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US to look again at gay blood donation ban

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Reader comments

  1. Same old bollox – Gay men in WW terms make up a fraction of the over all total of millions living with HIV – How about restricting Africans (the other high risk group) instead of just banning gays cause ya don’t like how they have sex – This is accepted bigotry – besides all blood is tested now – has been for nearly a decade… As things stand in the US and UK if ‘Nkosinati Mabanda’ had given blood and denied his HIV status they would have gratefully taken his – If I tried to give blood – my HIV Negative blood – I would have been turned away – Yeah that’s a equal, tolerant society in action isn’t it – NOT!!

    1. edwarddwoodjr 28 Jul 2011, 4:17pm

      I agree. And any crack whore in the US can give blood if claiming not to have been involved in any risky behaviors for the past year. But gay men can be turned away on sight. There are tons of straight male and female donors that are certainly more at risk than a gay male who’s had sex with another man SINCE 1977. It’s purely discrimination, fear, bias, when the science doesn’t match the rule. And how many people have died due to blood shortages…?

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