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Taiwan denies gay foreign diplomats immunity for their spouses

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 26 Jul 2011, 3:50pm

    Doesn’t affect the UK as we do not recognise Taiwan. Seems a fair exchange – they don’t recognise our civil partnerships, we don’t recognise their entire country.

    1. Perhaps we should do that more often.

  2. The ilga and the human rights international and un had better step up and get one to tawain and maylasia for their blatent, disrespedt of the the human rights legislations just made law, that un in signed and its protectdions , hillary clinton needs to get down their to these countries and stress that they the goverment will be sanctioned not the people in their country if they violate the rights of the women or the lgbt famiilies, and get the wrongs righted their, and take action now, you treat all of the military and their families with ultmate respect and courtesy, with all of their benefits, you recognize them all as the famiiles they are are be sanctions and reprimanded, the lunatics, has to fall under humanity and human rights, and start treating people civililized, becausie like in us our problems or with hetersexuals, evils and high crimes, get it right , hippocrites, you honor those people famiies , where the assualter is dishonorable, and a shame to humanaity

  3. Hilary Clinton, lecture people about human rights abuses? Pull the other one. Tell that to all those folk in the Pakistani tribal region that have had their houses flattened and families butchered by the US’s illegal drone attacks. Unjust laws are one things, but getting the yanks to remind folk about human rights is like getting Josef Fritzel to lecture on the need to seek planning permission.

  4. Disappointing because Taiwan has a very real opportunity to be the first Asian country to very much push for same-sex marriage! The benefits would be substantial allround, not only for citizens but also politically and economically as well.

  5. Sad really and I thought that they were a bit more progressive than the rest of Asia. The fight for our rights continues!!

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