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Five students sue Minnesota school district over anti-gay bullying

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Reader comments

  1. That’s what we should be doing here!

  2. Being p!ssed on? If these stories are true I hope the schools, teachers etc are taken to the cleaners and the thugs who were involved and perpetrated these acts outed.

  3. Jock S. Trap 22 Jul 2011, 11:51am

    And I hope they succeed, no-one should go through this and to knowing allow this to carry on is wrong and inhumane.

    Allowing this to happen makes those responsible both bullies and schools guilty of child abuse.

  4. Disgusting that the schools are alleged to have done nothing to help these poor students – absolutely disgusting. It’d be nice if staff who stood by and watched were named and shamed too.

  5. Miguel Sanchez 22 Jul 2011, 2:54pm

    I hope they end up owning that School District.

    What I don’t understand is why the bullied student’s parents did file criminal charges with the local police.

  6. This school district is located in Minnesota’s 6th congressional district which is represented by…guess who…Michele Bachmann.

    1. Figures. That one’s at least as big a nut job as Palin. These Christians are well known by their acts of; ignorance, bigotry, and cowardice and they’re thrice as stupid. Judge Jones’ writings about the Dover School District a few years ago ‘should’ have illuminated the attempts to shove their putrid superstition into what’s laughingly called the US Public Education System are known for what they are. Texas, for one, hasn’t learned a damn thing.

      The Grand Old Perverts and amoral party (GOP) is even more stupid.

      Guess there has been some progress in the British schools, Paul D., since they’re not following the treatments which ended Alan Turing’s life when he was driven to suicide.

  7. And just WHEN is anything going to be done about homophobic bullying in BRITISH schools?! Maybe The Pink could commission it’s own report about this serious issue! It is over 30 years since I left full-time education when there was no such thing as an ‘anti-bullying’ policy,we simply had to either put up or shut up.I still have the ‘shudders’ over how badly I was treated back then just for being gay! I sincerely hope this ‘class-action’ law-suit succeeds to show,if even in some small way,that bullying in places of learning is WRONG and ILLEGAL.Let’s hope education leaders in Britain are closely following this case!

  8. I hope they get millions of dollars and give it to the Civil Rights Movement for Gays to stop the abuse of gays by government and Christian religions. The only thing they understand is money and when they have to pay then they will change their hateful practices of bashing and bulling gays. The Christians are networking to destroy gays any way they can, some say even the Christians who work in the CIA and FBI are teaching the Christians how to use psychological warfare to destroy gays. That way they do not have to shoot the gays, google psy ops and see what they do.

  9. i hope they win their case this is just wrong..schools need programs or something to educate people that what their doing is wrong..

  10. You can bet your life that the people behind these discriminatory policies are acting out of ‘Christian’ belief.

    Good luck to the kids who are hopefully going to expose this religious garbage for the hate filled bigotry it really is. And if it helps derail Lunatic Bachmann’s dreams of the presidency, then all the better.

  11. Rich (original) 24 Jul 2011, 9:56pm


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