire has taken the step of putting a sign in his window declaring he is not gay. Brian Fields, who owns the Fields of Anlaby butchers in Hessle, announced that the rumours were completely false and that his children were being bullied at school over the gossip.

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