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Indian lesbian couple ask court for protection from anti-gay family members

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Reader comments

  1. that’s really sad.i hope their families come to their senses, some how get educated or love their daughters enough to let each of them be…

  2. Heathrow here they come.

  3. Quite right. They’re more than welcome.

    1. Indeed!

      How families can threaten their children in this way, it’s just disgusting.

  4. Dan Filson 26 Jul 2011, 6:13pm

    India is a big country, so there is no need for them to leave it to get away from their families

    1. But plenty need to leave it to escape general homophobia. I wish their families would realise it’s better to have two happy daughters than two corpses.

      1. People can move to cities as they have done around the world to escape the stifling pressures of their families. Sorry if it sounds callous, but I don’t buy the idea that emigration to the UK, whether under the asylum rules or otherwise, is the solution to being oppressed by family values. In the case of people living in countries where life is at very serious risk, that’s different, but even then it does not have to be the UK to which people should flee, if there are closer countries that are not oppressive

        1. Indian cities are not guaranteed to be any safer for gay people, or even an escape from their families (having seen enough corruption of those in authority first-hand). I didn’t suggest emigration specifically to the UK but clearly both these ladies feel that their lives are at ‘serious risk’, to take the chance of exposure.

        2. you silly twat vodafne got let off a £6bn tax bill point you venom there

          1. Comment reported for blatant trollery, use of a gendered insult and poor spelling and punctuation.

          2. Bolloc ks

  5. such a breathtaking courage these ladies are really bold they are really welcome..i support them

  6. So Jeremy, if they’d been white South Africans, or white West Indians, would you have been so bothered about them coming here?
    Is your comment basically a racist one?

  7. 27 Jul 2011, 5:27pm

    Such a sad state of affairs when those who should be closest to you and supportive through thick and thin do the opposite and take the lives of those who they feel “embarrass their family honour”
    I am happy to live in Canada where the rights of gay couples are embraced. Vancouver is currently celebrating Pride week and we are also the host city to the North America Outgames.
    We have come a long way, but it appears we still have a ways to go.

    1. What is it with you smug canadians? No one is falling for it Janko Naglic a gay club owner was murdered in toronto for refusing to pay protection money . A polish immigrant was murdered at the airport by cops as bad as things are here it could be worse we could be like you lot. Backwater rednecks

      1. Katie Murphy 28 Jul 2011, 6:54am

        bad things happen everywhere, look at the psycopathic xtian in Norway.

        But the death rate from guns, population adjusted in Canada is 1/7 th that of the USA. In england its 1/55th as much.

        Harldy a day goes by in my country – the USA, when reported on the news is some kind of mass killing.

        courtesy of right wing xtians most of the time. the bible thumpers who rant about saving lives, and in their next breath say “you can never have enough guns.”

        1. Katie

          I read lots of.blogs and you will aleaydgind a canadian tellingthe world how great theircountry is. It hets annoying when i read about immigrants who are encouraged to ditch.their professions for a better life and when they get there are told that their international qualifications are useless. They also have to have 6 months living expenses in liquid capital on arri al. Its one big con to get foreign doctors to drive taxis.

        2. David Myers 28 Jul 2011, 8:56am

          Please ignore James, Katie. He’s just a grouchy troll.

          1. Why don’t you start the trend

          2. And point some venom at Rich you idiot

  8. In that country what they did is a double crime. You can be murdered just for marrying the wrong religious ethnic group. No need to say that two women, given that women are regarded as lesser beings and a burden for their families –that’s why the enormous rate in abortions and infanticides among girls- doing such thing could be regarded as the ultimate affront. India is such a traditionalist driven country that not even the Muslims when they dominated the country, with a monstrous campaign to convert in mass the Hindu population –or rather die- could do it. So it’s going to be a hard job to change that perspective. But as always, you begin with the visible tip of the iceberg. Good for them and I hope they find their way around to have a happy life.

  9. Rich (original) 28 Jul 2011, 12:41am

    Lesbians are not women, and gays are not men. They are disgrace for their parents.

    1. Away get yerself a good seein too, son. It might cheer you up a bit.

    2. Katie Murphy 28 Jul 2011, 6:59am

      Guess the priests and ministers dont have any kids to molest tonight so they show up on the gay blogs.

      Interesting how they are facinated with gay sex.

      Interesting how they and their churches hate people loving each other.

      Obviously they hate themselves. Probably for looking at some guys crotch bulge and getting a boner.

      The US hate group FRC – one of the most virulent – they are full of KKK haters

      And their creator and chief honcho George Reker, recently got caught taking pretty boy JO-Vanni Roman to Europe on a 2 week vacation, Jo-Vanni admitted he was to give Reker “massages”

      the big deal – reker paid about $15000 just for the boy /services.

      Welcum to capitalism where great wealth accrues to haters.

  10. what do the Indians think all the wives and concubines of those mharajahs were doing when the old guy was too busy with his latest child bride?
    Homosexualitya nd lesbianism is the great secret shame of the Asian and Muslim world.
    Coomonsense says the Indian Govt needs to get its act together and let people be what they want.

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