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Anti-gay Christian rocker Bradlee Dean sues Rachel Maddow for ‘defamation’

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Reader comments

  1. Another Hannah 28 Jul 2011, 3:29pm

    No he is the criminal as he admits himself. A disclaimer would be pointless since his words contain an incitement to murder and hate crime. The bible condems this attitude unequivocally. Why do so called Christians defy the bible and encourage and allow such wicked extremists a platform? This is no more than witch hunting.

    1. You clearly do not understand the US hate crime law.
      I think this minister is right. Maddow went to far here. I read the infamous statement and clearly the guy was not saying that he wanted gays to be executed. He was pointing out how in Islam gays get executed and that is because muslims are really devoted to their “faith”, he also went on about how muslims are extremists (which I agree) and that gays need to instead go after them instead of christians (which I also agree).

      Gays need to quit crying about this and need to follow Stu’s advice and “get a thicker skin.”

      1. However I think the money that he is asking for is radical. He has not proven any damages that he has suffered under this libel (for instances loss of advertisements on the show etc).

      2. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 9:41am

        All that trying to bring in what other people say shows is that you actually have very little yourself to say.

        To constantly prefer to Stu is pathetic and tipping to bullying but then thats you all over isn’t you child-sex-obsesses little creep!

        1. Yet I get accused of bringing up the child sex thing….

          Get over it already.

          Children these days. lol

          1. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 10:56am

            Thats because we ALL remember all you last comments and how everyone was picking on you when they weren’t.

            Remember – We all remember your comments, your slanderous remarks to people here and your obsession with sex and children.

            I know you’d like us to forget but people can’t look to see for themselves if they don’t know but the rest of us DO remember, pepa!

          2. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 10:57am

            In fact I am, really bored of you now, so carry on digging for yourself – hopefully you’ll bury yourself soon..

            End of!

          3. You obviously don’t get it smelly jockstrap.

            The mixture of children and sex is something YOU have advocated for, and it was a point I clearly made.

            Your not fooling anybody.

      3. if he wasn’t advocating the execution of gays, then what was the purpose of his statement? that’s OBVIOUSLY what he was saying. how else did he want others to interpret his statement?

        1. in that case, what is the purpose of YOUR statement?

  2. Reed Braden 28 Jul 2011, 4:14pm

    Yes! Let him go to court against NBC. He’ll be crushed, impoverished, embarrassed, humiliated, and ridiculed before all of this is over. This trial should be very entertaining… if you like watching steam rollers crush rats.

    1. You’ve put it so much better than I was going to. Thank you.

      I will add that Christian fundamentalists have more in common with Muslims than they ever will have with gay people and atheists.

      1. you mean Christian fundamentalists have alot in common with Muslim fundamentalists?

        And they would do Islam has roots in Christianity.

    2. Robert J Brown 28 Jul 2011, 5:56pm

      Indeed, I would watch that court case.

      Let it roll.

    3. I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch Mr. Braden.

      1. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 9:43am

        Be careful pepa, rats do have a habit of following each other… won’t want you to get ‘steam roller’ crushed, though it would be entertaining too.

        1. Nah. I’m not the one making predictions about how this will end up.

          To be honest, I think it is 50/50.

          Yeah, I bet it would entertaining…

          Probably more so than watching you ironing your dirty jockstraps… lol

  3. Bradlee Dean is a total twat.*

    * Disclaimer: this comment is not intended to insult anyone, esp. one Bradlee Dean.

  4. Another Crazy American Terrorist Christian, Muslims killing Christians is bad, Muslims killing gays in good. Hope the Muslims Terrorist cut off his head first.

    1. Yeah, aren’t generalizations cool?

      Yet some of you hate it when I do it. LOL.

  5. I bet she can talk more loudly than he can sing.

    The surprise is that there is actually a law of defamation in the US, they always claim to be able to say whatever they like. No surprise though that she probably won’t be able to counterclaim for all the vile things he allegedly says against gays.

    1. Dan Filson 28 Jul 2011, 6:16pm

      The First Amendment creates freedom of speech. The defamation law punishes those who abuse that freedom. I think she has him bang to rights and he should not only lose but have to pay the legal costs. However the bottomless funds of the ‘Christian’ right will probably pay them.

      1. Maddow went too far by saying that Dean was in favor of executing gay people and that he wanted the law to reflect that.. it would be like me saying that Dan Filson wants to legalize lynching for the blacks and have segregation again. You would be pissed off wouldn’t you?

        1. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 9:45am

          Makes me laugh pepa, you can repeat and repeat what apparently Stu once said but you clearly can’t take the advice.

          Clearly can give it but can’t take it.

          1. Talking about repeats, hi Jockstrappo!

  6. Rachel Maddow is brilliant, sounds like the law suit is baseless, I hope Bradley Dean loses lots of money bringing it.

    1. Listen to his rants on YouTube. The guy’s a raving mouth foamer. Since he’s the one who said it the only one for him to sue is himself. Be fun watching him rip himself apart to prove how right he was to shoot himself repeatedly from the feet up.

      Rachel must be having a belly laugh at this one.

    2. Rachel Maddow is brilliant

      Hm. She is average.

      Funny though, how is reading the telempropter and claiming that gays are little weaklings that everybody victimizes as anything “brilliant?” In my book is nothing but shilling…

  7. ‘a Judeo-Christian lifestyle’ – he discovered after a sinful youth.

