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New York city extends gay marriage plans

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Reader comments

  1. Meanwhile, we in the UK languish. NO consultation has begun or was that just a rumour? Lynne Featherstone said back in February that it would, but when? Nothing from StonewallUK either.

    1. Stonewall tell me that they have asked the Government why the consultation has yet to open and specific details of when it will take place. They are waiting to hear back on this.

  2. Great to see New York pulling out all the stops, firstly by going for genuine Marriage Equality rather than any half measures, and now by cutting out the red tape so that no-one’s kept waiting.

    It’s obvious that New York is going to be a fantastic place for gay marriage and that it’ll be an outstanding success.

    When the other states see that the New York sky hasn’t fallen in (or, more to the point, that allowing gay marriage can be profitable) then perhaps they’ll start following suit.

  3. Johnny33308 24 Jul 2011, 6:08am

    The first same sex marriages have just taken place in New York, all over the state! Thousands of gay couples are getting married at thisw moment! Finally!

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