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Transgender woman shot dead in Washington DC

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Reader comments

  1. Poor woman. Rest in peace.

    Usually, as far as I can tell, with articles like this, the comments are disabled so that trolls can’t appear. Maybe that would be appropriate here?

  2. My hart and soul goes out to Lashai McLean, her family, her boyfriend Jason Coleman, and all who new her.
    As a transsexual as well this brings tears to my eyes and hart.
    It did not happen in some back water town this was Washington DC
    I have been to a few cities in America and have had a few bad comments
    Nothing like some of the poor girls get I know, but this is so sad.
    They say that they do not know if this killing was motivated by transphobia.
    Then what else if not transphobia.
    I know that the numbers of killings of Transsexuals are down from what they were in 2009 – 2010 but any number is bad.
    When will the people of this world wake up,

    1. “what else if not transphobia”… I live within a couple hours of D.C. so I get all their local news broadcasts on TV every day. There’s a reason why it’s often called the murder capitol of the world. Random murders happen there all the time. Just because you’re walking down the street and get shot and killed doesn’t necessarily mean the murderer has any idea who you are or what kind of body you happen to have underneath your clothes. They’re probably so high on something that they don’t even know what they’re doing. That certainly doesn’t excuse their behavior, but random killings by strangers are one of the worst, most impossible things to stop since you never know when some crazy drug addict might suddenly snap and start shooting. Just one of the many reasons I never go to D.C. myself.

  3. how come there are less comments hear about Miss Lashai McLean, and more on
    EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell to come out as gay
    Where are all the Condolences from all the Transsexuals that are hear on Pink News

    1. Its true. She has 2 marks against her being black and trans. This site is full os racist transphobic people

    2. Sophie Hawthorne 2 Aug 2011, 2:26am

      Tanya, after the vile comments I have received from members of the LGB community and the trans gender one I rarely venture to read anything LGBT orientated. You make a great point that some low brow story about a soap opera raised more comment than the murder of a trans woman. I think it might just be a sad reflection on how transsexuals are viewed in general by the LGBT’s.
      My deepest condolences to Lashia’s boyfriend, family and all that knew her.
      I don’t think many transsexuals feel very welcome here and elsewhere in the gay press.

  4. This is so sad. It seems to be so common in America with another trans woman seemingly bashed or killed every week. Guns are just too easy to get there and what might of been an assault (and that’s bad enough) quickly turns to murder as a consequence.
    My heartfelt condolances for her friends and family.

    1. Guns aren’t the biggest issue. It’s the Puritanism (thanks England!). If there weren’t guns, Trans people would be strangled.

  5. Another tragic loss of life caused by the ignorance, fear,bigotry and hate of people inculcated and perpetuated by cultural and religious faith systems and institutions.These immoral, inhumane and evil practices must be reckoned with and stopped!

  6. Thankyou PinkNews :-)

  7. Sophie Hawthorne 2 Aug 2011, 3:06am

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it alarming that PN is so afraid of the comments it’s readers might make that it disabled the comments on the articles regarding the murder of Victoria Carmen White?
    Tanya expressed her dismay at the lack of comments here from transsexual women but I’m afraid Tanya I think it is a symptom of just how uncomfortable women with TS histories feel on LGBT sites like this.

  8. Requesting ban.

  9. No point. They do not take any action on this site. People are allowed to be as transphobic as much as they like. It’s simply not safe space for transwomen. Maybe if we all yell loud enough one day something will happen….I’m not holding my breath.
    Having said ‘no point’ I reported these comments too. How someone can make a claim of humanity and say these things is beyond me.

  10. Okay, speaking a little louder with an email.

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