    Religion is a lifestyle choice; proven fact – So how is it that a lifestyle choice ranks as more relevant in this world than being born gay – being Gay – Homosexual – call it what you will – we are born this way – but an outmoded superstition that power hungry breeders hide behind in order to peddle their fear driven hate – is the righteous path – what bollox these morons spout. Let us all hope that Rachel Maddow counter sues and bankrupts this bigoted ministry.

    1. Religion is a lifestyle choice; proven fact

      LOL… Okay, but then there are others on here that say that religion is a “mental illness” and last I heard having a mental illness isn’t a “lifestyle choice.”

      Some of you need to get the story straight.

      Because according to some of you my 86 year old grandmother devout catholic who supports gay marriage and is okay with me being gay is also “mentally retarded” and has a “mental illness” that now apparently she has “chosen as her lifestyle.”

      What a bunch of crap. LOL

      1. Kick the self loathing Pepa – and get a name that doesn’t sound like a chiwawa!

        1. LOL,

          At least my nickname is not some male undergarment huh?

          Why can’t you answer my points? Oh yes, maybe because I really blew a hole in your “analogy.”

  8. de Villiers 28 Jul 2011, 6:29pm

    $50 million? Something somewhere is very wrong when a legal system allows someone to present a claim for $50 million.

    1. You would think God would step in and save him having to sue anyone.

      God can’t be listening then.

      I wonder why?

      1. She prefers Rachel.

    2. jamestoronto 29 Jul 2011, 2:16am

      You are talking about the USA here – the country that has made the law suit a fine art. Good litigation lawyers are hotly sought after in America. This is the country that a jury awarded millions to a woman because her McDonald’s coffee was too hot; or, several million to a driver who thought “cruise control” meant that the vehicle would drive on its own so he didn’t have to keep his hands on the steering wheel. He knows he is not going to win. He is doing this for the air time. And it’s working.

      1. You are talking about the USA here – the country that has made the law suit a fine art

        Its quite funny how you are so cynical of our legal system that you know nothing about and that for the last few decades or so gay people have used for a redress of our constitutional and natural rights and have one many lawsuits.

        Ooops. Gay activists are a weird bunch aren’t they?

        1. correction -> one = WON… my bad.

        2. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2011, 9:48am

          Oh here we go again, the ol ‘Gay Activist’ crap.

          You make me laugh pepa.

          Lonely much?

          1. Nope.

            Yet you seem to top the number of comments week after week.

            Maybe the question should be pondered by you.

  9. Rich (original) 28 Jul 2011, 6:37pm

    Would be better to slap her in the face with some nasty and stinking thing…. :)

    1. David Waite 28 Jul 2011, 6:56pm

      Well.. you’re probably too heavy for a human to swing one-handed.

    2. Dr Robin Guthrie 28 Jul 2011, 7:41pm

      Don’t talk about yourself like that.

    3. I wouldn’t… it would ruin her trademark haircut… lol.

      At first I thought she was dude when I first saw her. Then she opened her mouth and regurgitated the typical liberal babel and then I realized that it was a lesbian. I was like, wow.

  10. He is a loser. He will be crushed in court he is obviously encouraging homophobic murder.

    The real sort is not this loser but a presidential candidate supports him.

    How much more will this woman have to do before everyone even the republicans look at her and goes. Please don’t run you havnt got a chance it will be an embarrassment.

  11. I have a major soft spot for Rachel Maddow, this guy Dean is an eejit.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 28 Jul 2011, 7:43pm

      And his music is cr@p

      1. Which is why he can’t get a recording contract.

        1. Plus he can’t spell his own name.

          1. Oh yeah I noticed that.

            The only thing I find this guy guilty of is being a bad singer.

            If he is bad at singing I wouldn’t lose sleep over him, most likely he is bad at being a gay basher as well, which from hearing a few of his shows he really sucks at, he is too nice, reminds me of Mr. Bill.

  12. Erica Cart-Horse, QC 28 Jul 2011, 8:27pm

    I’m free!

    1. Erica Cart-Horse, QC 28 Jul 2011, 8:29pm

      I mean available.

  13. The very notion of christian rock makes me giggle. It could be the most crushing, brutal death metal possible, you add jesus into the equation and it’s on a par with Gareth Gates.

    1. I take it you’ve heard Stryper then! Yep it’s difficult to carry off that whole thrash metal vibe whilst waxing lyrical about the love of Jesus. Perhaps they should try including a few references to the Old Testament if they want something a bit more psychotic and violent sounding.
      The medium is the message people!

    2. I’ve heard him complaining the other day that a lot of white mainline christians are rejecting him for being a punk rock christian.

      He almost sobbed on air. I think I agree with these christians, and that punk rock is simply not christian. I mean there is a lot of really bad things that happens in the sub culture (drugs, promiscuous sex, greed, etc etc).

  14. Paddyswurds 29 Jul 2011, 7:49am

    If what he said was as related verbatum in this story, then Dean would be better employed by returning to elementary school to learn English what a load of gobbldy gook. I should think the judge will throw it out on this point alone as it is for the most part unintelligible.

  15. I agree with pepa, Gays do need to quit whinging about all this and need to get a thicker skin.

    1. Maybe. And so should some so-called Christians, like this individual. He doesn’t sound much like like a follower of Jesus who takes up his cross to me.

  16. Erm, Rachel played audio of Bradlee Dean saying all the rubbish that he frequently spouts. I’m not sure how playing audio of him is defaming him.

    Also, he says that Rachel, MSNBC and others have defamed him. I find it interesting that he’s only going after the lesbian “criminal” and her employer.

    All in all, the guy is a nutter that is just after publicity, if he was that bothered he would have sued her in 2010 when it happened, not July 2011.

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