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New lesbian couple for Emmerdale

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 11:11am

    Erm, ok!

  2. Paula Thomas 29 Jul 2011, 11:35am

    Adam Thomas is an actor on the Soap not a character. Darren Miller plays Aaron Livsley who is a gay character.

  3. I think you mean Aaron Livesy, the gay character played by Danny Miller. Adam Thomas is the name of the actor who plays Adam Barton…

    1. That sounds like the intro to Soap – remember it? “Confused? You will be!”

    2. That sounds like the intro to Soap – remember it?

      “Confused? You will be!”

  4. It’s not the first time Pink News got that wrong. Take a look at this –

  5. Jessica Geen 29 Jul 2011, 12:07pm

    Apologies for the error! Corrected now.

  6. After the brilliance of the writing, acting and character development of Aaron’s character a lesbian couple is now being parachuted into Emmerdale? WTF. The one remaining soap with any integrity now joins the PC box-ticking platoon. That’s one less viewer for the Dales. B-O-R-I-N-G…

    1. I don’t watch Emmerdale, but fail to see why bringing a lesbian couple into it is a “PC box-ticking” exercise? I personally would like to see an adult lesbian couple in a primetime UK soap opera. There are plenty of gay blokes (Christian and Syed, now apparently Ben Mitchell too, loads in Corrie) – there is of course the teenage couple in Corrie, but they hardly represent my life (married lesbian couple in late 20s / early 30s). Unfortunately I don’t want Emmerdale and have no intention of starting… it’d be nice to see a lesbian couple in Eastenders though. We haven’t had one since about 1994!

      1. *watch, not want!

    2. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 2:10pm

      Is it PC to accept LGBT people as Human Beings? Huh, who knew!

      1. Jumping on the bandwagon is being neither creative nor clever. Emmerdale has done the lesbian couple storyline before with Zoe Tate and that drifted aimlessly in every direction for years until it had nowhere to go, and now it has decided to go there again because all the other soaps are waving rainbow flags as if there is no tomorrow. I predict the soaps will eventually all implode in an explosion of glitter and pom poms and nobody will give a damn, least of all their gay viewers who will have turned off in boredom at the repetitive storylines along with everyone else. Anyone see Corrie this week? Yet another ruddy kidnapping for lawd’s sake!!! British soap is eating itself and viewers are snapping out of their slumber and realise they are being taken for numbskulls and discovering the off switch.

        1. Jock S. Trap 30 Jul 2011, 10:45am

          But Gay, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgender etc people do exist right?

          We are out there more than you’ll, sadly, like to admit.

  7. Bill (Scotland) 29 Jul 2011, 4:17pm

    It is likely merely to be another occasion to portray an LGBT relationship as disfunctional.

    A cynical ratings-garnering ploy.

  8. homophobes need to get used to the fact gay people are gonna be taking over just get used to it. millions of other viewers will keep the show going

  9. ah well the writers are running out of ideas so lets bring in a gay couple YAWN

  10. Even I think there’s to many gay people on tv now. Well soaps anyway. Seems recently every week a soap is saying were having a new gay couple. Just to try Ans out do each other.

    Being gay feels like a fad now. Que c and d list celebs saying they have had gay experiences and blah blah blah etc.

    1. You hit it spot on Adam88. We are seen by the soaps as faddish and trendy, and I’m sorry but I find the portrayal of the gay soap couples in Corrie and ‘Enders to be excrutiatingly dull and squirm in embarrassment when I visit my parents who still watch these shows religiously and they happen to be on. The poor old dears don’t make any passing comments, but you know they think the crazy shenanigans drawn up by the soap producers – not to mention the over the top performances by many of the actors themselves – are grist for’t mill.

  11. I’m not wholly sure,but has there actually been a positive LGBT representation in ‘soaps’,or ‘continuing drama’ as it’s now known? Way back in Eastenders we had Colin & Barry the barrow-boy.They went badly wrong.Then there were Tony & Simon,angst-ridden bi/gay couple.That couple’s relationship bombed.Oh & then we had Binny & Della,the lesbian couple.They weren’t exactly successful with their relationship.I stopped watching E/enders about 5 years bavck so I can’t comment on the most current gay couple.Corrie’s got more LGBT folk than you could shake a stick at.And in Hollyoaks you have the psycho ‘gay’ bloke who’s into a spot of domestic-violence with his b/f! It’s all rather depressing,tbh!

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