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John Barrowman: ‘Torchwood’s Jack isn’t a gay stereotype’

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Reader comments

  1. For F@#Ks sake Barrowman SHUT UP!!! you self promoting ego maniac

    1. Staircase2 1 Aug 2011, 3:51pm

      Are we on alternative universes here?
      I think John Barrowman is lovely and I also think standing up and saying these things is important to move the agenda along.

      1. i agree he is lovely i would snog him any day even if he is gay.I put my hand on his butt when i met him and he was shocked but thought it quite made my day he is so handsome and glad he wont let others tell him how to run his life.

    2. When your an actor part of your job is self promotion hardly a crime is it.

  2. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 3:28pm

    Whose he trying to convince though?

  3. Bill (Scotland) 29 Jul 2011, 4:08pm

    His presence in a programme is enough reason for me to switch to another channel or go for a walk ;)

  4. martyn notman 29 Jul 2011, 4:44pm

    hes being loud (and ok a bit of a pr1ck) without being apologetic about his sexuality on prime time tv. i have no problem with that, i prefer to have someone like JB who will speak up rather than a grannies best friend gay…

    1. Barrowman is a total ‘grannies best friend’. He’s all f–king jazz hands and ”isn’t she just great” soundbytes on that godawful light entertainment show he has where chavs get to do ‘stuff’ they’ve always wanted to do. He hasn’t shut the f–k up for the last few months over Torchwood and sex scenes and man action (his words). I wish he’d just realise his limitations and realise he’s this year’s Dale Winton.

      1. martyn notman 29 Jul 2011, 5:11pm

        if thats all youve watched him in then im not surprised you think that. As for his limitations, he can sing, he can act, he can dance and hes got a big one. I would kill for those “limitations”.

        1. Staircase2 1 Aug 2011, 3:52pm

          lol youre John Barrowman or his boyfriend aren’t you…lol

      2. Jazz Hands is a perfect description.

  5. The naked guy he kissed in last night’s episode was quite hot. But the whole pace of the series seems too slow and drawn out. Still watching it though.

  6. wait a minute… john barrowman is gay?

    1. All current indications would point to that assumption.

    2. He did an entire documentary about factors that could cause homosexuality it was really good actually

  7. Both Jack Harkness and John Barrowman are gay stereotypes

    1. How is a post-orientation emotionally deep but strong and in some ways ruthless male, fundamentally heroic character a stereotype….

      John Barrowman is an attractive gay actor, who happens to be successful… is that somehow a bad stereotype now?

      1. Did he pay you to say all of those things? Successful, yes but all of the other stuff NOPE!!! that’s all down to personal option. I’ve seen him on TV many times and he is a self involved, self important, irritating fool. Oh look everybody I’m gay and I can sing so I’m going to sing show tunes and Judy Garland STEREOTYPE!

        1. He’s a stage and screen actor…with a history in dance and music… you expect him to not like show tunes…who’s the person with a touch of homophobia here….

          You ignored the point about his signature role, and its utterly counter-stereotypical…

  8. Ouch!

  9. I can’t stand John Barrowman as a person (anyone on any talent reality show is on the terrible person list), but the character he portrays within the torchwood/doctor who universe is so revolutionary and groundbreaking, by being post-orientation. Barrowman plays such a character without making it an issue, and its a sign of progress of culture that we are more interested in this all boe-raised hunky action hero, rather than tired stereotypes about gay or bisexual men…

  10. Tacky.

  11. But he certainly is a bisexual stereotype, the stereotype that every bisexual is a raging nymphomaniac, like in the first episode when Owen seduces a girl and her boyfriend at the same time with an alien perfume just to point that “yes, all of us here in Torchwood are bisexual sex-freaks, that’s what you are getting with this series”, and let’s not even talk about Captain John Hart. I am bisexual myself, and I don’t go flirting with everyone around. But anyways, I am not bothered by that, because I don’t watch Torchwood.

    1. I thought it was more a point that once you’ve gone beyond the looking glass conventional sexual mores seem rather childish…

      John Hart was meant to be a dark mirror to Jack not an extension of Jack.

  12. Karl smith 30 Jul 2011, 7:43pm

    And I bet he sh*ts sequins

  13. It’s funny all you people do is talk trash about an internationally successful actor, great performer and a generally nice guy yet you don’t see the real issue here.

    He isn’t the problem its all of you miserable bitchy old queens slanting the guy off that does harm to gay people.

    You don’t like te guy and his shows then don’t watch, no need to go all hussy fit over it.

    Personally I love new Torchwood and I think both Cap Jack and John Barrowman are amazing and I wish him all the best and hope he never has to read or e around people like you lot who have nothing good to say and just want to be mean and horrid for the sake of it.

    1. Jock S. Trap 1 Aug 2011, 8:10am

      Given up on it, personally I think Torchwood is crap but good for you!!

      Least I tried.

    2. Staircase2 1 Aug 2011, 3:57pm

      lol Adam – spot on – but you’re preaching to the uninitiated lol they love nothing better than to slag people off – if it not John Barrowman then its black people or Muslims or religious people or etc etc etc etc (blah blah blah)

  14. Why is being a stereotype such a problem?! I’m a stereotype and proud of it!!!

    1. Jock S. Trap 1 Aug 2011, 8:11am

      Why stereotypes though? Why can’t people just be themselves?

      I do tend to question when people talk about stereotypes as I don’t see the need.

  15. Dunno bout torchwood(only watched for 5 minutes before switching from boredom) but barrowman is definitely a gay stereotype of the worst variety. Ironic .

    1. Staircase2 1 Aug 2011, 3:58pm

      I think that says more about the world you inhabit than it does about gay stereotypes…lol
      You need to get out more!

  16. Galadriel1010 1 Aug 2011, 3:22pm

    I love Barrowman, but I think he’s talking crap about the latest series of Torchwood. The sex scenes were both utterly gratuitous and far too much for BBC 1, every episode is a series of plot holes loosely joined by terrible characterisation and worse jokes and the plot doesn’t stretch to ten episodes. Torchwood died in 2008, sadly. But hey, at least we’ll always have fanfiction

    1. Stu Walpole 6 Dec 2011, 4:25am

      I think John’s character is fantastic. I do think a little more omni should have transpired though, more 51st century kind of guy. More TRYSEXUAL than homosexual. I realize it’s a preference and logical progression but couldn’t help but think the canonicity was tossed under the bus a bit. It obviously didn’t help the ratings much either but it WAS completely part of the story and so canon to this story. Personally I was more bothered by the pen in phifer’s chest and the shooting/burning scene. Oh, and the blooding scene I almost had to turn off (but maybe due to my own personal experiences?). John, you totally ROCK. Your passion and ability to have every eye fixed on your every twitch, on every slight smile and every glinting or glaring gaze. I’ve only been a WHO fan since the local PBS station showed DW (a year delayed) late Sunday nights in the S.F. Bay Area (CALIF.). Tom Baker was MY Doctor. But you added a lot of color and dimension to the relaunch, dude! Torchwood ROCKS. @TexasStu

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