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28 July 2011

  • 28th July 2011

    Men arrested in North Cyprus for gay sex 90

    Gay sex remains illegal in North Cyprus

    5:23 PM — Two men have reportedly been arrested in North Cyprus for having gay sex. According to Kibris newspaper, the men were accused of having "unnatural intercourse" in a hostel in Nicosia.

  • Texas university gets gender-neutral toilet 22

    The university has installed a gender neutral bathroom

    4:56 PM — A university in Texas has installed a gender neutral toilet. Officials at the University of Texas in Austin believe the new facility will benefit disabled people and those who need space for medical injections as well as LGBT people.

  • Anti-gay Christian rocker Bradlee Dean sues Rachel Maddow for ‘defamation’ 59

    Lesbian MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is being sued by Bradlee Dean

    2:46 PM — The homophobic Christian rocker Bradlee Dean is suing lesbian MSNBC talkshow host Rachel Maddow for "defaming" him. According to a lawsuit, Dean, who runs a ministry called 'You Can Run But You Can't Hide', is accusing Maddow of making misleading statements about his views on gays and Muslims. He is seeking $50 million in damages.

  • X Factor contestant called ‘tranny’ by staff 66

    The X Factor said the contestant received an apology

    1:38 PM — A transgender X Factor contestant was said to be furious after programme staff mistakenly sent her an email calling her a "tranny". Pamela-Michelle Giovanni, 46, was sent the email by two junior researchers, the Sun reports.

  • Tory MP defends religious rights motion 153

    At least three MPs have withdraw their signatures from the motion

    11:05 AM — A Conservative MP who tabled a motion supporting the Equality and Human Rights Commission's push for 'compromise' for anti-gay workers says it is about freedom of religion. Gary Streeter, the MP for South West Devon, said religious people have been marginalised but denied that his early day motion backs discrimination.

  • Street preacher ‘told gay couple to burn in hell’ 142

    The gay couple say a Christian preacher told them to 'burn in hell'

    10:32 AM — A gay couple in Taunton, Somerset, say that Christian street preacher told them to "burn in hell". Craig Manning and his civil partner, who does not want to be named, say they were walking through the town centre holding hands last month when the man began abusing them in public.

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