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Denise Richards says she had lesbian relationship

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Reader comments

  1. Yawn

    This article doesn’t mention that Denise Richards is flogging her dreary new autobiography.

    I doubt she has ever REALLY had sex with Neve Campbell.

    If it’s true then there’s no reason not to name names.

    It’s also widely rumoured that Denise Richards used to be a prostitute.

    Allegedly she met Charlie Sheen while working as a high class hooker. She then went into acting and married Sheen (who seems addicted to hookers as well as everything else)

    1. You seem to know quite a lot for someone who begins his post with such a disinterested yawn.

  2. Rich (original) 29 Jul 2011, 6:50pm

    She is good looking female but with degraded mentality and going to Hell in the future. Pity!

    1. Pity? It’d be a blessed relief if the only alternative was you.

  3. bearshaped 29 Jul 2011, 7:22pm

    Is this what passes for news?

  4. I admire her for her honesty. Lots of people have had gay relationships or experiences and lie about it. I think 75% of the population are bisexual anyway. The other 25% are just boring.

    1. Rich (original) 30 Jul 2011, 2:24am

      You have perverted thinking.

      1. Jock S. Trap 30 Jul 2011, 10:34am

        Say the perv that can’t stop coming to a Gay news site.

        Bit Rich, Rich, innit?

  5. “So, you were more the girl and she was the guy”
    What a pathetic comment – in so many ways.

  6. So I guess being married to Charlie Sheen really CAN turn a woman gay?

  7. And the point of this article is?

  8. She turned gay due to Charlie’s coke d1ck.

    1. Jock S. Trap 30 Jul 2011, 1:08pm


  9. Rich (original) 30 Jul 2011, 7:05pm

    She is a mental case, and she mentally degenerated by her narcomania…..

    1. Libel – good. Hopefully, she’ll sue you. You make yourself look sillier and sillier every time you post, and if you managed to stop your mad, frothing hate for a moment, you’d realise that.
      We all pity you, Rich – a ‘straight’ young man who spends so much time on a gay site, frantically trying to distract himself from his own failings.
      It doesn’t work, Rich – every post you make reveals more and more about your deep unhappiness.

  10. Who cares? All the “starlets” play on the lesbian or bi card for the egdiness appeal it has.Its the most ridiculous thing,and who is Denise anyway.Oh,a starlet…

  11. Oh get lost Richards.

    Why is it every failing b lister and beyond thinks these days saying you’ve had gay relations a good way to get bak into the lime light.

  12. Denise Richards? Who is she and who cares if she has had a lesbian clinch…how is this a story worthy of posting on toilet paper never mind a GLB website. Methinks there is something to be sold in the offing……YAWWWWN

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