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2,000 join Jerusalem Pride

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Reader comments

  1. DJ Sheepiesheep 30 Jul 2011, 12:49am

    Just waiting for the Pride marches in Nablus or Ramallah or Gaza City or Damascus or Beirut or Tehran or……..

    1. Pigs might fly first!

    2. James Lovelace 31 Jul 2011, 12:29am

      So there were 2000 gay people to 1000 police? Still a better ratio than the secret east end gay pride march organised this year in Tower Hamlets. The ratio there was 30 gay people to 21 police (+ police helicopter). And the march had to be organised in secret, after IMAAN and Rainbow Hamlets destroyed a much bigger march.

      I guess this shows that being gay in Jerusalem is less dangerous than in Tower Hamlets. When I was in Jerusalem this year, it seemed far less islamic than parts of London.

      Looks like London needs the IDF.

  2. I wish the reporting on this had included some statements from attendees of the pride celebration – queer and/or allied Israelis who were moved/inspired by the gathering. The focus was on the haters, not on the sense of community.
    But I’m glad you’re reporting on it at all.
    Namaste, Lee

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